In a Pool of Blood (RP)

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    Current roleplayers/characters:

    Severusx: Liza Sweet, Mike Sweet.
    Kronas17: Travis Grayson.
    Leobear13: Hazel Border.


    Liza Sweet stared out the car window. Today they were going to a new home, in some small town that snowed a lot.
    She hated the idea of moving, but it couldn't be helped.
    Her brother, Mike, sat in the front seat, next to their "Aunt" Tammy.

    The house they arrived at was a huge white Victorian style home, and all their furniture and clothes were already moved in.
    Tammy gave them each a key and her number, told them to call later, and left.
    She'd told them school started tomorrow.

    "Well, isn't that great?" Liza said sourly, looking at the bleak landscape around them- nothing but snow, snow snow. And ice, of course.
    "I'm so glad we get to wear all our hot Summer clothes here." She smiled and then laughed harshly.
    Stomping inside, she picked the biggest bedroom. But that was expected.


    Mike Sweet wasn't quite as unhappy about all of it, but he still didn't want to be here.
    He followed his sister upstairs.
    "Its your fault we're here, you know."
    He sighed and found his own room.

  2. Hazel Border sat in the small cafe with the other girls who were on the swim team, sipping on coffee. The girls surrounding her not only made up the swim team, but also the cheer squad. They were chirping away, talking about the people that had moved into the Victorian house on the edge of the lake since just days before they had seen things being moved in. Curiosity was obviously among most of the girls as they buzzed, continuing to make things up as they went along. Hazel stayed silent while they talked, hating gossip. She could hardly stand it, but she did wonder if any of the things the other girls spoke about held truth. Just like the others, she was curious, but she wasn't about to gossip, especially not about people she didn't even know. Hazel turned her attention outside of the window, watching as a few cars and people passed by, all the while wondering about the new people in town.
  3. Travis was debating on what he was planning on doing. It was a regualr booring day for him which ment he was either going to wander around town and get into trouble with the police in the area or he was going to stay in his house and do absolutly nothing. He already knew he wasn't staying home and it wasn't an option and he hated being bored wth nothing to do. His friend was out with and parents somewhere and the otherones were either in the house by the force of their parents or dealing the the two dim witted cops that hung out around the donout ad pizza area. Tipical. He walked down a few blocks and headed into the cafe ordering a sandwich overhearing the chatter of the news he heard from his friend over the phone. Someone new had moved into the town and not only that but into the Victorian house. The gossip would spread like wildfire and he could already tell from the cheerleaders who gossiped all day at school. Taking a slight glace some of the girls started up a quick convo with him before heading out. He knew almost everyone in the town and girls always bothered him so it was normal. Grabing his sandwich he headed out the store and waited for the light to change.
  4. That night, both Liza and Mike went to bed early.

    In the morning, Liza woke with a jump, looking at her clock. It wasn't too late to take a shower.
    Humming quietly to herself, she walked to the bathroom and turned on the water.
    A quick hot shower woke her up easily, and she went down to the kitchen to grab a bagel for breakfast.
    Looking over her schedule, she noticed she had Science first period.
    She liked science.

    Mike didn't take a shower, but he woke up ten minutes before school started.
    Silently, he slipped on some jeans and put on a t-shirt, with a thin sweater, along with his sneakers.
    Walking outside, he slipped right away, and cursed himself.
    This wasn't California, it was cold, snowy, and icy here.
    He was gonna need some new clothes.
    Looking at his schedule as he walked, he noticed he had English first period.
  5. Hazel completed her normal before school ritual which including taking a shower, applying makeup and getting dressed in her cheer uniform since the school allowed its wear on the days there was a game or cheer squad practice which was once a week. She put on her coat and left the house, wondering what her day would have in store for her. Most likely it would be the same as it always was which meant she could predict every detail, even what each student would being ding in her first hour class, English. When she parked and walked into school, the typical gossip, and new gossip, surrounded her. She just barely kept from rolling her eyes while she put things in her locker.