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Post a question that should be impossible to answer. The next poster tries to come up with a creative answer and then posts their own question!

Why is Chaos so weird?
Chaos' exposure to space shark society left him forever changed when he returned to Earth.

Why can't we have nice things? D:<
Then you wouldn't be quite so innocent. ;]

Why do we exist!?
We exist to procreate and advance the species.

How was gravity created?
By the religious and ignorant point of view, from god

How do you know if you were reincarnated?
Easy! Just get your fortune told by an upstanding gypsy!

Why am I always hungry?
Your stomach was unknowingly replaced by a bottomless pit while you were asleep...oh and they also took a kidney

Where do babies come from?
Haven't you heard? Storks deliver them to cabbage patches...

Do you see the same color red as I do?
Only on the fourth of every month at eight thirty six PM, your time.

Where do newbies go after they dissapear?
To Jinx's closet where he plays pretty pretty princess with them until their heads explodes D:

Why is all the rum gone?
It never left, good friend Myrnodyn :D

Now my question is thus: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Assuming the color of the iceberg was purple, the answer is clearly '42'.

Alright, if you continue to say a word over and over, it looses it's meaning. If you say a word that already means nothing over and over, what does it end up meaning?
It ends up into a word whence uttered could tear a rip in the space time continuum.

Why does the popular theme for movies and TV change every 2-3 years? Last time it was zombies, this time it's alien invasions from the sky (Skyline, Falling Sky, Battle for L.A).
It's called "trends" It happens because companies want to sell what people like, and when a specific movie does well, others of the same format might do good as well.

If the Aliens in Signs were hurt by water, why did they try to invade a planet that's 2/3rds covered in the stuff?
Because they decided their probes were misplaced and they though earth was one huge ass.

How can you tell if you're dreaming?
Easy, I'm not wearing Terminator Armor

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
If a woodchuck could chuck wood, it wood be theorized that it wood chuck all the wood it could chuck in sight, thus making woodchucking by woodchucks illegal.

Why is it so hard to find a job?
Because the job market is saturated right now. Which means that there are generally more people looking for jobs then there are jobs available, this in turn means that employers have a more powerful position and can more easily make demands of their employees.

Why do humans good things, if all we are are animals?