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  1. A world dead,
    A world gained,
    A world changed,
    To start again.

    How are we able to comprehend such concepts? Love, pain, grief, these rule our lives in ways we cannot understand until the issue is put in front of us, and sometimes, out on display for all to see. These... Feelings, these... Emotions, govern our bodies and minds. May the day never come when the skeletons lurking in our closets decide they cannot be ignored any longer.

    Life goes on, as it so often does, but a singular even has wreckd the foundations of our society to Its very core.

    An event, The Imperium, has struck Earth and decimated the human populace. Most have died, but some have survived and became... more than human.

    These humans who have stayed alive are called Parahumans, indicating their new-found powers. Parahuman powers can range from a multitude of things; farsight, flight, pyromancy, and more, but only one or two at a time.

    These very rare Parahumans age at a much slower rate than regular humans. Their heightened brain functions allow their abilities to be unlocked, but at times it can be too much. Parahumans may go insane from this if they cannot handle it, and some have.

    All of the humans that lay dead have risen and exhibit destructive powers called “Crash”. They have the power to send out shock waves in anything they come in contact with, which typically destroys things outright. With said shock waves they can do a variety of things, making them deadly. These husks have lost their humanity entirely and are considered dead. These things are called, “Husks”. They retain their human forms, but orange power flows out of their eyes and mouth, leaving glowing orange gaps where they eyes and mouth should be.

    A corporation by the name of "GeneCo" has made this all possible. Their unveiling of the "Neo-Change" foretold an event that would change history forever. Media has been covering it for years, as the company grew into one of the most influential powers in the country. Time passed by and slowly the people started to gain trust for the company, thinking that the main goal was to achieve a better world, when in reality, a series of bio-experiments were plotting to bring about a much fouler result.

    The founder of GeneCo, Redorak Mason, has spoken for GeneCo, and stated that "On the fifth of November, the world would change forever, as GeneCo will activate the Imperium" The Imperium was explained to be a device that will enhance the mood of an individual, by changing the bio-chemistry in their brains. Several studies came from the company, all faked, and each one passed government standards. It was then chosen for Seattle Washington to be the test town. The people rejoiced, some even traveled to be a part of this, and all waited in anticipation for their lives to become better.

    On the 5th of November, at 3:30 pm, the Imperium was activated, and everything changed. Giant shock waves of pure energy destroyed the immediate perimeter, and the people were evaporated into pure energy. It was as if a nuke was set off, destroying everything in it's wake. The Imperium spread like a blue virus, covering the city in waves of genetically enhanced BioCloud that infected every person who inhaled it. The people began to change, most changing into Husks. Some survived, but would never again be the same. The CEO, Redorak, was never heard from ever again, and was said to have hidden in a place uncontaminated by the Imperium.

    As time went on, the Husks traveled and destroyed much in their path. Their bodies carried on the virus that spread like wildfire, quickly infecting the country, and next the world. It was relatable to a classic zombie apocalypse, except the Husks would either infect or completely obliterate the human it encountered. There was no escape, and not even the military could hold back these monsters.

    Their bodies started to decompose, but at a much slower rate. The threat was much deadlier than fantasy, and people who survived the attack had to learn to adapt to survival. Factions were born, as well as towns, but nothing was permanent. There are always talks of safe havens, but only talks. As husks roamed and fought, the shock waves they produced destroyed environments, breaking down buildings and leaving nature to take over. The old world was gone, and the new one was here to stay.

    Twenty years had passed since the Imperium, and the world was vastly different. New drugs have been invented, closed-communities made, and even some foreign governments re-established. The US is still in shambles, but survived. Now it is a matter of finding the culprit, of finding Redorak, in hopes to somehow find a way to stop the virus. If anybody knew, it was him.

