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  1. Allow me to further introduce some members of this site as I have come to know them in my short time here:

    (I'll add more as I go along, I just wanted to play around and write about some people that I think are adorable on here!)

    Don't pay any attention to Myrnodyn in the center of the room, like the attention hog he is. Or what he is doing under that blanket. We just prefer to let him continue his exercising and keep him away from the children.

    Danny is our resident trollee. Meaning, we enjoy tossing random farm animals, useless objects found in that one drawer in the kitchen you never clean, and flooding him with all sorts of meaness. But we love him. Be mean to him and chances are that you'll get a cow thrown at you.

    D'evil is our friendly resident daemon. She's a whip with a whip and dangerously protective of her cookies. Steal them and you'll be suffering the wrath of her "little red room."

    Miru is the cute little thing you see hiding in the grass yonder. Don't step on him though, please. Or call him a girl. Its not nice. He's the sweetie with the music knowledge out of all of us! With his whopping 500+ playlist. Should you ever need cheering up or a badass tune to jam to, he will steer you in the right direction!

    DawnsLight is out feisty knowledgeable mistress of the darkness fantasies in life. We always catch us listening to her, mouths ajar and eyes dreamy in the ToD box every other Tuesday. Her tales will sure to leave you with understanding as to why Myrnodyn is being weird and we are all avoiding him.

    Logos is our cute little traveler and speaker of like...five languages. Should you ever need a friendly source of information regarding a certain place, she's probably been there, or just want to bask in her adorableness bounds of cuteness, you should. Though, don't be too grabby, she's has dangerously good aim when swinging a paddle.

    Iliana is our resident ToD mistress and one heck of a bombshell. Literally. Stand to close to her and you'll explode. She's cute, nice, and has a good heart that everyone is fond of and seeks to snuggle her with that fondness. She's the flame princess of our halls and burns everyone with affection, unless you're annoying...then she'll turn you to ash.

    Jovian is our little flirt. She loves feeling up on the happiness that mounds out of women and seeks pleasure in snug hugs against these said mounds. Don't take anything she does to heart though, she's a total sweetheart with lots of personality!

    We don't try to make any sense of Jinx. And its probably for the best. Your head will more than likely end up exploding and then he'll just dance in the remains.
  2. I still maintain that Miru is a girl.
  3. I feel so loved. *hands [MENTION=2826]Malakyee[/MENTION], a cookie*
  4. It has to be true! Everyone on Iwaku is so nice and kind! X3
    i really do luv ya'll!
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  5. 500+playlist?.....


    ‚Äčno :|

  6. Not impressive. >:|
  7. I turn people into Ashe?







  8. Haven't like, half of those "Ash"s had jokes at some point or other about something turning to... Ash(e)?

  9. You forgot someone (open)
  10. More like ASS