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  1. I was listening to "The One That Got Away" by Katy Perry and I had an idea.

    What if a young woman had an enemy in one life, but the very same person as a lover in another life?

    Okay, hear me out. One day she hates this dude and he hates her for reasons that are rooted in their distant past (kid troubles between them or something)

    But the NEXT DAY she wakes up and they're the closest, most in love people in the world and she realizes she really loves this guy...?

    I mean, their characteristics and actions don't change individually, they're just having sex and being in love instead of hating each other.

    But every time she wakes up, it switches back and forth, so she has to get the guy to stop hating her (while getting over her own issues with him) and hope that maybe they could be something better...

    So, just an idea, if you have any tweaks or critiques, feel free to reply or message me. I'm seriously interested in this idea...
  2. I assume the guy isn't aware of this? If so, I am most certainly in!
  3. Nope, dude has no clue.
  4. Excellent, should we go on plotting and setting this up in PMs, then?
  5. Lets dk this in pm ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.