*IMPORTANT POLL* Would you rather...

Jedi or Wizard?

  • Jedi

    Votes: 12 52.2%
  • Wizard

    Votes: 6 26.1%
  • Neither!

    Votes: 5 21.7%

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Original poster
... be a Jedi in the Star Wars Universe or a Wizard in the Harry Potter Universe?!

Jedi, of course.
Magic is lamesauce in Harry Potter Land.
Pretty much all you're allowed to do is set up tents with magic or you get thrown in prison. >;[
Plus, you have to deal with all the little wizard children. D;
Jedi = Blah [Because, well, I'm a Sith.]
HP Wizard = Blah

So, I chose neither. :|
Something like Sith Lord vs. Lord Voldemort would be much more exciting to me. But I'm weird.

I will say, though, between the two, the Jedi would beat the wizard in a fight. A wizard is nothing without his wand, which can be easily taken away with Force powers. *shrugs* The Star Wars universe just has better technology...
The question is better phrased as:

Would I rather live in the Star Wars universe or the Harry Potter one?

Star Wars PLZ.
Plus, you have to deal with all the little wizard children. D;

So explain to me how Jedi children would be any better?

anyway I'd be neither only to the fact that I would rather be my anthro wolf more than wizards or a Jedi
The extended universe in Star Wars seems much more hopeless than the albeit smaller Harry Potter 'verse, and depending on the time period the Jedi are practically monks. I like passion in my life, and I'm not big on being a fucking hero. If I see an action needs to be done I'll do heroics, but I have no interest in throwing myself head first into it, so I think I'm more inclined to be a HP wizard then a Jedi.
Jedi, for many reasons.

One : HP has been in school for five years and the best offensive spell he knows is stupify. Luke Skywalker after a few years could life a fucking space ship out of a swamp with his mind.

Two : I get a wand or I get a light saber. Hmmmm.

Three : Wizards have to be careful not to use there powers in front of normals. Jedi use there powers in front of anybody they f'in want to and there isn't a damn thing you can do to stop them.

Four : If I choose to go bad in HP I immediately fall into some sub-standard group led by a basically faceless man. If I choose to go bad as a Jedi - I am now a sith and can do whatever the f I want, whenever I want and choose to follow my master or kill him or just choose to run amok killing everybody and everything in sight.

So explain to me how Jedi children would be any better?

anyway I'd be neither only to the fact that I would rather be my anthro wolf more than wizards or a Jedi

Seriously? Wizard kids constantly back fire there spells everywhere and have to constantly be monitored.

Did you miss the scene when Anakin goes to butcher the children at the academy and the little five year old rapes six storm troopers?
I will go with neither.

One, because I don't know enough about the Jedi or the Star Wars universe yet. In a few weeks I should have this all figured out. >>
*is reading the Star Wars books now*

Two, I wont want to over judge the wizardry in the Harry Potter series because I never read the books and only saw the movies. So, after I read the Star Wars books, probably gonna watch the movies and then read the HP books. ><

So, I'll truly have to answer this in upcoming months. XD Neither for right now, though.




FORCE-LIGHTNANwhat do you mean, that's a Sith power?

Jedi would mean I get to go to exotic worlds, meet new people, and probably kill them. (that's probably why I'm there in the first place)

Harry Potter Wizardry means I have to spend my life memorizing spells rather than truly being a wizard (i.e. understanding the truths behind magic and discovering new spells, understanding the universe, etc.) in my opinion.

I'll choose Jedi.
Jedi fo sho.

You have to constantly hide that you're a wizard and you can't be a total badass with your powers all the time. Being a Jedi means you get to travel to new worlds and have sex with different alien species, as well as getting to be a total badass.
Jedi because I don't know the deal with wizarding stds and hookers.
goddamnit, I thought this was a DnD 3.5 Wizard when I decided. Jedi beats the Harry Potter wizards out by a long shot.

Yeah, I'm gonna say I still get to be the 3.5 Wizard. Those guys have so much awesome stuff going for them.
I love how people are picking Jedi less for the ideology, more for the fact they get a laser-stick and mind-powers.


Priorities, you guys are doing it RIGHT.


HP Wizard. The constraints seem less. I can't begin to fathom the problems I'd have in a universe where I could travel across it in but a span of a few weeks, deal with entirely different races, whose cultures I'd have to be mindful of, know and understand countless planets...

Seriously, I'd rather sit in an office and mull over incantations of spells.
Jedi IS wizard, only his wand is bigger and glows *nod*
Star Wars is cooler than Harry Potter *Jedi hand wave mind trick with poker face*