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  1. For those who didn't read the interest check thread, the plot of this RP follows a group of orphans and runaways living in an abandoned house. Since they only recently came together, they still haven't quite gotten used to each other yet. Things will get tense, since this is set during their first winter together, but the older characters should be able to keep things from blowing up. Emphasis on "should".
  2. Hmm, I think I'd be interested.
  3. Alright. I can't make a skeleton on mobile, so just provide the name, age, gender, whether they're an orphan or a runaway, and a snippet about their past and personality.
  4. I hope this is okay, I know it's a little out there. >w>
    Name: His real name is Hayden Kester, though the only one who ever called him that was his mother. He prefers to go by "Yer'on" (pronounced "yair-on"), after something he misread from a story book.

    Age: 10

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Yer'on has the average height and build of a boy his age, though something about him looks fundamentally wrong. Perhaps it's the dark circles under his eyes. Perhaps it's his constantly-diluted pupils. Perhaps it's the bloodstains on his nails. At any rate, Yer'on tends to stand out in a crowd. His skin is smooth ebony, his hair is dark black and very unkempt, and his clothes consist of a nice red polo, some matching slacks, and a black bowtie. He's not a fan of dressing so nicely, but it's the only outfit he has. Around his neck is a pendant of a small bone, taken from the chest of a rabbit.

    Status: Orphan

    Bio: Born to a single, aging mother with a mountain of inheritance and a college-age daughter, Yer'on had to fight for attention and care for much of his young life. His mother kept him in his room most of the time, surrounded by toys and books that he didn't care all that much about. Things changed when he received a fluffy white rabbit to keep him company. Yer'on loved that little bunny with all his heart and took it everywhere, including his climbs up Mount Kitchen Counter and into the sink. And the garbage disposal.

    Ten seconds and an awful whirring noise later, Yer'on was covered in the blood and guts of his beloved pet rabbit. His mother ran in to find not a child who was terrified and bawling his eyes out, but one who was having fun in the smelly red slop, tossing it around and getting it all over his dark skin. Operating in a state of shock, Yer'on's mother lifted him away, and from that day on, the boy never let her sight.

    The sights and smells of death had excited Yer'on's curiosity like never before. Prior to the incident, he had been quiet and unsure of himself, but his shell had been split wide open, and he was never quite the same. He laughed with glee at the smallest of things and begged his mother every day to buy him more pets so he could relive the excitement all over again. His curiosity and joy came to a head one night when his mother was just tucking him in for bed...

    "Mommy, can I ask you a question?"

    "Yes, Hayden dear?"

    "Do you bleed like the other animals?"

    "I, ah..."

    "Can I find out?"

    Suffice to say his mother did not survive the ordeal. Yer'on didn't know what would happen if he took a knife to the poor woman's skin so many times, so when she didn't move even after Yer'on called her name dozens of times, he suddenly found himself completely alone. His attitude sobered slightly when he became a runaway, but not much. After all, he has to survive somehow.
  5. Very dark, but also interesting. Approved. Also, sorry for not getting to this sooner. I've had an annoying headache all day.
  6. Yo, just popped in to say I'm interested.
  7. Then if you'd be so kind as to follow the example set above?
  8. Is this till active? It sounds awesome.
  9. It never actually got to start, but you're welcome to join in.
  10. Name: Dante Salazar
    Nickname(s): D, Danny, Dan -- All of those he was called by his parents, but at the moment he introduces himself by Sal.
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Orphan/Runaway: Orphan then runaway
    Personality: Dante is a quiet boy, he doesn't really like conflict and he'll walk away most times if he can. He loves to read and is always hungry for knowledge, even things that seem unimportant and useless, he wants to learn about.
    Appearance: Dante stands at 5'7" with light brown skin and short and curly black hair. His eyes are brown and have lost their initial brightness over the years. He carries a bag with three different outfits along with a plastic container that he fills with liquid soap from any fast food place bathroom that he can get into. If there's one thing that Dante can't stand, it's being dirty.

    The outfits he has are

    Past: During his childhood, there were only three things that truly mattered in Dante's life, his parents, his friends and his education. His parents had always told him that if he had to rely on anything, rely on education because it can always get you far no matter what. They always made him put his studies first and in the beginning that practice annoyed the hell out of him but when he got older he realized that focusing on his studies benefited him greatly.

    Life was pretty good for him and he was in the process of being transferred from a public school to a private school due to his grades and general temperament, but all of that changed when his uncle came to stay with them. His uncle was recently released from prison for drug dealing and because of his parole he had to stay within the confines of the county where he had been jailed instead of returning to his actual home. So he was to stay with Dante and his family.

    At first things were fine. Dante's uncle swore up and down that he was clean and had broken all contact with his former drug dealing buddies. However that was not the case. Within two weeks of coming home, Dante's uncle started up his illegal trade once more. Dante's parents found out but they didn't want to turn him in so they tried to cover it up.

    The authorities soon found out and his uncle was sent back to jail, but so were Dante's parents. Dante was put into the system and became a foster child as he had no other suitable relatives to live with. The foster homes that Dante was sent to where all inhabited by corrupt people who only cared about their government stipends and treated the children like dirt. Not able to take it any more, Dante ran away.
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  11. Could use a few girls before we begin. Other than that, approved.
  12. is this RP still active? i would love to join and get started :3
  13. Is this rp still open?
  14. I'd have to rearrange the rules to account for new people, but I suppose.
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  15. I'd be interested in joining this if its still open and accepting characters
  16. Is this still open? I'm interested in joining :3
  17. It never actually started, but yes. It's been re-opened.
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