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  1. Hariq hated these conditions. He hated having being confined in two different cells. One was the one fashioned by his captors and the other was one of his own creation. Having no interaction for so long he didn't see the point in going out of his lamp to only see his dreary cell. And hell was it dreary with its dim lighting, mold upon the walls and the constant drip drip of pipes leaking. No he would much rather prefer his lamp... If only he wasn't going crazy from lack of communication.

    He sighed, the sound reverberating across the walls of his lamp; it made his teeth rattle together in a most unpleasant fashion. If only he hadn't set that market place on fire. Truly the man didn't mean any harm, but he had lost his temper with a vendor and well... Hariq was young back then and wasn't able to control his abilities too well. Hence how the market had gone up in flames. He ran like hell then, but being attached to a lamp like he was, the genie didn't get very far. He was apprehended quickly, and tossed into this very jail cell. How long had Harqid resided here? It had to be at least 10 years. Such harsh punishment for a fire that he never intentionally started.

    "Once I get out, I'm gonna run as far as I can from here," the genie lamented. "Such cruel, cruel souls."
  2. Ork_slugga2.png The main doors of the prison opened slowly and loudly. Sounds of struggle and chains clinging could be heard from the other side. As they opened fully, a large, green man could be seen on the other side. He had a heavy iron collar around his neck, with four guards holding chains attached to it. The four guards were making sure to keep the chains tight, to make sure the green man couldn't escape. As they lead him down the hall, towards his cell, the man suddenly tried charging ahead, but the guards behind him held their chains and pulled hard on them, forcing the collar against his throat, making him cease his escape attempt. As they got to the cell they were heading for, one of the guards used one hand to open the door, before all four forced the large man inside. After they had gotten him inside, they pulled their swords, to make sure he didn't do anything stupid, then they all walked out, locking the door behind them.

    After the guards had left, Rogdush charged at the door, attempting to break it down. Yet the door seemed unaffected by the large orc smashing his body against it. After a few attempts, he understood it was a waste of time, and charged at one of the walls instead. After a few vigorous charges at them as well, he understood that he wouldn't be able to get out. At least not yet. "The damn cell is probably enchanted or something fancy like that..." He muttered, as he sat on one of the beds. As he sat, he noticed a small, golden thing he almost sat on. He picked it up and shook it, wondering what it was for a moment, before flinging it away from him in disinterest.
  3. The sound of rattling chains and movement didn't disturb Hariq. He knew that this prison was frequented by many a prisoner, what with their enchantments and 'spacious' living quarters. Lots of courts sent criminals here to live out the end of their days. No, what had come as a surprise to the genie was how close the sounds were, as if they were on top of him. The genie gasped, thinking that perhaps his captors had miscalculated Hariq's sentence and he was about to be let loose early! Oh what a happy day it was!

    It didn't help that the doors to his cell slid open. It merely justified his conclusion. Hurriedly, the genie started straightening his things around his lamp. The puff cushions went there on top of his couch, the hooka had to be set back in the center, and well where the hell did he put his fezz? My, how he loved that fezz.

    "Oh there you!" He cried happily, carefully setting it on top of his head. "I think I'm read-- What's that banging noise?"

    Through Hariq's obsession with keeping his place looking tidy, the creature didn't notice that the doors to his cell closed shut. And now something large and massive was bashing itself against it, repeatedly. But the noise stopped and Hariq grew inquisitive. The genie was getting ready to leave his lamp when all of a sudden his world was shaking!

    "Earthquake!" yelled the genie "Duck and cover!"

    But Hariq didn't even have time to do that. The orc unceremoniously chucked the lamp to the other side of the cell, where it clattered loudly against the wall. Hariq went slamming towards one side, his back curving along the side of his home. His cushions landed on his face, stomach and crotch. Luckily it softened the blow he received from his coffee table. Shoving everything aside, the genie quickly became infuriated. Making his body dissipate and flow out of the sprout of the lamp, Hariq stood in front of the orc, pointing in a most accusatory fashion.