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  2. Sebastian Sweet was a notably unique individual with much to say. He stood at 5'5" with pale white skin and matching hair. His uniqueness stood out in the fact that he was albino, and had reddish pink eyes with other pale complexities. His small stature made him seem almost frail, and skinny waist that of a woman. He didn't bother with clothing though, as his attire was a simple black shirt, jacket and pants with shoes. The contrast made him seem even lighter, but in a beautiful way. He walked in a lithe manner, gliding along the ground in graceful movements and silent atmospheres. He was almost like a snake, the way he slid around his surroundings. The pinkish lips of his were formed in a tight frown as he searched the mansion he was in.

    The mansion was large, almost too much so. The lavish foyer suggested a higher-standard of living, and it's almost pristine condition hinted at well-kept rooms. Dust covered the inside, and insects infected corners of the room. It was empty though, not a soul to be found (husk or otherwise).

    Sebastian looked around, weapon in-hand. He stalked the long corridors and walked with purpose, as if he knew the place. When he found the room he was looking for, he slid inside and began to search. Two bodies lied on a bed in the corner of the room, decomposed with age. They seem to have died before the Imperium, as their decomposition was great. It was hard to make them out, but Sebastian knew who they were.

    He kept searching, disregarding all signs and smells that the couple were there. After a few minutes, he began to grow angry, and threw stuff around with thrashing motions.
    "Where is it?!" He shouted with rage, dumping dresser drawer contents onto the floor and digging around through the expanding mess. The item he was looking for wasn't there, and he stopped searching, huffing with loss of stamina. The weapon slipped from his hand and clunked onto the floor, and Sebastian stood in the middle of the room with a bewildered and complex expression. He was trying to think, but it was difficult. Something was wrong, as the item he was looking for was missing. Where could it have possibly been? He needed to keep looking.
  3. Jeanie Jones walked around a large mansion, looking for husks as she held her fists up threateningly. She wore jeans, thick leather Doc Martins, a white wife beater, and a leather jacket. Her shirt was stained lightly with blood, and she was more than willing to spill some more. Her pocket tool was on one hip, but she wouldn't need that. Her fists would be enough, she walked slowly, sure to not pull out a light in worry alerting any others to her presence.

    When she heard a male voice yell out "Where is it?!" Only 20 or so feet away she got the impression he was either an idiot, or has already swept the building for husks.

    She walked towards the noise he made as he searched for something, "You need some help?" She asked, preparing herself to fight if needed. He didn't appear to be a husk, but that didn't mean he was a good guy. She knew she looked feeble, she didn't look like a para-human. It didn't look like one touch at the wrong spot would shock your heart into stopping, if even just for a second. She didn't want to have to kill a guy because she looked weak.
  4. Sebastian's attention turned towards the door, and he looked at her with a bewildered expression. His anger seemed to turn to sadness. "I can't find my journal. I left it here a while ago to keep it safe... but it's gone!" He looked around feebly and sighed, then picked up his baseball bat and gripped it tightly. When his eyes met hers, he asked, "Who are you? Where did you come from?" He wanted to know, because he remembered locking the door on his way in. Did she break it down?

    Sebastian walked closer to her in a non-threatening way, and stood before her. He was surprisingly short, and skinny, but the large black coat made him seem at least a little bigger. His left knuckles were scraped and bruised, and he had a split lip, a thin red line showing where skin broke. He looked as if he had gotten beaten up or kicked around, but the vitality in him said he was okay.

    "My name is Sebastian, by the way. What's yours?"
  5. A journal? Jamie decided not to judge, she didn't know this Sebastian guy and when you're alone... A journal can be a life saver. When he walked up to her, she knew he wasn't being threatening but was unnerved by his closeness. She saw his knuckles and overall hurt appearance and instantly grabbed for her backpack without thinking, pulling out her first aid kit. He was a small guy, and human, her instant reaction was to help.

    "Um, Jamie," She said, nervously, she handed him a small bottle of cream, "For the cuts- to keep them from getting infected." She only had one wrap and couldn't spare it, but hoped he would use the cream. He looked like he was going to be fine, but infection would take that away really fast.

