Impossible Questions

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  1. The game works like this..

    Just post a question that is impossible to answer and the next person tries to top it.

    Example: How many people are having sex right this moment. It could be how many in the US, your home town or your own home or apartment complex.

    Just wild shit that pops into your head at random and never really gets answered.

    Ill go first.

    I wonder how many rain drops fall in a heavy down pour in the Brazilan Forest?

    Now can you top that????
    Lets find out..

  2. What is the meaning of life in one word?

    Too easy. >:D

    Where the bloody hell do cats disappear to when you're looking for them and damn well KNOW they're in the house, and you've looked EVERYWHERE. Yet somehow they pop up right behind you?
  4. @ Diana: Cats have pocket dimensions.
    @ Myrn: Because you suck.

    Why has evolution not made childbirth less painful?
  5. because women need to be shown who's who in the house

    why're you afraid of the big bad wolf?
  6. because its archetype in a wolf suit dumbarse!

    I'm Ron Burgundy?
  7. That's a simple one. You can easily see what time looks like if you've ever taken the time to watch paint dry.

    Can you answer this question without responding to it by making another post after this one?
  8. I discovered my big ponder back in High School. I was walking to school one day and I remember suddenly thinking about Nothing. Not the normal, what should I do after school nothings, but the concept of Nothing itself.

    Like, What does Nothing look like? Is it black, or is it white? It it some other colour entirely? One man hasn't even dreamed up yet? Does it have a distinctive feeling? Is it a heavy crushing feeling? A light falling feeling? Or maybe a fluid floating feeling... And what about sound?

    I suppose one could just reference the vastness space as the perfect example of Nothing. It's cold, dark, weightless and so on. But That seems too easy to me. This always induced three kinds of mindfuckery for me. Just thought I'd share
  9. I'm using last names too :|
  10. On the subject of interpreters, @Minerva could you possibly, out of the kindness of your heart, give me some Latin translations to put into Mason's little aura guidebook if I ever absolutely needed it?
  11. I just wanted somewhere to write down what Abby had planned for Deme's birthday. It'll all be written down in a book somewhere. Not sure yet if she'll go through with it while she's depressed but still.

    Day plan
    - Waking up before sunrise at about 6am, then getting showered and changed ready for the day.
    - Watching the sun rise (6:42am ish). Give GIFT 1.
    - Breakfast on the go. Four kinds of Onigiri and some Nikuman. (Umeboshi [pickles plums], Bene Shake [grilled red salmon], Omelette & Cheese, and Minced chicken Onigiri).
    - Eating in the limo as they all head to the airport where the private jet is waiting.
    - Fly for 1 hour and 32 minutes to Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture. (Arrival 8:20am)
    - Walk around the Sapporo Snow Festival. (10am).
    - Ice skating for an hour or so. (11am).
    - Walk to see the monkeys enjoying the hot springs (11:30).
    - Hot soups to warm up for lunch (12-1).
    - Head to the airport to fly back to Tokyo (1:30). GIFT 2.
    - Fly for 1 hour and 32 minutes to Tokyo, while watching a movie of birthday boy's choice. (3pm)
    - Salon du Chocolat festival. (3:30-5:30).
    - Watch the sunset (5:34pm).
    - Head back to the house and have Demetri blow out the candles on his cake (6pm).
    - Babysitter's arrival (6:20).
    - Change and dress up for romantic dinner out, then leave for the restaurant (6:30).
    - Arrive at the steakhouse in time for reservation (6:45).
    - Enjoy meal out until (8pm).
    - Head back home and relieve the babysitter before sitting cuddled up to talk with GIFT 3.
    - Go to bed for.... fun. GIFT 4.

    Gift 1 = Vintage Leather Satchel with 'supplies' (a camera for taking photographs, 50181 Yen, an engraved lighter and a small bag of popcorn).
    Gift 2 = microlighting-flight-experience
    Gift 3 = A box of Diamond Crown cigars paired with a glass of Cognac.
    Gift 4 = Lingerie.
    Cake = image.

  12. [​IMG]

    "Dear Sun, save me from this accursed shipping!"
  13. Ha ha ha. She would have a talk with the Great Communicator because of her demonic energy.

    And Mason is already being shipped.
  14. Yes that would be better, I like having you spend your ability points in a shop in the capital. ^.^
  15. gdi it would've been nice to see akane

    but yea redemptive villain is good too. We don't see them too much in Murder.
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  17. Why is Diana a moeblob?
  18. You uh, ever actually seen her?