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  1. With his arms outstretched, Miles stood ever still on the wet grass, looking down upon the city's bright lights glimmering from every direction below him. He remained silent as the light rainfall gradually darkened his long grey coat, and he could feel his hair being thinned and dampened. The swaying grass created a soft whistling sound, and, with the cue of a flash of lightning streaking across the black sky and the familiar boom of thunder, the rain began to flood. Miles lowered his hands to his sides and innocently smiled, tilting back his head in order to allow the rain to splash on his skin, and opened both of his palms in order to collect water, like a child. He then remembered the presence of his friends standing on either side behind him, both of them having joined him in his walk from their old city in the hope of seeking more Rebellion-sympathetic people in the capital.

    Without looking at them, he spoke in a calm and quiet voice, "When we were younger, my father used to tell us stories. He would tell us of his adventures here but also of his struggles. He called this the city of dreams, if you're rich and pure, he said."

    Gazing into the starry lights of the city's buildings, he was in awe of the marvelous beauty of the scene. The rainwater reflected each speck of yellow and orange glints beaming up the hill towards them. Moving his hands to his jeans pockets and burying them in its warmth, he began his descent down the clean, green hill.
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  2. Quinn stood next to Miles and he chuckled. "If you're pure, yes" he said and shook his head. He followed him down the hill and sighed, looking back. He wished the world was a more fair place.

    "What are we going to do now Miles?" Quinn asked. It was funny how he had no problem with Miles being more of a leader anymore, as he had in the beginning. It had annoyed him a lot, not being able to think the way this guy thought. But he could settle with it now.
  3. Mairylin 'Mai' sat in a small tree. She was quite hidden in her brown jacket, now almost black because of the rain, and her black jeans. Her worn boots used to be green, but now looked like her jacket in the heavy downpour. She idly ran a hand through her hair, watching. What was she watching?
    People. Three of them. Up on a hill.
    She'd seen them come up and wondered if they were the rebellion. She decided then to just climb in a nearby tree, a maple, and hide out. Of course, then it started pouring down rain and she wondered if she should have gotten her other jacket, a black one, that had a plastic lining, but by now she didn't care. She was too focused on the people who, if they were the rebellion, she might catch up with them.
    That is, if she felt they were on the right path.
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  4. Vida Barrow snapped up from her sleep below the tree, unraveling the cloak from around her. Her curly brown hair was even wilder than normal, sticking out in awkward angles. Stumbling to her feet, thanking whoever ruled this world that her combat boots were worn in, she hits the branch above her, where Mai is, or was, sleeping. "Mairylin, do you have any idea who those people are? Do we know them?"

    After all, these could be the police, coming to arrest them for treason. Or people coming to join the Rebellion. Or the Staunch Pures coming to physically harass them and leave them for dead. (It's happened before; it was lucky Vida was just loading her gun at the time. {She didn't even know how to shoot one, so she just pressed the trigger wildly}).

    Well, being the leader of a revolution means taking some risks. And this might be a consequence, good or bad, for one of them.
  5. Mai looked down, then flipped over so she was hanging by her knees, her arms crossed. "Rebellion I believe." she said quietly, her braided hair falling messily behind her head. She rubbed water out of her eyes. "All this rain." she shook her head and little water droplets joined the falling rain. "Do you not recognize them?" She dropped, landing on her hands but rolling back so she ended up on her heels, crouched down beside Vida.
  6. Growling and wringing out her damp curls, Vida shakes her head. "No idea who they are." Her green eyes flare, not looking at Mai at all but keeping her eyes on the walking people. "Never met them. Do you know who they are, Mai? Are you sure they are to be trusted?" Typically, she is fairly open, but now... There is so much to be lost. She watches the new people walk closer and closer, wondering what they need, if anything at all. The best thing to hope for is for the new ones to be wanderers.
  7. Jayson stood looking at the city further away from him. His hand on his forehead trying to block the sun. He then followed miles and the Rebellions."I never got to meet my dad,I wish i had, My mother was going to bring me there, Because My grandfather is pure, or was" He kept walking and talking at the same time. His eyes Widened at the sight of the city "My and my mother travelled all the time, Never got to see something this beautiful" Jayson smiled
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  8. "It all seems so superficial," he whispered to himself, as he headed down the wet grassy hill, trying not to slip in the process. Miles heard Quinn's question and turned his head slightly to the left. However before he could answer, he took a false step and nearly went tumbling to the bottom of the hill. Fortunately, there was a large stump where a tree had once stood before having been severed, and he managed to slow his fall by holding onto the edge. Laughing, he brushed a pool of water from the stump's surface and then sat down upon it, as if to take a short break. His hair was soaked in clumps by now, but he was glad. He had always hated those warm, sunny days where the sun would shine on his face. He had always preferred to feel the dribbling rain on his cheeks and hands, even as a boy he would run around in a raincoat catching the rainwater in his open mouth and jump into puddles forming in his back garden. The smell of the rain - well, the smell of the wet dirt and the oils secreted from the plants nearby, as his father had always told him - felt refreshing and calm. He took a moment to breathe in the fresh air, perhaps the last breath of fresh air he would take before entering the city, and then exhaled slowly. Hearing the voice of a man who appeared just a few years his senior, Miles was brought back to what Quinn had asked him.