    She wasn't sure why she was nervous, sure, she hadn't talked to another human in over 2 months, but still. He definitely didn't look threatening. He was asking a lot of questions and she realized he wasn't going to attack, get a grip on yourself, Jamie, talk to the guy!

    "I'm from a town about a month's walk away," She said. "Not much left of it. You?"
  6. He took the ointment and smiled a little, "Thank you." and slowly squeezed some out to rub on his knuckles, then promptly handed it back to her.

    She was nice, a polite person who didn't automatically attack him. That was a rare thing in this particular town, as bandits would mug you and do horrible things if you strayed from the safe area's. Sebastian knew all of these area's though, and also had a bit of a reputation around these parts. She should be more wary though, he could have jumped her if she wasn't careful. Not that he would. Probably.

    When he glanced at her, he assessed her. The smaller frame, the indecisiveness that went along with dilated pupils, all of it. He was good at reading people, after years of doing it on his own. She wasn't very old either, which caught his interest. How old was she?

    His ever-wandering thoughts were cut short by her words, and he responded vaguely. "I'm from around here..." Sebastian's nose twitched, and the foul smell came back to his attention. He glanced over at the skeletons of bodies he saw earlier, and then away. "......" His face looked upset, and he slid past her and out of the room.

    The house was quiet, as was he when he walked through it. He made his way to the grand dining hall, where old fancy china plates were still out on display for all to see, thick dusk covering up the elaborate patterns. He noted the chandelier, still hanging beautifully from the tall, chamber-like ceiling above him. It was made of pure crystal, and would have been very valuable under normal circumstances. Of course, nowadays, clean water was the most valuable thing around.

    The way he looked around at things was unusual. His eyes were partially sad, partially indifferent. Inside though, those feelings were mixed with a sort of rage and disgust that he would keep well-hidden for a long time. He didn't need to be showing this person what he really thought, just gain her friendship maybe. He hadn't thought of a reason as to use her yet, which might have been a good thing, but it also meant he had no interest.
  7. unknown The animalistic whimpers that were followed by sickening cracks and snaps slowly turned into more human moans and cries of pain. It was an array of loud disturbing sounds. Slow, shuffled movements against the dirt. There was a groan followed by an awful sounding cough. The slap of flesh against brick seemed louder than it had to be as a blood covered hand shot out to support a blood and dirt covered body. Scraps of what appeared to be clothing once, adorned the figure. A body that was curvaceous and well defined in it's musculature.
    Another cough came from the figure that seemed pained, stumbling forward, the dirty hands broke the fall. The torso of the figure rose and fell as deep, shaky breaths came and went in a slow manner. There was a heave, a disturbed moan following as the person shook their head. There was a second disturbing sound, the body wishing to reject whatever it was that made the stomach upset.

    Blonde streaked hair fell around the person's face, messy strands sticking out in every direction. There were whispers coming from the figure. Gentle sounds that were barely audible. "No, no, no," The voice seemed soft but raspy. Most likely a woman.
    Another gagging cough came from the female. Her back arching as she heaved forward and choked slightly. She tried to swallow down the bile that was rising up her esophagus, eyes closed as she seemed to be in slight pain.

    Her stomach churned as her body seemed to grow irritated with her mind forcing her to hold back what needed to be released. With one more vicious gag and heave the woman lurched forward. The vomit splashed against the dirt. It's colour a deep crimson and brown mixed together, more than pure blood spilled from the woman's mouth, chunks of...something, also spewed forth.

    It took several more gags before the bile stopped coming. The light brunette had a look of disgust on her face as she closed her eyes and looked away. She tried to swallow away the lingering taste but it didn't help. Spitting she kept her eyes closed as she reached for the wall. Using it for support she slowly brought her shaking figure upright on two legs. Her left arm ran across her mouth, wiping away any blood and vomit.

    Another groan escaped her as she opened her eyes. Pale blue orbs with jagged spikes of dark blue and yellow. Her surroundings were unfamiliar to her, she scanned the area, dying trees with decaying patches of grass. The sky was an odd array of orange, pink and red in colour, the sun off in the distance making the light less harsh on her gaze.

