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  1. As the title suggests, I'm rather picky when it comes to my RPs. So come along you little advertising kiddies, post below and show me what you got.
    I'm also open to helping someone develop an Group RP as long as it's interesting enough. I tend to mass build things when I make a Group RP. If you have an idea you want to develop together into a Group RP; your best bet is to PM me about it rather than posting below.

    I'm interested in all genres (including some Fandoms), except for MxM or Yaoi.

    I generally play as female characters unless there is an special occasion.

    I will post once a day to a few times a week because of work. Multiple times a day if I have a day off and short on RPs.

    Good Luck!
  2. @Crow
    I'll consider your Legacy of Typhon. I'll send you a message in a bit with some questions.

    For the rest, not interested. Thank you for taking the time to show me. Had fun reading them.
  3. Glad to hear that.
  4. If you're looking for a long term world-building Group Role-play them come check out:
    Wuinderre Expanse
  5. Well, if you're interested in a sort-of obscure fandom-based idea, I have Fandomstuck which is sort of like a mega-crossover RP, but, instead of playing fandom characters, the RP focuses on personifications of entire fandoms. So you'd have characters that represent the entirety of things like Homestuck, Doctor Who, etc, and are sort of based on the main characters, but with room leftover to make them your own. It's difficult to explain in only a few sentences, but, the OP has more info if you're interested.
  6. Thanks dear but I already looked into it. I don't think it's for me. Thanks again!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.