    "What in god's name do you think you're doing?!" He demanded. "I was in the middle of cleaning my home and then you have to come, here and..." He gulped audibly. The genie wasn't expecting an orc to be sitting in his cot. "Why, aren't you a new face." His synapses fired and he realized with a shock that this was his new cell mate. "I-I'm Hariq your cell buddy. Pleased to meet cha. Um, do make yourself comfortable."
  4. Rogdush had started looking around his new home a bit, as he noticed some kind of smoke coming from the thing he had just thrown away. Before he had time to do anything, the smoke formed into a person, standing right in front of him. As the smoke-person started yelling at him, Rogdush stood up, towering above him, and simply looked at him with a slightly amused look on his face, as the person suddenly changed his tome.

    "Well, Hariq... I'm Rogdush, and I'm not your *buddy*. And since I'm stuck in this damn cell, I'll damn well make myself comfortable." Rogdush leaned down towards Hariq. "Though I tend to have trouble getting comfy with people annoying me. So don't annoy me. Or I might end up shoving you back into that shiny thingy of yours." Rogdush growled when he was done talking, to make his point.
  5. A nervous laugh trickled its way out of Hariq's lips, followed a by whimper. What the hell did he do to deserve this? He was always pleasant to his prison guards, never caused any trouble. He never joined in with the rest of the prisoners when they felt inclined to express their opinions about their living conditions. He was a good prisoner!

    "Oh, oh, I'll uh... Do my best not to annoy sir, I promise."

    He briefly thought about returning back inside his lamp to avoid the giant orc, but Hariq didn't wish to be tossed around like that again. Instead he chose to sit by the corner of his cell, grinning stupidly at his cell mate.

    "I see you like my cot. I don't like it myself, it's far too hard to sleep on. I have a comfier bed in my lamp with cushions and -" He stopped himself, in case the orc wanted to invite himself into Hariq's lamp. "But that cot is good too, very good. Um, say what are you here for?"
  6. "For killing 15 people in the market. Today. And a few hundred more in the last months. Always fun ripping someone in half and watching their flailing bodies splatter blood everywhere, don't you think?" Rogdush said with a menacing grin. "And what did you say about a comfy bed? Something you'd be interested in sharing?" He asked, leaning towards Hariq. "Or is it something I'll have to find myself? I hate sleeping on a bloody bed, but this thing?" He patted the cot. "I prefer a bloody bed. Or even better, a clean bed. Taken from someone locked in a small room with me." He stared at the genie, once more with the eyes of a beast, more than a man.
  7. Hariq's expression slowly grew more horrified as the orc stated what he was in for. The genie gulped again and laughed nervously. Beads of sweat was forming in his forehead.
    "Oh hehehehehe. How strong of you to be able to do such a thing. Very strong. I just, I set fire to the market place many years ago, didn't kill anybody just you know, set fire. As for the bed, well um it's not as comfortable as you think. I merely just pile all of that moss and stuff growing around the cell on the bed. It makes it nice and comfy for me."
    A soft whimper escaped his lips again as he stared into the orc's eyes. "Y-You don't have a temper do you? I'm rather an easy going guy myself, just can't control my powers."
  8. "A bit of fire, eh? Always fun to watch! But a lot more fun to watch if there's burning people running around in pain and panic!" Rogdush said, grinning widely. He patted the cot he sat on slightly and looked at it. "This is pretty much just wooden planks. A bit of moss and the like can help a lot, ya know. Though, a bit of fat or meat from someone could also help a lot." He said, looking at the genie with a menacing grin, once more. "Oh, and yes. I do have a temper." His grin widened slightly. "And if I get mad enough, I'll become even bigger and more murderous."
  9. The genie scooted himself towards a corner, with a nervous smile still plastered on his face. His back touched up against cold stone walls, moss brushing up against his fingertips. The man's dark hair was slowly becoming drowned in his own sweat, red eyes that normally were filled with boredom, were now fiery with nerves.
    "Ah, blood thirsty one aren't you? You'll fit right in with everyone here, you sure will." Hariq glanced towards the cot that the orc kept patting. "Surely you don't want me to lay there for you? I-I'm all skin and bones, no comfy fat for you to lay on! No sir!"