    There was a fence surrounding a small area, an area she was within. It seemed old, rusting wrought iron bars stood tall. Any of the plants able to survive this new world clung to the bars, using the metal as support only to eventually consume it. A crow cawed and flew passed. Nature really was taking over once again. Was that not how the earth balanced itself out? Nature would recede for a few thousand years only to once again awaken and rebel against the destruction that humanity caused.

    There was a rustling that caught the woman's attention but the voices that entered her sensitive ears were even more intriguing. Looking to her right she had to tilt her head back to see the top of the manor. There was a window just above where she stood. That's what probably made the voices easier to hear. Cocking a brow she listened to the conversation taking place above.

    Movement followed and the curious woman did so too. She walked along the exterior of the house, her gaze looking into the mansion every time she walked passed one of the large, ornate windows. As soon as her eyes spotted a figure she stopped. It seemed to be a male, not very tall and fairly thin. Her curiosity only grew.

    Another rustle in the dried out bushes caught her attention as she swiftly turned her gaze over her shoulder and looked around. Standing straight and at her full height of five foot eight. Senses open and aware of her surroundings.
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  8. The cold breeze of autumn sent a shiver down Sebastians spine, and he grimaced. His eyes darted to the large french doors located across the room, and he walked over to them to shut them. That was probably how she got in, through the stupid doors. She would have had to climb though, the mansion was raised on an elevated platform that made it difficult to get into without using the stairs. It was actually rather useful against husks, which is why he stored important things here. That, mixed with other reasons.

    He walked through them and onto the marble patio that held several nice-looking chairs. The cushions on them were ruined from years of weather damage, but they somehow remained intact after all this time. It was funny in a way, the white marble was spotless while the decor looked dreadful. That wasn't what really made him amused though. What made him giggle under his breath was was a girl standing there below him, turned around to face a large husk.

    It was monstrous, being at least a foot and a half taller than her. The gray decaying skin showed how old, or how dead, he was. He was white, and looked to be in shape. Muscles showed that this man either did some body-building, or just flat-out was ripped. The orange eye sockets made him look enraged almost, and the funny thing was a large knife sticking out of his chest. It looked like somebody tried to take him down, but this husk wasn't being taken down so easily.

    The decaying man took a step closer to the rebel girl, and Sebastian carefully and quietly set his bat down. He pulled out the gun previously concealed within his coat, and aimed it at his head, which honestly wasn't too far from hers. He could have missed, could have shot her, but that would just be a waste.

    With one swift trigger pull, those delicate fingers sent a bullet flying straight into his frontal lobe. The gunshot was deafening, and Sebastian winced at the noise, but the resulting action was successful, and he took the behemoth down. Red blood began to trickle in a thick stream from it's head, and the glowing orange eyes ceased to exist, releasing one final breath of contamination into the air.

    It was spectacular to Sebastian, killing these creatures. They were nothing more than shells of their former selves, but the drawing factor was their ultimate demise. Not only were they killed once, but their body twice! It was exciting, but certainly not as exciting as killing another conscious human being. Now that he would never forget, and certainly would do again in the future. There was no greater thrill than conscious, thought-out murder.

    Sebastian lowered his gun to his side, setting it back on "safety" to avoid from shooting himself. He looked at his job-well-done and kept the same blank expression on his face, before turning his attention to the woman. She was in too close a proximity to the husk, resulting in a blood spatter which he promptly apologized for. "Sorry about that.." he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck with a nervous chuckle. "Didn't want you to get hurt..."
  9. Jamie looked at the dead bodies, having seen so many in her travels they hadn't even registered. She watched him leave and sighed, putting the cream in her pack again. She looked at the room, pristine in comparison to much of the world now. She rummaged then, like usual looking for something that could be of use. She caught herself and stopped, this might have been his home, me might even live here now... While rummaging from empty homes and shops was normal, she couldn't shake off the feeling that it was theft in this instance.