    "For the first time in a while, I don't have a plan," Miles said, smiling as he regained his footing and continued his casual walk. "I have an old friend who lives here. She's not particularly friendly to our kind, but she owes me a favour."

    He then turned to the smiling man who had followed him, Quinn and Sora down the grassy hill with his hands blocking out the few rays of the setting sun behind them, and nodded his head to greet him. "I'm sure your mother would be proud," he said, speaking with an air of respect and reminiscence, as he turned his head to look at the city in unison with this man, before looking back at him. "Who might you be?"
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  9. "Zöe," she could feel the words bristling on the tip of her lower lip and responded with a whisper. "My love."

    Her eyes flittered opened as she realised that she was having the nightmare again. The ceiling was spinning around and around, the chandelier twisting and the candles flickering. With no care for herself, she thrust herself off her mattress and onto the ground completely wrapped in her duvet and she crawled over to the desk. As she kept crawling, her duvet slowly slid off her body until she was free and naked from it's clinch. Slipping into a pair of knickers and a strapless bra, she yawned, stretched out her arms and powdered her face. Then, she opened her bedroom door and proceeded into the lounge to sit on one of the four large brown leather sofas under a specific centuries-old painting which decorated the walls of the room. A tall large man with a full black beard, dressed in a robe, waltzed in a few minutes later and clapped his hands, signalling his arrival. Zöe smiled and jumped to her feet as the man moved his left hand's forefinger to get her to spin around. She did so, and when she had complete a full circle, re revealed what was in his right hand behind his back. He was holding a long electric blue dress from the hook of a metal hanger with a large grin on his face. A crease soon formed on her lips and she clapped her hands in delight.

    "Oh my," she exclaimed as she grabbed the hanger and began to unhook the dress. "It's perfect. What's the occasion?"

    "Your father is making a strongly purist speech today," he revealed, in a low and husky voice. "You're going to have to tackle it somehow."

    "I haven't prepared a speech, Hamish," she murmured.

    "Make one up," he told her, before leaving the room quickly. What a pain.
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  10. Quinn looked over at the boy that had joined them and listened to him talk. He sligthly jumped when Miles tripped, hitting a tree and then smiling like a goof. Bloody moron, was Quinn's first thought and smiled himself. "Carefull, you goof." Unlike Miles, Quinn didn't enjoy being in the rain, getting soaked. He wished he had a warm place to go to and something to eat... He was hungry. "I need food" He groaned, rubbing his stomach, his hood covered his eyes as he looked down. "That is my plan"
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  11. "Food it is then," Miles nodded, continuing to walk on. "The thing I remember most about my old friend is that she always seemed to have a fridge full of food. Always."

    Abruptly, Miles came to a stop. He had heard something snap in the distance - a twig, or a branch. He turned his head slightly to the left and looked around. In the distance, he could spot two figures - both feminine, one slightly taller than the other - and quickly noticed that they were watching him. Tapping Quinn gently on the shoulder to garner his attention, he pointed over at their direction, before walking towards them and narrowing his eyes so that he could see them more clearly through the rain.
  12. Mairylin shrugged. "I don't know them....Maybe they-" she went silent as she noticed one of the others turn towards them. "They see us...shall we try to talk to them?" She asked Vica quietly, shifting a little as if ready to jump back into the tree if Vida disagreed. She wasn't one to personally enjoy confrontation, and in all honesty, she'd rather negotiate through a problem then fight or argue!
  13. Anastasia hadn't had much choice when she left everything behind, her family was slowly crumbling apart and becoming entirely alone in the world for a while. She hadn't ever really been a healthy girl, always looking like she was much too thin, barely fitting in the clothes that were given to her. Surprisingly small stature, and innocent looking features. She was agile and quick on her feet and was able to move around pretty quickly from place to place. Though a girl her size quickly loses energy after not being to eat for days on end, and dehydration was getting to her. She was going to die sooner or later and she wasn't looking forward to their day where that finally happened.

    Sitting at the bottom of a small hill, she looks up at the overcast sky. A loose grey tee-shirt hanging off of her and a pair of worn skinny jeans clinging to her skin. Her shoes were simple enough, an old pair of canvas shoes that was a size to big, with worn out laces and a tan musk covering over the once bright white pair of shoes. Sighing, she begins to hum something. She wasn't even sure what it was, she just knew that she remembered it from her earlier days when she was younger and less knowing of the things going on around her.

