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  1. Immune

    His old shoes slapped the concrete as he ran down the barren street, leaping over rubble and weaving through smoking cars. He watched in horror as the sun set and his shadow grew longer. The sky cast the city in hues of red and orange. It would be beautiful if the light wasn't glimmering off of pools of blood and reflecting in the eyes of the dead.
    He closed his eyes as he leaped over a rotting body, a sob escaping his chest. He had to keep pushing on. As darkness set the boy took shelter next to a flaming car, the light giving him protection.
    Slowly, they circled. He could hear the clicking of their claws on the asphalt, their teeth and drool glinting in the light of the fire. The monsters snapped their teeth at him, circling around the yellow glow from the fire, the flames lighting up their black eyes. Suddenly they started yipping and howling like hell hounds, barking viciously, wanting to tear the flesh from his bones.
    The boy crouched next to the car and covered his head with his hands, closing his eyes tight. Tears escaped and slid down his cheeks. Finally he let the sobs overtake him and cried until his chest hurt, wincing every time the mutant canines lunged towards him, their wet noses steaming when the light hit them.
    Slowly he crawled into the backseat of the car, curling up behind the front seats. He cried himself to sleep that night, just as he had done every night since this hell began.


    At 6:54 in the morning on Monday, the 13th of May in the year 2036, 99 percent of the population dropped dead.
    Anything that wasn't human mutated painfully into a vicious, black beast that craved any kind of meat.
    Chaos overtook the streets as the people who hadn't died panicked, running to anywhere that was safe.
    These people are dubbed the 'Immune'.
    They spent the first day learning to live in this new anarchy.
    Then night fell.
    The mutated creatures come out at night, and sadly many Immunes are eaten by what were once domesticated dogs.
    These animals burn in the sunlight, so they prowl the streets at night for anything they can tear to bits.
    Will the remaining Immunes band together or try to survive this new world on their own?


    The cities take place in a small town on the coast of California. To the west is the ocean, to the north and south are woods, and to the east is a much larger city. It is May of 2036, and quite warm during the day but freezing and windy at night.

    • You must be able to type at least one paragraph with minimal typos. If I can't understand your writing, you will be warned and then kicked out. Sorry, but bad writing is boring writing.
    • You can have up two characters, but make sure you play them both and they have distinctly different personalities. We don't need two of the same character.
    • Keep sex in the PM's and check with the person before killing anyone.
    • I need detailed forms!!!
    • Please NO pictures, write out what your character looks like.
    • Put 'Tenacious D' somewhere in your form if you read the rules.
    Character Form

    Back story:
    Lost anyone to the disease?:

    The RP is starting right after everyone dies. The chaos is over but the Immune are still shaken and looking for others like them. No one knows about the mutated dogs yet.

    Accepted Characters

    Cole Adam Tischner - Rainy
    Emma Lee Tischner - Rainy
    Christina Michaels (Cece) - Bluemoon.xx
    Vivian Gray - Rin Valentine
    Dustin Haladin (Dusty) - Kurureenu_Yurasu
    Gage Harris - ernieselephants
    Stefan Peskowitz - Squarewave
    Aidan Shimazu - Mimoza
    Diana Yvette Hollenbeck (Yvette) - Lilpuff
    Ace Ernest (Ernest) - Yaki-tan
    Isaac Rosswood - Zeeami
    Elaine Smith - mahigan

