In a One Crashed Sleigh

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    Christmas coming up! Snow falling on the ground, lights twinkling and lighting up building, smells of freshly baked cookies and the sharp scent of pine filling the air... Little boys and girls are getting ready to try and take a peek at Santa when he comes down to fill presents underneath their Christmas tree... And maybe also catch a glimpse of Santa's beautiful flying reindeers.... The reindeers have a secret though that only Santa and the North Pole folk know about... The reindeers can shift into humans. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, And Blitzen... And not mention the most famous reindeer of all... Rudolph the red nose reindeer. They all can transform into humans.... Though they don't known much of the Human world... What happens when on a practice run with the sleigh, they crash... And the reindeer are all stranded?


    Okay! So this is for sure a multiple character storyline! I'm planning on incooperating all the reindeer! I know there is an odd number of them, so maybe we could maybe have a love triangle[drama!!] or just leave one of them all sad and lonely. :3

    I mostly play submissive in my role-plays, but considering this is multiple character storyline, I am fine with have tops, bottoms, and Sekes. That we can all work out over pm's! ^.^


    The reindeer I would like to play:



    We can come up with who plays who in the pm's though. ^.^ comment below or just send me a pm if you are interested! :)
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Thread Status:
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