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  1. First, I'd like to note that I'm still new to adding mature content to my role-plays, so I'll need someone who is understanding of less than stellar mature scenes and who can help me improve them. Other than mature scenes, which might now hold up to my normal standards, the writing in the role-play should be at an advanced level, as was indicated.

    I hope to get two role-plays out of this plot—one where I take the male role, the other where I take the female role. I’ll edit the thread once one of those is taken so you know what’s left.

    Here’s the set up:

    This is science fiction, but of the soft variety because I don’t know much about science. The universe puts me in mind of a cross between Star Wars, Firefly, and the Matrix. You see, there’s a confederation of planets and there may be aliens out there but we’re mainly focusing on the human inhabited planets. There’s a group of rebels who have been fighting the government of the confederation and the…shall we call them “central planets”? for decades now. They’ve been isolated on a moon base and they make a fuss but they haven’t been able to make a successful attack on the government for some time.

    Here is the plot from each of the main characters’ perspectives:

    The Girl’s Side:

    She is the daughter of the rebel leader. She was born and has grown up on the moon base (she’s between eighteen and twenty-three now). In fact, she’s never left the moon base…too dangerous, her father says. Despite the fact that her father intends she never see combat, she has been training for most of her life to fight the evil “central government” with her friends and family. The main training method for the rebels is a virtual reality device which stimulates and trains the muscles (as well as the conscious mind within the virtual world) and gives results like actual training and exercise but doesn’t take up the space that a training facility would. There is the option to use other users of the device (real people) as sparring partners, etc, or computer generated simulations (we’ll call them NPCs in-game). The reality of the game is almost complete with physics and physical sensations matching the real world exactly—the only real world experience which is not realistic is death, which causes an unpleasant experience and logs you out. When word comes that a special task force will be created for a very important, secret mission, the virtual reality servers are flooded with eager young rebels trying to put themselves in top condition so they will be chosen for the task force. Frustrated with the slow down this causes on her regular server, our girl goes looking for a new server to join and discovers a locked server which she had never previously noticed. Using her father’s password (which she has used previously for mischievous purposes) she overrides the lock and joins the server. On this server, she discovers a simulated city—like the ones rumored to exist on the “central planets”, complete with the dangers her father always warned her about. Distracted by the wonder of this virtual city, she has to be rescued from danger by the most handsome NPC she’s ever seen. What’s more, even though the programming for NPCs is so advanced they seem like real people even though they aren’t sentient, this NPC has a personality like none she’s ever seen before either. Immediately, she’s smitten. Now, she’s heard of people using NPCs as, well sort of love dolls, I suppose, but she was always rather turned off by the idea. After logging off, however, she is reminded of it (maybe she has a pervy friend who likes to talk about his/her exploits in the virtual world) and the idea gets lodged in her head. She has to have that handsome NPC. So, later, she logs back onto that forbidden server and makes an advance which is well received (which she expected because NPCs are programmed to always grant a human’s request, unless that request causes harm to another human). That is only the beginning because she gets hooked. She goes back again and again and again both for training with the NPC and bedroom activities, especially the latter.

    The Boy’s Side:

    As a child, he had tagged along with his older brother and his brother’s best friend everywhere. He came to greatly admire his brother’s friend but as the years passed his brother grew apart from his friend and he lost contact with the older boy. As he got older, he turned into quite the troublemaker. Smart but with an impertinent attitude, his parents thought the military was the best place for him. That didn’t work out but he discovered he had a talent for piloting star-craft of all shapes and sizes. After running away from home, he joined a crew of smugglers, then became captain of that crew. It was in his less than legal work that he ran into the older boy again. The older boy, now a man, was leading a tiny group of rebels and asked for our boy’s help. Remembering his sentiments from childhood, our boy said yes immediately and was given a position as second in command. He helped found the moon base and had good plans for taking down the “central government”. He started to notice changes in his friend and himself that he didn’t like, so he demoted himself to grunt work and there was where the laxness of the rebel’s morals (when it came to interrogating “centralists”, etc.) did not fit what he’d envisioned. Whilst on a mission to the central planets, he realized how “in the dark” he’d been about the real situation and how much more evil than even misguided the rebel cause was. On returning to the moon base, he gathered supporters and attempted a coup. His supporters were killed and he was made an example of—his body was put in stasis to keep him alive but his mind was dumped into a special server of virtual reality that he cannot log out of through which his former friend tortures him—physically, in ways which would kill him in the real world, and psychologically. Eventually, he was forgotten but the virtual world, which was designed to be out to get him even when he was not being tortured, still attacks him. Twenty years have passed but he has had nothing to gauge them by since the virtual world repeats the same day over and over and he has not aged (in the real world either, since he’s in stasis--physically he's between twenty and thirty). Then a girl shows up in his world. He can’t tell if she’s human or NPC, and he can’t be certain that she was not sent (or created) by his former friend to cause him pain. He cannot help but rescue her when some violent NPCs attack her. It is then that he notices that she is so beautiful that its almost painful to look at her. Once he delivers her to the safest spot in the city, he leaves her alone because he’s so overwhelmed by her sudden appearance in his world. Then she comes back and makes an advance and he can’t make himself turn her down even though he knows that he’s inviting trouble. Then she keeps coming back. He can no longer bear the thought of turning her away and even decides not to tell her his story for fear of losing her. Instead, he trains her and makes love to her and hopes that’s enough to keep the one spot of light in his very dark life around.

    Of course, things can’t stay this way and the truth will have to be discovered but getting there is half the fun.

    Let me know if you’re interested!

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