    She looked at her own hands, calloused and hard. They were her greatest weakness, and most embarrassing attribute. This seemed a good place, for home, for safety. She had to keep moving though, knowing she wouldn't be happy in just one place. To have a home was to have a vulnerability. She had learned that the hard way and did not intend on learning it again. She swallowed hard- knowing that her memories were nothing more.

    She decided to try and follow him though, neither of them looked scary, and she wasn't sure he could protect himself. As she tried to follow him though she realized that many people, including herself, were more than they appeared. He hadn't seemed like he was looking around- he walked with purpose. She wondered again if he had lived here, or if he did now. If he did he was very bad at housekeeping, though that wasn't exactly a good priority. As it stood she'd been to she didn't know how many places that required you go dig a hole rather than waste water on flushing a toilet. There had been dead bodies though, another health hazard. She didn't guess he knew much about that, or maybe didn't care. She didn't know how many people she'd watched subcome to depression as they lost their will to live in such a distraught world.

    She found him in a sort of dining room, a gorgeous room with large windows. The type of room one liked to be in- before windows were vantage points for husks or violent criminals. Of course, the mansion was so alone, and humans so few, if this guy was hiding any sort of strength he may not care. He may be stupid.

    She hadn't even noticed him leave, again, until she heard a shot. She ran out, fists bared and snapping electricity looking like lightning showing.

    "What happened?" She asked, more than ready to fight. "A husk? A looter? A squirrel?" She really hated squirrels. There was someone else out there, and a dead husk, and it painted a clear picture. Sebastian had a gun the whole time he had been with her, if this was his mainstay why hadn't he attacked her? Or this other blonde girl for that matter? Her fists were still lit, ready to hit.
  10. Lying down on the cold concrete, blood oozing down in his stomach with little to no stength at all, Dennis, or "Day" as he was called, lied down on the concrete floor, gasping for air. He wore a black hoodie, & behind the hoodie, were a long sleeve red white T-Shirt. He wore Jeans, Sneakers, & has a backpack filled with food rations, 2 Knives, an UZI, & a Half - Full Water bottle. In his left hand, was a loaded gloc. His pupils were pure ocean blue, with a slight ripple in his left eye. His hair were brown, & he is slightly muscular.

    With Small Bursts of Breaths, he had enough strength to see the person that shot him, & after a few seconds, he saw a woman running toward the person. "What the fuck went wrong?" He murmured under his breath, "I almost had it" HIs vision was darkening, he knew he'll pass out sooner or later. He tried to focus on the person who shot him, but he couldn't make up his appearance because of the dark clouds, with only the Lightning to help him. Soon, nausea came over him, darkness overtook him, & with 1 Giant Inhale, he closed his eyes & passed out.
  11. unknown The woman with the blonde streaks had heard the gun click, her hands shooting up to cover her face. She could hear the flesh of the creature being torn as the bullet ripped through it's head. She kept her eyes tightly shut, a scent that was dangerously familiar entering her nose. She felt the warm splatters hit her skin, her eyes remaining shut. The thud soon followed and the woman opened her eyes. Her ears rung as her gaze was focused on a dead patch of grass, a splatter of blood taking her full attention.
    Her mouth grew dry, ears continuing to ring from the gunshot. She now wasn't paying much attention to the sounds, sights and scents that surrounded her. She licked her lips and then attempted to swallow passed the dryness. Her breaths were coming in deep and fast. She hadn't blinked for a while, her eyes growing dry like her mouth. Unable to hold back she blinked several times in an attempt to rid herself of the dryness.

    A voice from above caught her attention as she stood up from her hunched over position. Hands were still up and covering her face. Her senses grew less dull as footsteps approached. Her hands slowly started to come down from her face. Looking to the right she spotted the feet of the corpse. Her gaze made it's way up to the wound where the blood continued to run down the large creature's face. She clenched her jaw tightly, her eyes now focused on the wound, momentarily ignoring the presence of the other woman.