    Though hearing people approaching closer and closer, she suddenly hops up from her lazy position and darts behind a tree, hoping and praying that nobody saw her. Sliding against the back of the tree, she lets out a huff. "I hate this, I hate everything" She mumbles to herself, waiting for something horrible to happen. She had just been expectant of that. Like she was going to die a fatal death.
  14. Sora trudged along side Miles and Quinn, a goofy smile on her face. Weeks ago she would have never imagined that she would be here in this moment. Walking outside in a thunder storm, enjoying the feeling of rain falling on her skin, away from pure society for even just a moment. It was just plain awesome. The rain smoothed her hair down into tangled curls on her neck and made her clothes stick to her body. She didn't care. It seemed almost unreal how much had changed in only a couple of days. She remembered when she used to cringe in disgust at all things dirt and grime and unpure like, and now look at her, splashing through mud and water with two people who had become something akin to family in just a few days.

    Sora was snapped out of her thinking when she heard tumbling. Her head snapped to where Miles had been and then spotted his figure flailing down the hillside. He had been able to stop himself on an old tree stump and catchhis breath when Sora caught up wiyh him. "Oh my gosh... are you... okay... that was some fall." She could not keep the smile off of her face and a few chuckles from getting out as much as she tried to keep a straight face. He sat on the stump and just continued to talk. Sora raised an eyebrow and nodded her head. "Sooo... we're just gonna pretend like that didn't just happen, ok." He seemed like he was ok so she just went along with it.

    They started to speak of food and Sora was almost jumping with excitement. This was her chance. They would talk of food and then she would casually suggest going shopping for other things they needed while they were at it. Then they would go for clothes, furniture... everything... Oh she could not wait. She had been urging and urging for them to stock up for a while, but things came up and it would have to be postponed. Sora was grinning from ear to ear.

    She was just about to make her move when Miles came to an abrupt stop and tensed. His head swept back and forth in front of them scanning the area, then he pointed and began walking forwards. Sora could faintly make out two figures in the distance. She followed after them, her whole demeanor changing. She had to be calm and cautious, on alert. She whispered so that only Quinn and mikes would be anle to hear. "Do you know them, are they friends, or allies."
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  15. Quinn looked at Sora and laughed as she seemed a bit more worried about Miles then Miles himself and then frowned when she seemed so happy they would be buying food. Had they been starving her? He looked down her form and it wasn't like she looked like she was starving. Not that she was fat!! Oh no he didn't mean that. Sora looked damn fine. That sounds a wrong way to describe Sora too. She was attractive yes, but in that way? Quinn shook it away, it was weird to think about your friends in that way

    He then looked to his friend when he was tapped on the shoulder and turned to where the other was pointing. People? What were they doing out here? "I don't know" He whispered back because he truly didn't know. Why the fuck would people be outside in this weather?

    "Hi" Quinn said with a lame sort of wave to the two ladies, or women.
  16. (Yet again, Sorry I'm late. Explained in OOC)

    Liliana woke up with a start.

    Unsurprising, as her nightmare had just had her relive the horror of her mothers death in exquisite detail. Or at least, what she imagined it to be like.
    She carefully spun herself and stood up, the rapid change in posture making her feel slightly dazed for a moment, before she headed over to her desk and began dressing herself up. She then glanced at the clock. Today her father had no public appearances that she could think of, so she likely wouldn't be dragged anywhere to stand and look appealing. Free time, such a blessing. She pondered heading out, glancing at the pouring rain through the glass of her window. The rain was always nice, her mother had always liked that too. Before she was murdered by those barbaric unpure.

    Having finished her routine, she glanced at the clock, ~Record time~ , Before glancing at the mirror, ~And stunning results as usual~ She thought, admiring herself for a while.

    A loud shout brought her from her self-absorption in an instant. On further thought, it was unrelated to her, and she sighed. ~I may as well head out. If I'm present I'll simply be dragged into helping father~.
    She took out an ornate umbrella from a stand in the corner of her room, and picked a few pens from the table. She'd always been carrying them around with her after her mothers death. ~Knives with black blood. Perfect for killing monsters.~
    With her preparations complete, she headed out into the rain.
  17. "They may just be civilians," Miles replied to Sora's question, but only after Quinn's response.

    As they reached the two women who had been standing under the tree, Miles took a second to observe them. He was unable to tell whether they were pure or not through their outfits. Before they had travelled to this city, Sora had insisted that Miles and their companions went shopping for clothes, and her wealth had funded a wardrobe of comfortable and well-fitted clothing. Miles had been unable to thank her, except verbally, but he wanted to show her how grateful he really was for her help, although he also knew that Sora probably wouldn't want a big fuss. Focusing once again on the two women at th tree, Miles smiled and said, "Excuse me ladies, is it alright if I can take shelter from the rain with you both under this tree?"
  18. Mairylin stepped back a little behind Vida, watching the newcomer carefully as he asked to share the shelter. She looked to Vida for the answer, not speaking herself. She knew the tree didn't give too much cover from the rain, as she was already getting wet.
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