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  1. Hello, I need help from someone who works on this site.. So this banner came up and it says 'it's all (myunder names) fault'
    Erm.. I don't know if someone who worked here did that or someone I rped with did it.. I'm confused ... Because I don't know what I did wrong..

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  2. It's an April Fools prank. The admins and/or Jared set up a coded message so everyone see's their own username there.
  3. Ohhh okay haha good! I was super scared XD I didn't want anyone to be mad at me or something, well thank you!
  4. If it helps it threw me off at first too. :P
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  5. Don't worry, we would never call anyone out that publicly. If you had done something wrong, staff would have sent you a private message. Normal members also can't create those kinds of notifications on the top of the page, and they wouldn't be accepted if they were sent to our banner roll (which currently is offline because of bugs) ^^ Jared and the admins enjoys doing silly pranks on April's fools day that causes iwaku to break for a few days. Nothing to worry about. ;)
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