In a foreign world

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One x one between Redblood & Coma

The Bermuda triangle, a place filled with unsolved mysteries. The biggest mystery of all unfolded sixty years ago when a sailor found a portal hovering just inches above the ocean. Many tests were made before finally a camera was sent in through the strange opening. What they saw on the other side was a whole new world. A land filled with creatures only told of in fairy tales and folklore. As humans started to enter this new land, they were not met with peace, but a sword.

A war between worlds broke out and lasted for ten long years, before finally a peace treaty was suggested. The only demand for it was that no human would enter through the portal again.

Slowly over the last fifty years, both sides have discussed the possibilities of opening up the border, but because of the recent war, no side wished to take the step to propose a new peace treaty. They kept to the one they already had, until now.

A young prince named Philip has now been chosen to represent earth in the new world. If he can make a good first impression and convince them that his people only wish for peace, hopefully a new agreement can be reached.


Philip, the first born prince of Britain was to become the first representative for earth in an inter-dimensional peace treaty in modern times. Fifty years earlier the two worlds had tried to organize the peace treaty, but disorganization and distrust only made the borders between world shut down completely. That was not what they wanted for the future. They had finally gotten a second chance and this young prince had no intentions of failing his mission. Opening up a trade between the world's was the first step, but eventually they hoped that even normal people from both dimensions would be able to come and go through the portal, within reasons of course.

A knock interrupted the prince's thoughts. "We have arrived sir." A robust voice rang.

"Already? The time just seems to fly by." Philip chuckled while laying a nervous hand on his stomach. "Is it too late to turn back?" It was just a joke, but he couldn't deny that parts of him wished to escape.

"Not if you don't mind making all the people who voted for you disappointed." The man said as he came in through the door. There had been an election. One representative from every country that wished to partake in this had presented themselves in front of the whole world, telling them why they would be the perfect candidate. Most of them had been older men or women with experience, but people apparently saw something valuable in sending someone from the younger generation. Maybe it was because his generation hadn't been affected by the past wars and his judgement wouldn't be clouded by it, or maybe they just thought a good looking young face would be better to show off than an old man. The papers had done those jokes to death. 'Millions of fangirls brought him to victory'. He surely hoped it had to do more with his political views than his looks.

"Let's get moving Alphonse, it would be rude to arrive late." The prince said as he moved past general Alphonse, a captain from the American army whom had been chosen to escort and protect the elected representative.

As they walked out on deck, they were met by a hovering portal just in front of the ship. It was one thing to see it in pictures and another to stand just in front of it. Multiple colors floated over one another, almost resembling waves on the beach. What seemed to keep the waves from just floating away was some sort of stone frame with odd inscriptions in an unknown language. The moon couldn't be located in the sky, so it must have been hidden somewhere behind the portal.

Philip swallowed loudly before almost getting pulled into a small life boat. Once down in the water they rowed all the way to the edge of the portal. "Are we ready to go sir?" Alphonse asked the prince. After a few heavy breaths, Philip nodded and took a step out of the boat and into the portal.

On the other side awaited not only guards that were going to guide them to the palace, but also a sunny day and grass as long as the eye could see. There was no ocean nor night in sight. Of course that would not take away the jet-lag he would experience from entering into a completely new time zone. At least he was able to rest for some hours as they made the journey from the portal to the city. Without realizing it, Philip had soon fallen asleep and Alphonse was left to watch all the wonders the carriage past on his own.

"You should have waken me if you saw that I had fallen asleep." Philip complained as he had been shaken awake just as they arrived.

"You haven't slept much lately, you needed the break." Alphonse replied calmly. They had traveled together for the last month as there had been many preparations that had to be done in different countries on earth before they left.

The guards led them to some kind of meeting room, that is, if Philip had understood them correctly. He had learnt their language since he was ten, but since earth didn't have any natives from that dimension to speak to, they had to rely on writings alone. This was the first time he actually got to hear how everything was supposed to be pronounced, which meant that his accent probably would be hilarious to them, or in worst case, offensive.

The guard opened the door and led them into the room where they hopefully would meet this country's leader.
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