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  1. Hello, as you probably saw in the title I needed some help improving character designs, CGs, and so on. While I can confidently say I'm not the worst at traditional art, I cannot digital for shit. I was looking for someone willing to color and improve on my art. I know my lineart isn't the best but this was the best I could do without a tablet.

    This is for an RP that is being migrated to this site by a group of friends and me, that has been in the making for months and has many RPG aspects to it. Originally this was in a private conversation chat on a different website but it has been difficult to replace inactive members. Now that we're on Iwaku it'll be a public group RP, but since none of the creators are really good at BB Code so making the thread is taking a bit longer than expected. I decided I should continue with completing our characters with color and decent lineart before we really start.

    As far as I am aware, there is no payment for doing this, I haven't been given permission by the RP owner to make anyone a GM and being a highschool student who is below the legal working age doesn't pay anyone. So I cannot pay you in USD, DA points, toaster strudels, or anything else that would need money to obtain.

    I'll include my own character as an example and an old CG (Adding later), but the races vary from mermaids to vampires to catgirls and et cetera. If there are any respondents I'll post some more of the characters but this is it for now.
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  2. Hiya, you still looking for someone to do this? I'd be interested if you are.
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