    The voice of the other female caught her attention and she looked over, eyes studying the woman's face. Her heart was beginning to pound louder in her chest. She said nothing as she brought her her eyes down to her hands. The blood was beginning to dry but it was all over her hands. Her eyes grew wide as she looked down at her hands, they were trembling in the slightest manner. There was a sharp twang of pain in her stomach, her hands starting to shake a little more. The veins in her wrist began to throb, protruding from her skin more than usual. Her fingers twitched, her expression growing worried as she started to step back.

    Her back soon met the cold stone wall of the mansion as she shivered. her gaze leaving her hands for just a moment as she took in a sharp breath. There was a fairly audible crack just as her eyes shot open. Looking down at her hands she winced as she watched in horror and pain. It was happening again. She wasn't expecting it to happen so soon. It was the blood, that's the only thing that made sense, every time she saw, smelled or...tasted it...This wasn't good...
  12. Wahyu snapped off the clip from the gun on the body. “You lot sure have gathered a ton of bullets,” he muttered to the freshly dead bandits. His uncovered eye swept across the cave and he frowned a bit. When he’d found the bandit colony it had been lucky. But the amount of squirreled away items made him wonder exactly where these men had been getting their weapons. Shrugging he tugged his katana out of the body next to him. “You know with everything that’s going on you should’ve shared this stuff. With me at least, obviously you lot aren’t very good with it.”

    He stepped outside of the cave and tugged his gloves on tighter. His body was covered in light armor that was mismatched, and obviously gathered from multiple different places. Some of it was black, some brown, and some red. Over his right eye was a mechanical patch that covered most of that side of the face. Scars appeared a bit on the side of it, hinting that the entire side of the face was covered in them. The armor started below his neck and covered his entire body.

    Wahyu’s gray eye glanced around the landscape. His black hair was messy and a little long reaching the bottom of neck. It was dirty with dirt and blood. Despite only having half his face showing his age looked around early to mid-thirties, though he was short only reaching around 5’ 8”. His shoulders were a bit broader, with his build being more like a fit acrobat.

    Wahyu twirled his katana back into its sheath on his back. Across the katana’s sheath was a rifle and a shotgun. Muttering curses under his breath he picked his way through the ruins of this part of the city. He had seen a mansion a little further in, there was a possibility that there was food there. As he neared the mansion he noticed the dead body of a husk. Nice shot, he thought when he noticed the bullet hole in the front of its lobe. He put his hand on his hip and stepped up next to Jamie.

    “What the hell is wrong with her?” he asked pointing to the female on the ground.
  13. unknown Her back arched away from the cold wall of the manor. She tried to hold back the scream but it was difficult, the pain that exploded through her body was sharp. She gritted her teeth, eyes tightly shut. Falling back against the cold wall she took deep breaths. Slowly she opened her eyes as she heard a new voice, smelled a new scent. There was a sheen over her exposed body, sweat. The minimal, torn fragments of clothing that remained wouldn't hold much longer, just like this moment of peace.

    Swallowing hard she felt the veins on the side of her neck begin to protrude. Slowly they traveled up. Her breaths started coming in faster. She looked at the two people in front of her. The third was out of view. Her heart rate began to pick up. The rise and fall of her chest was hard to miss.

    She had to go, it wasn't safe. Not for them, not for her.

    Ever since that damn explosion.

    The cracks and tears started quietly. She winced once more as she slowly tried to force herself up. To make it to a safe distance. Even though these people were strangers, possible threats even, she wanted to keep them safe. She never liked hurting people. She always tried to avoid it and this, this was far worse than just a verbal fight, this could result in death, easily and quickly.

    A loud crunch echoed through the property, the woman screamed as she was forced to the ground. Her left arm gave way as her right shoulder blade crunched loudly, slowly beginning to expand. The small piece of fabric that held what was left of her royal blue tank top tore with ease from the pressure of the bulging and ever expanding muscle, sinew and bone. Her right hand grew larger aswell, each finger snapping as it lengthened. Fingernails cracked, blood pooling as sleek black points shoved through the skin. The woman cried in pain, her left arm slowly following the process of her right.