    Frantic eyes flickered towards the bars, where the night guard was patrolling. Hariq had half a mind to beg for his release or at least to be switched to a different cell. Things were starting off very well rocky with his cell mate.
  10. Rogdush started laughing wildly, laying back on the cot as he did. His laughter died down after a while, and he sat up again, still chuckling slightly. "Ohoho... The look of people's faces when they try to reason me out of killing them is simply priceless!" He wiped some tears from his eyes with his large hands, before leaning his hands on his legs and looking at the genie again.
    "Don'tca worry, I'm not gonna kill you, at least not yet. You could be useful, if not for helping me escape, then for eating, if the guards are stingy with the food." He said with a wide grin, showing of his large tusks as he did.
  11. Hariq's red eyes were still on the guard, as he paced back and forth down their cell. He wondered how long that guy was gonna be there, probably for the rest of the night. The genie had no doubt that the guard was placed there because of this murderous orc. He had to wonder though, how he wasn't even given the death sentence for committing all of those murders. Perhaps Rogdush scared his captors?

    The genie shook his head, looking towards the orc. Did he just say what he thought the murderer said? About escaping?

    Now it was Hariq's turn to chuckle. "Oh my, please tell me you're kidding about escaping here. There's no way, they have far too many enchantments up for us to do anything. Well - I suppose we could dig our way out but we'd have to get through the stone floors first."

    Hariq didn't want to say anything about the food here. It was never any good, but he wasn't going to let Rogdush find that out from him. Who knows, maybe the orc had bad taste buds and wouldn't find out.
  12. "You're telling me the floor isn't enchanted?" Rogdush asked in surprise. "So if I can just get through the floor I could make you dig us out of here?" He grinned slightly as he stood up and walked over to a corner. He tapped his foot on the floor a few times, before his grin turned to a frown. "Sounds solid. Won't be easy to smash... Especially cause of all the dirt under it..." He thought for a moment, rubbing his cheek. "I'm gonna need something to get through..." He looked over at Hariq for a moment, before muttering "Nah, too soft..." before walking back to the cot and sat down again, disappointed.
  13. The guard who was pacing earlier came with two bowls of food, or rather gruel. Gulping slightly, Hariq watched the man slide it under the bars. At least the bowls were still steaming. It would have been worse if they had cold gruel, not that gruel itself was going to be very tasty. He emitted a nervous chuckle and the genie snatched his bowl and held it close to his chest.

    "Yes the floor would be hard to dig through. Guess we won't be able to do it huh?" He tipped the bowl into his mouth, nearly gagging from the taste. Dear god he didn't want to think about what it was he just swallowed. It tasted absolutely vile. Still he forced himself to look pleased, at least for the orc's sake. "Tasty dinner don't you think, fills you up rather quick."

    The genie finished off the rest of his dinner, putrid as it was. Wiping his mouth clean, he faked a large grin. "D-Delicious."
  14. Rogdush leaned over and picked up the second bowl and sniffed it's content. "Smells just like something my mother used to make." He said, before pouring the whole thing down his maw. "Tastes like it too." He said as he gritted his teeth. "They don't feed us this crap every day, do they?" He asked, looking to his cellmate. Not only did it taste horrible, but it was also so little of it. Rogdush was almost as hungry as before he had chugged the gruel. Unless it started to come more, he'd have to find some other source of food.
  15. The genie flashed the orc a nervous smile, before replying feebly. "Oh well it's not that bad. And they feed us two times a day, if um, if you've been good. If you make a ton of racket then they'll let you starve. Yeah, best be on your best behavior."

    Hariq shivered as his mins returned to the thought of entertaining this orc as his cell mate for the rest of his internment. There was no possible way they were both going to get along, no way. Perhaps the best solution was for the two of them to dig their way out... Fiery eyes glanced towards the stone floor and he grimaced. That stone was going to be hell to break through.

