Impromptu Probative Challenge #3

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  1. (I'm supposed to be doing this EVERY Saturday, but life has kicked my tail lately. I realize it's not Saturday, but I will most likely be busy with other things the rest of this week. So I'm posting it now.)

    Hello everyone! I have started a series of challenges called the "Impromptu Probative Challenge"
    In these challenges I will give you a short prompt; a topic I will give to you to write about.
    However, I want to give things a unique twist.
    You will have a standard plot, but I will give you things you must include in your short story.
    I will give you odd and quirky things that must be used in the story.
    It enables you to be creative and really use your noggin. ^__^ is your prompt.

    [The Ceremony]

    Your character is in the middle of beginning a ceremony. Whether it be a wedding ceremony, religious ceremony, etc. However there is an interruption. Your worst enemy enters the room, a gun in his/her hand. They are seeking revenge. You are their target. There are only two ways out. The front door, which they are standing in front of. Or the window, which is very hard to open. Either of those options do not seem promising. You MUST get out alive somehow. You have no weapon on hand to defend yourself with. You must also include a panda in your story. REMEMBER, this is a challenge. So try your best, but also, have fun!!

  2. Clarice waited inside of the church hall saying goodbye to her lover for the final time. The funeral was to begin in a few hours, and she had sneaked into the church before the family. Normally, a person is invited to a funeral, but that was not the case this time. Of course, it would be more bizarre for the wife to invite the mistress.

    She looked down at the casket as the tears fell down her face. This man meant the world to her and when she found out he was married after their affair began, it was already too late to turn back. They had spent many nights talking, laughing and loving each other with every thing they had. He had decided to leave his wife and had already submitted the divorce papers when he was shot. The police never found the suspect, and the investigation was still ongoing.

    With shaking hands, Clarice unclasped the chain that hung around her neck. It was the first gift she had ever received from him. It was a silver necklace with a panda pendent. He knew how much she loved them and he bought it for her birthday about a month after they got together. Clarice placed the necklace in his hand and kissed his head. She climbed down the steps of the alter and heard the door in front of her begin to open.

    There was no where to run and no where to hide as the woman that was his wife walked in. There was a clear look of rage and hatred etched on her face that was accented by subtle hints of crazy. One of these hints was the gun that she held in her hand. The other was that she was pointing it at Clarice while laughing. Fear flooded Clarice's body and mind as she stared down the deranged woman's barrel.

    "Good morning, Clarice. I see you came to see him one last time," the woman said with madness in her voice. "But don't worry. I'll send you off to hell just like I sent him. To think he would leave me for a crazy slut like you."

    Clarice couldn't believe what she was hearing. This woman had been the one kill her lover. More than that, she was now going to kill her too. As she searched for a way out, there were only two options. The first was the doors that stood behind this lunatic. The other was the window beside her that had been painted shut. She tried calming herself so she could find a way out. "I'm sorry that I stole your husband, but he was gone far from you before I ever showed up. Why else would he have an affair?"

    Arguably, this was a stupid move, but she needed to see if she could get her away from the doors of the church. When the woman didn't move, but started twitching her eye, Clarice knew she had seconds left. "You stupid bitch!" Bullets rang through the air as Clarice jumped behind the pews on her right side. She could make it to the window and jump through it, but she didn't exactly like the idea of glass shattering on her body.

    The woman was advancing towards her, as shouting became audible from outside the church. Apparently, they were no longer the only ones present and the noise of the gun discharging had been heard. "Pity, I had hoped on blaming it all on you," the woman hissed. "Either way, it's time for you to leave this world, Clarice."

    As the deranged wife spoke, Clarice saw her escape. She would go through the window, but before she hurled her body through the glass, she grabbed the royal purple tapestry from the wall. It said God is my Protector on it in gold lettering. She wrapped the cloth around her body and jumped head first out of the old window. The shattering noise was so loud for Clarice, but even louder was the sound of the bullets being sent after her.

    Luckily, they missed her as her body fell to the ground, six feet below. It appeared that the wife got what she wanted, Clarice's body six feet under, but she didn't get to blame her husbands death on her. Police soon surrounded the church and arrested the woman, who admitted to her crimes. Clarice survived the incident with a few scratches on the surface, but a broken heart inside.
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