    There was a large tear as her back arched. The ridges of her spine pressing against her skin, forcing itself as if it wanted to break through. Her legs began to lengthen, calves and thigh's bulging. Every single scrap of clothing was now on the ground below her disturbingly expanding and changing body.

    The images only grew more disturbing with each scream, wince, whimper and groan. It seemed like her figure was taking a more animalistic shape. The physical changes had very canine characteristics. The hands, the feet, even the woman's distorted and disturbing facial features. Some sort of morphed hybrid of beast and woman.

    What had happened in that explosion? How had this become the end result?
  14. "Werewolf??" Jamie asked of the once blonde but now canine like girl. "What the actual-" She cut herself off, "What do you need people to do to help?"

    It was clear that something about the dead body had done this, and it wasn't her fault. Jamie was still on guard though, she hadn't believed in werewolves until only 5 seconds ago and she was used to being the top of the para-human tree out of the people that she had known- she didn't like this change.

    Her hands, sparking once again, were out of her control now.
  15. Sebastian creased his eyebrows. This was certainly a turn of events, a turn for the worst. 'A werewolf? God, this world has gone to shit.' His lips pressed into a thin line, and his body kicked into active mode once again. He needed to do something, NOW.

    "Everyone inside!" He yelled, looking at Jamie and Wahyu. He didn't know who they were really, or why they were in this particular area, but if anything was obvious, it was that no matter what was real or not, a werewolf was bad. The hulking beast had left the woman nothing left to herself, and it overtook her completely. While watching this transformation was fascinating, it was also terrifying and irritating. This day was just going shitty for Sebastian, and it only seemed to get worse with the minute. He didn't have time for this. Well, he did, but he didn't want to.

    Sebastian reached over the edge of the railing and held out his hand to Wahyu. "Grab my hand!" He commanded, mentally counting the seconds away to when the woman, or the wolf, would attack. He had an escape route if necessary, but hopefully it wouldn't come to that.
  16. "No!" Jamie caught herself yelling and getting in front of the guy. He was strong, but this girl had no choice in the matter. A werewolf didnt need defending, and the girl had not 30 minutes ago. With that it was clear she didn't want to hurt anyone. Besides, the harsh logical persona inside of Jamie told her the truth- she would be a terrifying enemy.

    "Don't hurt her!" She yelled again, her hands sparking. "You'll have to go through me. "
  17. Ian Red sits on a curb with a pack of smokes he swiped from a store. He stands at 5'11" and has fairly long black hair and a fuzzy beard. He's got icy blue eyes. He pops a cigarette in his mouth and lights it with a match he fished out of his pocket. He looks up at the Seattle spire and breathes out a cloud of smoke, letting out a hysterical laugh. "What the hell are they saying?!" He says with a gasp to the empty air in front of him. "What the hell are they saying?!"
  18. Wahyu tilted his head as the woman continued to transform. His hand had reached back a bit to tap his gun handle. He didn't take it out, but was prepared to at a moments notice. "Haven't seen this before," he commented dryly. He looked up at Sebastian and gripped the man's hand.

    He pulled himself up and used the hand to launch himself into the air rather than just using it to pull himself up. He flipped over Sebastian's head and landed on the balcony. The scarred man pulled out his rifle, but didn't point it at the werewolf yet. He raised an eyebrow at Jamie. "You're pretty soft for someone who's survived this long," he said.
  19. Red hears loud sounds coming from down the street. He perks up a bit, realizing that where there are people, there is blood. He picks up a dull, rusty machete with electrical tape wrapped around its broken handle. He blinks and the scene in front of him changes from a quiet street to seeing a large hulking combination of beast and human and three people standing in a building with guns pointed at the beast. He grins and walks towards the building, ignoring the creature
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