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  2. Name: Cole Adam Tischner (Tish-ner)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Description: Cole is about six feet tall and thin. He's not very muscled, no six pack or anything, just average, with a flat stomach and thin hips. He has fair skin and he blushes often, pink rushing into his cheeks when he does so. He has light blue eyes hidden behind black glasses that he needs to see clearly. He can always be seen pushing them up with one finger because they're slightly big on him. Cole has brown hair that has loose curls in it. It's short, with curls around his ears and falling onto his forehead. Cole has a big, goofy smile and deep dimples in his cheeks. His smile is contagious, and it's usually the thing that gets him his rare girlfriend.
    Cole can usually be seen wearing a band t-shirt and average fitting jeans, with dirty high-top converse on his feet. On the day of the disaster, he's wearing a black t-shirt with a small skull in the middle of his chest, jeans, and his only pair of sneakers.
    Personality: Cole is what most people call a nerd. Well, more of a dork actually. Nerds are smart, but dorks are just dumb nerds. Cole never had good grades in school because he spent most of his time switching from hobby to hobby. He's tried everything from learning Latin to playing an electric guitar. He always ends up back on the couch playing video games, though. He is a really nice guy, so making friends has always been easy for him, but he really only stuck with a few good friends throughout school because he likes being comfortable around people. He doesn't like people that are unpredictable. Cole prefers knowing what's going to happen next, he always planned his days and trips out weeks before. He's sometimes funny, but never sarcastic or mean.
    Back story: Cole was the baby of the family for three years, and loved it. Then Emma came along. He was always in her shadow after that. She was better at school, was a track star, and everyone thought she was the most adorable thing in the world. Cole decided to make a home in the shadow, and just accepted that he was the least favorite child. He barely graduated highschool, and then moved out as soon as he turned eighteen with his loser friend named Dodger. He never stays at the same job for more than a month, but makes enough to live in a tiny apartment and play video games while eating Cheetos. It's amazing that he stays thin.
    Lost anyone to the disease?: His roommate Dodger, and his parents but he doesn't know that yet.


    Name: Emma Lee Tischner (Tish-ner)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Description: Emma is pretty, and she knows it. She is 5 foot 7, with a thin waist and long, fit legs from running. She has long, golden blonde hair that ends at the bottom of her ribs and is slightly wavy like her brother's. Her face is clear and she has big, blue eyes that she shows off with mascara. She has a cute, white smile.
    On the day of the disaster, Emma is wearing her pajamas. It's a grey tank top that is just long enough to show a bit of her flat stomach, her diamond belly ring (a gift from her father) showing. She also has on purple, plaid pajama pants that are too long and drag on the ground. When she runs out of the house she slips on some flip flops.
    Personality: Emma is a bit of a snob. Guys at her school drool over her and she makes breaking their hearts a sport. She doesn't lead them on or anything, but she gives them such a cold shoulder that it could give them frostbite. She has a close-knit group of friends that consist of the popular kids, and really lives the whole queen bee cliche. Her parents spoiled her once Cole moved out and she went from being the sweet girl that all the parents loved to the sassy, bad girl that they all fear.
    She loves going to parties with her friends and is the complete opposite of celibate, but she's never had a serious boyfriend. She doesn't warm up to people very well and everyone either thinks she's too bitchy or too intimidating to get to know.
    Back story: Emma was told she was special from the day she was born, and took it to heart. She put her all into everything so that her parents would love her the most, and managed to get straight A's all throughout high school, while still being a great asset to the track team. She became a spoiled snob once she became the only child, and never really talks to her brother.
    Lost anyone to the disease?: Her parents, and all of her friends from school.
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    • Name: Christina 'Cece' Michaels
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 19
    • Description: Cece is a very tall girl at 5'11. She has an athletic build from years of sports when she was younger, weighing about 180 lbs. Her hair is a decent lenght, wavy and dirty blonde, her eyes are a dark blue. She wears glasses with black frames, has freckles that dot her nose and a very kind smile. Rather tan from spending a lo of time outdoors. Her ears and navel are pierced. She wears a hearing aid in her left ear.
    • Personality: Very happy person in general and you do not want to see her when she gets angry because she can and will blow up on you. Sarcastic and witty when she wants to be. Kind and caring when those around her are in need. Just all around nice.
    • Back story: When Cece was three she lost hearing in her left ear. The doctors were unsure of why this happened. She wears a hearing aid and can still pick up sounds but just roughly. Cece's mothere was pretty sheltering of her daughter after that even though her father said it would not help, her mother was scared and did not want her to lose her hearing in her other ear. She has lived a very good life with her parents and three older brothers. They did a lot as a family and were very close with one another and always had been since she was born. . The day she lost them all to the disease was devastating for her but she knew that she had to keep going for there sake.
    • Lost anyone to the disease?: Everyone she knew.
    • Other: Tenacious D.
  3. Accepted!
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  4. Name: Vivian Gray

