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  1. Imperial Academy is basically an all-(rich)boys boarding school that has been around for hundreds of years. It is an elite, highly traditional yet innovative school where young boys start learning from nursery to highschool. This year marks the 175th year anniversary since the founding of the school, with the new young Headmaster certain changes are in order. Imperial Academy for boys will be turned into a co-ed.

    (Digging into a little bit of detail)

    The new Headmaster, an alumni, had hoped that someday his son will continue the tradition of graduating with honors in Imperial Academy as did his father and his father's father before him. But despite several attempts in hopes of conceiving a male child, he was blessed with three beautiful girls--which despite his want for a son--he loved them all very much. And has completely given up all hoped in continuing the family legacy in regards to the school.

    But a year prior, he had recieved an invitation to become the new Headmaster, well, you pretty much can predict what happens next. ;p

    (Moving on with the "cool" stuff)

    Point/Credit System
    In IA, there is what they called a "Point/Credit System" where basically the student accumulate it from academic scores from nursery through highschool. The Point/Credit System is use as a form of "money" since the school does not permit the use of "family status" to implement equality within the students. (The longer you are in this school the more "money" you receive. Study hard boys.)

    3 Ways to recieve Point/Credits:
    1.) Academic Points. The higher the grade, the more credit you receive. But the older you get the lesser credits you receive. Ex. Nursery 100pts = $10,000. High School 100pts = $10

    2.) Faculty & Staff members/Students. You can receive credits from the IA community.

    3.) The King's Game. An old tradition in which you'll receive large amount of credits points, if completed. Further info more below.

    Academy Heirarchy (High School Students Only)
    In IA status means everything. The more credit you have the more power and respect you have among your fellow students. And the less punishment/bullying you'll receive from them. Your status will reflect the uniform you'll wear.

    White Uniform = $1,000,000 and up
    They are the students who accumulated more than a million worth of credits.

    Blue Uniform = $500,000 and up
    They are students who accumulated more than half a million worth of credits.

    Black Uniform = $150,000 and up
    They are students who accumulated more than a hundred thousand worth of credits and up. They are considered as the normal students.

    Brown Uniform = $30,000 and up
    They are students who accumulated more than thirty thousand worth of credits and up. They are considered as dirt poor students. They are actually lucky enough to even afford one.

    The King's Game
    As stated above, the King's Game is the only game that one would receive a gracious amount of credits, if one can complete in within a period of time. It was created to help students with low credits due to poot academic scores gain credits through a series of 'I dare you' games created by the 'King'. The 'King' is a student that is chosen in secrecy. No one knows who and how the king is chosen but there is always one every year.

    In the olden days it is mandatory for all students to participate in the games. Everyone will each be given a set of instructions before their first period starts every first day of the week. Today, with the help of technology, students are given complimentary mobile phones which a message will be sent to you if you'll participate or not. Reply with a 'YES' and you'll receive a message of instructions of the game. Reply with a 'NO', you will not participate in the current game nor will you interfere with any of the players while the game is taking place. If you have manage to pacify/accomplish the King's request you will be rewarded. If not, or if you have displeased the King in anyway, you shall receive punishment or credits will be deducted from you. Fun, right?

    Now. What would you do?

    Requirements for FEMALE ROLES
    1.) MUST play a FEMALE. Of course.
    2.) MUST be a first year.
    3.) Indicate in the your character's background that her father is an alumni of the academy.
    4.) Being rich or smart does not matter since everyone will start with $10,000 credits and does not have the required uniform. They will have to find a way to buy the required uniform which will be your characters first struggle. Fun. :D
    5.) Limited slots for female characters.

    **The headmasters daughter is considered to be the main character of this story (which I will NOT play). If you are interested, PM me.

    Requirements for MALE ROLES
    1.) MUST play a MALE.

    That is all.

    So... Interested? Anyone? :)
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  2. I'm up for it! I'll be a guy because why not.
    Maybe even siblings boy and girl.
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  3. I would totally take up one of the girl role's for myself! ^^
  4. I would love to play! I'll be a female
  5. The king's game sound fun. I would like to play male in this if it's ok with you... But I also don't mind playing a female character.
  6. Hey, if you're still accepting any chance I could play a female character?
  7. @Seiren
    Sure, you can play as siblings if you want. But the Kng's Game is a secret that is not to be mentioned outside the academy even after graduation. The sister will have absolutely no clue in what the King's game is all about.

    You should totally do it. The FEMALE roles are limited so be greedy and claim it for yourself.

    I loved for you to join! 3 FEMALEs taken only a few (4 more spots) more to go.

    Hello newbie! (Could tell from the color of username) Welcome! And well, yes! It is fun. Psychologically, that is. *wink* *wink* You should decide which role you should take. You are free to be either a boy or a girl. But no mattet what gender you choose, it'll be fun either way.

    Yeah, I am still accepting. And of course, take the female role. It's all yours if you want.

    Do you guys have any questions so far? Clarifications? Violent reactions?
  8. im play a female or a Male, whichever you want more :D
  9. Going to be very greedy and claim a female role!
  10. No matter which sex you choose, your character will still be a target for the game. :D And don't worry, even if there are more female characters in the CS, as GM, I'll be most of the male population to promote character development. :D

    That is what the World of Warcraft taught me. :D
  11. @un coin de soleil

    I see. I am new to this site but I am not new to role playing *grins* thanks for the welcome. I actually have read something like this with the Kings game and it turned out quite drastic. Though I love phychological plots, they turn out very interesting and fun. Well count me in! Let's make the King's game a whole lot of fun.... *devilish grin*
  12. As soon as psychological fun was mentioned, I knew I wanted a part in this XD I have also seen stuff like this before and can't wait for what's in store hiopefully *also pulls a devilish grin*
  13. Well, it wouldn't be fun otherwise without any drastic measures involved. You'll find out how I role when the RP starts. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish everything by the end of the week. As you can see, I am not good at introductions and stuff.. Hahaha

    Hopefully I'll be able to satisfy your ecpectations. :D (ugh, the pressure)
  14. I like black but I don't wanna be a normal! *cries* white is such a pain, it is easily dirty. White should be for normals because if they tend to get bullied and what not if their clothing are stained the more embarrassment. However it's still your rp xD
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  15. I'll join! I'd quite like to be female (I'm going to PM you *hint hint*), but I don't mind playing male.
  16. @un coin de soleil
    No need to be pressured let's all just have fun *winks* well I am new to this site so I'm still learning how everything works (I occasionally get lost from the ton of selections in this site) but all is well.

    Ohh and I am very sorry... I have not properly introduced myself. I am Bananashi, you can call me Nana. I may have grey hair but I ain't anyone's grandma *winks*
  17. Oh! That's not a problem! The colored uniform is just a status thing. You know... How guys like to show off their cars and stuff. That's how the uniforms works! Haha. Your character can be rich and just be humble and wear whatever color he likes. :D

    PM away!! You can play male as well.


    You'll get use to things eventually! All we need is to type and press post reply and we are good to go!!!

    And I am un coin de soleil... It's french for 'the corner where the sun rises' but I am not french!! Haha!! Call me un! Let's have fun together and make magical roleplays~
  18. So un, is there gonna be a character sheet or something we need to fill out?
  19. I'll be putting up the CS soon. Just need to iron up some wrinklings and we'll be good to go. Hopefully by the weekend.
  20. I've PMed the information on the character!
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