In 50 years....

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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!
Where do you see yourself in 50 years?

(Topic stolen from Elyd)

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It's the year 2062. Where are you? What are you doing? Where do you work? Are you married? Kids? What's the deal, yo?



Well hopefully I've married the love of my life, we've had kids and are enjoying our grandkids. Due to forethought and luck we are no longer in the ratrace to earn an income but I'm most likely still "working". There's a house in Hawaii, though that may or may not be the primary residence. There is much travel, food, exploration and dancing. Oh, yes, and I'll be a shaman by that time too.


Seeing 50 years from now is hard because its hard to see beyond the rough waves that seem to be coming. I mean some crazy people say some Mad Max kinda stuff is coming down the pike and for the first time in my life I kinda believe them.

Anyway, 50 years, I see myself happy with at least some of my stories published in some way, movie, book, whatever digital medium of media is popular at the time. That would be fantastic. :3


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I'll be 79 in 50 years. I am pretty sure I'll be DEAD by then or well on my way to it. O_____O Which terrifies me.

But I hope that I have kids and grandkids. 8D And that we're a close family with lots of love and togetherness. That's what I always wanted.


Psssh, in 50 years we'll have life-extending surgeries. We'll all only be middle aged! I, however, will take full advantage of being 73 and will shake my fist at those darn kids to GET OFF MAH LAWN.

Also, my lawn will be orbiting Jupiter. Because I'll be living in outer space. :D

I do hope, however, that despite my outer layer of grouchiness, people will always be comfortable to come over to my house and eat delicious foods.


In fifty years, I will be old and happy with my loving husband, and we will have retired from our game design company (seriously, I want my own company), leaving it to someone who loves that stuff just as much as we do. We will live in Norway or Ireland and totally still be writing sci fi stuff.


But does he know about second breakfast?
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I like most. However, I have found I am most comfortable with Fantasy, Sci-fi, Fandom, and Modern.
I am calling it now, I will be dead. 8D

Nuff said.


I'd like to think I'd be happily published, maybe with someone to love, maybe not. Hopefully with affectionate cats.

Fel of the Eternal Forest

Starting Chapter 2 of a roleplay with Jack, Ozzie and Coffeecake.

I see what you did there.

In 50 years I will have risen up as the first superhero to combat an alien evil. Upon completion of this task I will be both ostracized and embraced, but will continually have to fight against different waves of the same threat. Also, in the wake of me finding my powers, or making them-whichever-I will inspire super villains, but in real life fashion the battles will be life or death.

I will also have written 20-30 novels, created my own Doujin company (possible with Rory, we share interests) and rid the world of bigotry.


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Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, all with a blend or grounded slightly in Realism
Ooooh... probably about twenty miles from here... and maybe six feet underground.


Figuring that most likely real instruments will have taken a backseat to electronic music I'll probably be dead.


Probably finally reluctantly retiring from the job that I spent years wanting to have.
Still giving people hell, hopefully.
Maybe I'll be married and have had kids or something.
But I don't know if I'll live that long. And if I do, I better be in damned good health.
Retired and playing video games, since I'll be just shy of 80. ._. I can complain about how video games suck these days and were so much better in MY day on the internet! It'll be awesome!

If the internet and video games are even around in 2062.

Childish Grumpino

all things are nothing to me

They better have my goddamn robot limbs ready by then.


Assuming that none of the prophecy concerning Mayan, Christian or any of them do not come true. I see myself retired since I'll be 71, living somewhere on the West Coast, married to the love of my life, and spoiling grand children along the way. The house will be nice but not too big. Spacious enough to have whole family over for the holidays. And hopefully, Social security has not crashed.
Somewhere trying to find a book. No. A real book.

Of course, all them damn kids will be saying that the books on their tablets are real books, and hilarity will ensue. Or they'll stare at you blankly and wonder WTF you're talking about and call you a crazy old coot.

Goddamn whipper-snappers.

I secretly long for the day where I'm officially old enough to call the younger generations "whipper-snappers."