    "You know what, I bet you being so strong and all, I bet you could break through that stone with just a punch. Whaddaya say?"
  16. "I can damn well smash rocks with just a punch! But mostly not when it's the floor, with lots of dirt under it! Th stone wont have anywhere to go, and..." He stopped and looked around for a moment. "Oh, what the heck. I've got nothing better to do." He said, as he stood up and walked to the middle of the floor. He lifted one fist in the air and stood to make sure he'd put all his force into the punch. The sound of something hard hitting stone could be heard, as Rogdush smashed his fist against the floor, cracking it slightly. He breathed out while staring at the cracks, before he smashed his fist into it again. The cracks grew bigger, only urging the orc on. He smashed his fist against the center of the cracked area a few more times, as pieces of the floor became loose.
    He stepped backwards a bit, breathing a bit heavy and holding the fist he had punched with with his other arm. "Now... Let's see if you cant be useful." He said, nodding towards, what was now, a small hole with rocks in it.
  17. The sound of stone breaking caused Hariq great alarm. The genie ran towards the bars of their cell, looking frantically about for the guard that patrolled this area. The other prisoners, knowing that a ruckus normally meant that something was about to happen started yellling and shouting. A commotion was not something Hariq needed but blast it, they couldn't punch through that rock without making noise.

    His teeth literally grinding from nerves, he bounded back to Rodgush. There was no helping it, they were both going to break out of here. Oh dear god, he hoped reinforcements weren't going to arrive soon. He really didn't want to deal with the guards. Frowning at the small hole the orc made, the genie whistled, impressed.

    "Wow... You're a strong fella aren't ya?"

    Glancing about him the genie was trying to figure out how he could be useful. He didn't have muscles quite like the orc's. Still he had hands, and with those hands he began shoving the rocks out of the way, trying to ignore the growing noise of their fellow prison mates. A layer of dust was filling their cells made from Hariq's desperate digging. Once the rocks were cleared, he began digging with his hands. Then cursing his intelligence, he grabbed one of their dinner bowls and used that as a make shift shovel.

    "Hey you - The guards are gonna be - huff - Coming by any minute. You got a plan?"
  18. "Yeah! You dig, I'll keep the guards away!" Rogdush almost yelled, to be heard over the other prisoners. "I've now got a bunch of rocks as well as my fists! They wont get close to us!" He started laughing, as he picked up one of the larger rocks. "The sooner you've got a hole for us to get out, the sooner we're free!"
    Almost before Rogdush had time to turn towards the door, a guard came to their cell, opening the door to get in.
    "Trying to escape, are you?!" The guard shouted, as the door closed itself behind him. Before the guard had time to do much more, Rogdush grabbed him by the neck and broke him over his knee, silencing him.
    "Keep digging dammit!"
  19. Fuck, Hariq never thought dirt could be this hard. It felt like he was digging through rocks and his arms were starting to feel the strain. Panting, he wiped at his brow, hearing Rodgush slugging the guards as they came in. If only he had water or something to soften the dirt... He groaned at the same hole that was made, not even big enough to put his whole foot in.

    And that was when he realized how stupid they both were.

    The guards just opened their cell door. Hell that was their way out.

    "Keep that door open Rodgush! That's our ticket out."

    Hariq grabbed his lamp and some blankets off of the cot, tucking it underneath his arms. The noise in the prison was deafening, word reaching deep into the facilities. Hariq couldn't remember for the life of him were the exit or entrance to the prison was but they both were just gonna have to find out on their own. The genie would have gladly blasted his way through the guards but the enchantments were holding - no fire power for him.

    "Okay now we run."

    Poking his head through the cell door he looked one way, and then the other, before sprinting out.
  20. "Keep the door op..." That was the moment Rogdush also understood their stupidity. As the next guard slammed the door open, Rogdush slammed him down, and smacking his head into the door frame, to make sure the door stayed open.
    As the genie started running ahead, Rogdush grabbed one of the guards that were knocked out, swung him over his shoulder and followed his new "friend", swinging the man on his shoulder at the other guards.
    They didn't run long before they approached a large steel door. Rogdush dropped the guard he was holding, shoved the genie aside, the increased his speed, and rammed into the door with his shoulder. The door hardly budged though, sending the large orc onto his back.
    "Fucking enchantments!" Rogdush roared as he got up again, feeling his right arm throbbing with pain from the impact.