Impossible Questions



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The game works like this..

Just post a question that is impossible to answer and the next person tries to top it.

Example: How many people are having sex right this moment. It could be how many in the US, your home town or your own home or apartment complex.

Just wild shit that pops into your head at random and never really gets answered.

Ill go first.

I wonder how many rain drops fall in a heavy down pour in the Brazilan Forest?

Now can you top that????
Lets find out..

What is the meaning of life in one word?

Too easy. >:D

Where the bloody hell do cats disappear to when you're looking for them and damn well KNOW they're in the house, and you've looked EVERYWHERE. Yet somehow they pop up right behind you?
@ Diana: Cats have pocket dimensions.
@ Myrn: Because you suck.

Why has evolution not made childbirth less painful?
because women need to be shown who's who in the house

why're you afraid of the big bad wolf?
because its archetype in a wolf suit dumbarse!

I'm Ron Burgundy?
That's a simple one. You can easily see what time looks like if you've ever taken the time to watch paint dry.

Can you answer this question without responding to it by making another post after this one?
I discovered my big ponder back in High School. I was walking to school one day and I remember suddenly thinking about Nothing. Not the normal, what should I do after school nothings, but the concept of Nothing itself.

Like, What does Nothing look like? Is it black, or is it white? It it some other colour entirely? One man hasn't even dreamed up yet? Does it have a distinctive feeling? Is it a heavy crushing feeling? A light falling feeling? Or maybe a fluid floating feeling... And what about sound?

I suppose one could just reference the vastness space as the perfect example of Nothing. It's cold, dark, weightless and so on. But That seems too easy to me. This always induced three kinds of mindfuckery for me. Just thought I'd share
If the universe was kind of like a bubble and there could be multiple bubble-universes (as science theories were trying to suggest now) what do you think would happen if the bubbles collided? o__o Would both universes be destroyed and "pop" or would they combine to be a bigger universe and the stronger physics taking over?
Or they could bounce off of each other, or be destroyed utterly. Bubble universe bomb anyone >=)


What was at the beginning of time? And what will be at its end? Does time exist, and if it doesn't what are we experiencing as time? And does anything we do matter?
Okay, wrap this around your brain if you can. People say that their is no God since they cant prove it. But what if we werent ment to prove it. What if its just some cosmic math problem we are never suppose to figure out. We arent suppose to know, because I lives are defined by the quest, not the desination. Or is it?
If you have a car traveling at the speed of light, what happens when you turn on your headlights?
Swifties is easy, traveling at the speed of light the photons would collect inside the headlights, eventualy becoming intence enought to burn through the back of the headlaps and shining into whateers behind them.

Inky's is more difficult, I persoanly am athiest so its a bit of a personal conundrum. Every problem has an answer, in the fields of mathematics, the answer does not actualy have to make sense as long as it is correct. (1=0.99999999..... after all) and in places (4th, 5th, 6th ect dimentional pollygons for example) its becoming to against our pre-programed ways of thinking that we cannot actualy comprehend what we are proving and for the most part never will.

What I'm getting at is that the answer is out there, waiting to be found, but when we do will we recognise it, will we be able to comprehend its meaning?

(sorry for bad spelling etc)
How come when the lights go off or flicker badly everyone goes "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" all at the sametime.. its just spooky!
'coz we likes flashinf lights.

Why are we so scared of doing anything outside our comfort zone, its killing our sociaty...
why is it easier to hate someone then to be willing to understand them? Oh right, being willing is the key part there huh?
Why is Diana a moeblob?