IMPORTANT: Url Switching!

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We are about to switch Iwaku to it's domain name 100%! will no longer be a redirect domain, but the official URL for all links on Iwaku.

This way Iwaku will be it's own entity and no longer look like a subsection on! Should I (the server host) ever retire as admin, the other Admins can run Iwaku without it being mingled with my personal site.

This will be a REALLY EASY switch, but we're giving you a heads up so you don't freak out!


- When my Dude and I are ready to make the switch, I'll close the forums. This way no posts or content is accidentally lost.

- All the forum data will be copied over to the new folder. (it's not a new sever, it's just moving folders!)

- The forum will be fixed to reflect the new url and all links will be redirected to the correct url.
Instead of urls being they will look like

- Forums are turned back on! Life continues as normal!

This switch shouldn't take any more than two hours. :D You'll be able to chat in the cbox while it's being done. Once it's finished, -hopefully- all urls in posts should automagically redirect to the correct urls. (So when you linked to roleplay threads or other posts, the url will fix itself.)

Thus, stay tuned. Dunno if we're doing it tonight, this weekend, or this week. But once we're ready, it'll be done as quickly as possible!

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Also, remember bugging Rory about when the transfer will be over will result in a bad end. :D

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Also, if you're a derp like me and didn't know until it happened, poop on you.
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