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Description: 6’1, 160 lbs, Black Hair, Thin twin tails that go down to her waist tied with Bright Blue ribbons Her hair will cover her forehead going straight down right below her eyebrows, Bright Blue eyes. She would be a pale white thin figure with a medium sized bust. Wearing a long black tank top that has a White butterfly covering the right side of her ribs. Tight Black Cargo Jeans that are baggy near the ankle area’s, Black Combat Boots tied tight. Red Fuzzy socks underneath. Also wearing a Thin Black hoodie that has a mask attached to the neck area to cover her mouth and nose.

    Personality: Tries to be friendly as possible but can get Aggressive really easily, Tries to avoid most people if possible but if can’t do anything about try’s to act calm though will be nervous around a lot of people. Will occasionally ignore people when focusing on something else or if the person was not interesting at all to her. When excited can be a little Mischievous

    Back story: When Vivan was born she was the first of three children being the older sister. She had two younger twin Brothers. She had a happy family but when she was five she took intrests in swords. She begged her to parents to sign her up for Kenjutsu classes. They kept saying she was too young but at age thirteen she made a friend named Scarlet who was fairly rich. They were close friends and would tell everything to each other and became easy best friends. When Scarlet heard that she loved swords and wanted to train in swordsman ship she bought her a Katana. She hid it from her parents and searched up lesson online. When her parents were not home she would practice alone. Though after a Year she did get bored of it and started taking fighting lesson from her cousin too keep her comfortable around boys who had any means of interest in her or intends to hurt her at school. while doing this she also was doing track in high school. She had a easily life and tried to always take things slow until the disease started. She got home from school and heard screaming behind the door. She sees Her youngest Brother crying infront of their parents and his twin brother. She was shocked and went to comfort him she was also upset but was more focused on helping her brother. She helped him into his room and sat down with him and said that it was all going to be okay and that she is going to make him something to eat and was forcefully trying to hold back tears and be strong for her brother. She would then rush down stairs and look at the bodies and be completely overwhelmed with sadness but would slowly go to the kitchen to make food. She was making Macaroni and cheese for her little brother by time she was done and went to the room she saw him dead and dropped the bowl and was shocked. She slowly went to her room and locked herself in and started crying. This happened for an Hour until her cousin came rushing in the house calling her name. She grabbed her katana and ran down stairs to meet him and hug him tight, he then told her to follow him in which case she did bring her katana with her. They were driving into the city until her cousin got sick which caused them to crash. Her cousin John died and Vivan was left unconscious for an hour. When she woke up the car was upside down and she had to crawl her way out. She was cut everywhere and bleeding on the head. She decided to try to make her way to the hospital that was no help and her cell phone was busted. She managed thought to find some remaining bandages in the hospital with the dead people on the floor and bandaged herself while disgusted by the site. She wanted to know what was going on and found a doctor on the top floor and locked themselves in a room to talk. They stayed their for awhile before Vivan decided to not rot in the room and go out and survive for herself leaving the hosptial.
    Lost anyone to the disease?: All family members
    Other: Tenacious D.
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  5. Even though the plot is fictional this is a realistic roleplay, so your character has to have human features (the eyes). Also, the disease doesn't make people violent and kill each other, they just die instantly with no warning, and all at the same time. So you'll have to change your backstory before you can join, sorry.
  6. Alright I'll change stuff but the the color is realistic its called Heterochromia iridum but okie dokie no problem cx
  7. I know about that mutation but I don't think it can cause colors such as red and purple, also no cat pupils haha. Thank you
  8. I fixed it I hope its good enough, this seems exciting c:
  9. Alright it's great! Lots of tall women characters, damn.
  10. I'm actually 5'11 but I heard people love Tall women so.. yeah cx
  11. Two if my close friends are around six feet, both girls. Bad part is they don't like boys shorter than them haha.
  12. In my school guys are giants o.o I'm I do Track and when running i see like huge people on the football field and I'm like "Whoa" and then trip over someone xc I'm clumsy a lot unless I'm really focused. ^~^
  13. (Here's one character. I'm thinking about creating another but wanted to see how I did with the first.)

