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  1. Everyone loves a good ole post-apocalyptic world, hither an' thither. There's just something about being in a world where you're in a constant fight for survival: gathering edible materials, finding places for shelter, fending off the new array of either foreign foes or mutated wildlife/denizens, and just all-around trying to not let the massive log that comes from life collide into the massive Argus As 014 pulsejet that is likely everything you care about. I find an allure with such elements. Don't you? Hopefully, your answer is a yes.

    I have been working on this character's profile, using the laxed format of another website(you'll see in a minute.), for the past few days and have had immense enjoyment from developing him. I've also had time to create some elements of the world he lives in, which I say is a huge bonus! But, this about worldbuilding, not character development(partially.) So, I got to thinking, "I should get some intelligent minds on this! A collaboration would be joyous! "

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    Here, have a link! It's on the house, my friend. This is the website I mentioned earlier. And, more specifically, the character's profile I've been working on.

    "But, Mr. J'! Why are you showing me this?! "

    My friend, I'm doing a combination of exposition, documentation, and minute detail feeding. What does the far latter mean? Hinting to some things in the world in very, very few descriptive ways, just enough to allow the audience to 'taste' what it might possibly be like. Now, the reason I tell all of this is this: I want a fellow Iwakuroleplay Denizen to join and take up the mantle I donned!

    I want someone who would enjoy working on this world with me, and the information we mark down being 'documented' by our own characters! We can create new creatures, new areas, ancient civilizations, arcane technology, the list goes on and on! The only limit is our imagination! So, sound interested?

    Give me text on kik for swift-ish reply: Arjentol

    Or, you can hit me up with a convo'!

    Well, it was nice speaking to ya'z. Please do read the entire current documentation of my character's profile, also, to get an ides of the world. Everything is up for change, and so far, nothing aside one or two cities is set in stone.

    (Quick edit: The little 'documentation' will occasionally go through refurbishment.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.