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    Immune Academy is a Modern, Drama, Action, Slice of Life type of role-play. It can be one on one or a group role-play. Character limit will depend on amount of people that send a response. Please read the plot below. The Immune Academy group as been created! If you are interested please click the following link!

    Fifty of the world's most important minors are being transported to an academy specifically designed to protect them. The teams that first put each minor into the Witness Protection Program has been informed of the academy. It is up to the authority, not the minor, whether or not the academy is necessary. Most minors will be then transported safely to the academy; it is not expected that all fifty minors will be present immediately. The academy's location is kept secret and equipped with the highest technology that money can buy.

    This wonderful sanctuary, is called The Immune Academy.

    Although Immune Academy is the safest place on Earth, it is expected that the minors will be frequently put through danger because so many of them are gathered into one location. Immune Academy is not only a school, it is a home, a place for the minors to enjoy themselves with it's many rooms. If a minor wishes for something, they only have to ask one of the many assistant units, simply called Units, who are robots created to help minors from simple tasks such as finding a room to daring deeds such as saving their life. Another set of robots in Immune Academy are the Manus (MAH-news) are microscopic androids, which are built to rebuilt the building if it damaged. To damage the building, one must first go through the energy barrier around the island that the academy is set upon.

    Sadly, even with all these precautions and more, it will not prevent every disaster that heads towards the school; therefore, all minors are required to take at least one course that will teach them to protect themselves. Courses will be posted on the Main Screens near the front door in the foyer of the academy. The mandatory courses will also be presented on the Main Screens.


    If you are interested please let me know in the comments below or send me a private message!
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  2. This seems really cool!! Count me in!
  3. Thank you! We really only need one or two more persons now, and after that I will start the thread. This will give you some time to think of character ideas, and if you have any questions regarding characters please let me know.
  4. Sounds like a cool rp, I'm in :3
  5. You can count on me
  6. @redblood
    @Brother Gabriel
    @Incubus Prince

    That makes five of us total. That's enough to make a small group. I say we each have one teacher, and maybe two students? Or we can have two students and npc teachers. Either way that would gives us roughly ten to fifteen characters, unless some of you prefer to only have one character. I don't think we will need to many characters, maybe a minimum of seven students to play as our story's main characters. What do you think?
  7. Personally I don't like having more than two characters at one time, it usually becomes a bit much with three character to use in every post. Especially in instances when all three are doing different things in three different locations.
  8. I do agree with redblood, but I wouldn't be opposed to having three charries! I'm fine with whatever!
  9. I Honestly i don't know
  10. I think that sounds like a really good idea. I'm good with that
  11. Count me in sweetcheeks! :shades:
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