    Name: Dustin 'Dusty' Haladin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27

    Description: A man standing at 6'5", he keeps himself built and in shape. His skin is tanned from being outside often by being on the field and has light brown hair and brown eyes. When he is not on the job, he dresses down in a t-shirt that usually consist of something character-like from favorite shows and jeans. He has a tattoo on his left upper arm of the date '4-14-33' and the name 'Gabrielle Salene' with a small crown hanging off of the letters on his heart. He also has a tattoo of 'Tenacious D' on his right butt cheek from a drunk night with friends that he still doesn't remember.

    Personality: He is protective of everyone he loves and always one to do what is right above all else. His family comes first in any situation and his friends come second. Anyone else would come after. He can be tough, especially if he is teaching someone or helping them with something they need help with. He has a rough exterior that is rather hard to break from time to time. He only lets loose in front of those he trust, and that list is rather short to begin with. In any kind of fight or flight situation, he would be one to fight. If anyone hurts someone that he loves, he will not be afraid to show his true temper, which is something that no one usually wants to go against.

    Back story: Dustin was born in a small town in southern California. He came from a happy background, got along with his parents and older half-brother (a previous marriage of his father), and had no troubles until high school. That was when his brother walked out on his family and his parents began to argue. When he left home for college, his parents divorced shortly after. Despite the marital issues that his parents had, he still kept his love for them and maintained an understanding for both sides. Eventually, he went into a police academy and joined the force in a small town closer to the coast. It was here he met Rebecca at the age of twenty-two.

    After a couple of years of dating, he popped the question. They were married on the fourteenth of April in 2033. About a year later, the couple had their first child, Gabrielle Salene. Dustin maintained his position on the force and, at some point, was able to reconnect with his brother to learn that he was an uncle. They made plans to meet up, family to family, and talk some more, but the worst happened in 2036 when the disease struck. He woke up on that fateful Tuesday morning, got ready for his shift. Just before he was about to leave, he went to kiss his wife goodbye before realizing that she wasn't breathing. In a panic, he started trying to give her CPR and trying to bring her back to life and contact 911. No one answered, so he went to get his daughter only to discover the same fate has befallen her as well. He kept trying to contact emergency services, he even tried calling his work. Still no one answered. He fell into a state of depression quickly, going out with his gun holstered on his waist, to find out what had happened to his family and everyone else.

    Lost anyone to the disease?: So far, he knows he has lost his wife and his daughter.
    Other: N/A
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  14. You're accepted! The tattoo on his butt hahaha.
  15. I figured that would get a decent laugh. :D
  16. Should we start now or wait for more people to join?
  17. Well I mean we barely really have anyone, maybe we should wait until sometime tomorrow so we have a better possibility for more people ^~^
  18. Sure thing
  19. Name: Gage Harris
    Gender: Cis Male
    Age: 19
    Description: Gage has shaggy light brown hair and grayish blue eyes. His skin is pale and free of freckles. Sometimes his face is scruffy because he doesn't shave enough. He's 6"4, skinny and not very muscular. He's not strong but can run fast due to his build.
    Personality: Loyal and loving to the point where he's self sacrificing is both his downfall and advantage. He can make quick connections with people but lets them stomp all over him and he works too hard to please others. He has a sarcastic sense of humour that rarely anyone finds funny. Also, though he's kind he's quick to anger or sadness if you mess with someone he cares about.
    Back story: Gage was a happy boy until everyone died. His family was middle class, he did okay in school, had a few friends and a girlfriend. His biggest fear was losing the one's he loved, and he swore he feared it more than death. Now that his family and friends are gone, he'll struggle to get by and no break down.
    Lost anyone to the disease?: Family (older brother and sister, younger brother, two parents, grandparents) best friend Adam and girlfriend Ally, and of course everyone he knows.
    Other: He's a bit crazy, tends to get anxious and sometimes goes as far as seeing things due to his anxiety. Talks in his sleep. Listens to Tenacious D and other rock bands.
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