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  1. 'Cause we could be Immortals.. just not for long.. for long..'

    "Hello my humans, and welcome to the game"

    Hecate, The Greek Goddess of Witchcraft, has challenged you to play a game. The rewards are beyond your wildest dreams, gods and goddesses welcoming you into olympus, the status of eternal immortally. What could you possibly have to lose? Only your soul. But who could resist the possibilities of an immortal life full of riches and power beyond the galaxies.


    Are you ready to play?

    Challenge 1: The Full Moon.
    We all know the scariest things lurk in the darkness of the night. Survive the night in the woods, with the full moon as your only light. Can you keep calm and carry on when you're surrounded by ghosts?

    Challenge 2: Herbs or Death.
    Herbs can have some magical qualities and also some pretty deadly ones. Can you correctly identify and eat the correct herbs?

    Challenge 3: The Labyrinth.
    Run Human Run. Don't let the minotaur find you, or it might just be the end of you.

    Challenge 4: The River of Lost Souls.
    Swimming is all fun and games until the souls of the dead and lost are trying to pull you down into the depths of the underworld.

    Challenge 5: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.
    Who's the fairest of them all you ask? Well it won't be you when you're trapped in a mirror, living out your worst nightmare.

    Challenge 6: The Final Challenge: The Gods Wrath
    This may be the worst thing you've ever faced in your life. A pissed off woman, with the power to control magic. Fight her and succeed.

    When the Gods place their bets.. it's up to the fates.

    Cause everyone can be immortal.. just not for long.

    -No Godmodding. Seriously.
    -Swearing is allowed
    -Gore and Violence is gonna happen. Innocent people need not apply
    -Romance is all fun and games, but use fade to black for sexual purposes
    -OOC chatting is to be done here, not in the IC
    -Killing people is fine, but not without the creator's permission
    -Minimum of 5 well written sentences
    -Good Grammar and Spelling are wanted
    -Mistakes happen, we are all human
    -Have Fun, Or Hecate will kill you off.

    ::Character Sheet::

    Appearance: (Human Picture Please)
    Strengths: (3)
    Weakness: (2)
    Biggest Fear(s):
    Proudest moment:

    Spots: 2

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  2. I will have a char up tomorrow and do you want real pic or fantasy style human?

  3. Name: Brooklyn May Peters
    Nickname: Brooke, Brookie
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Louis- Father- 52




    Biggest Fear(s):
    -Thunder storms

    Proudest moment:
    In the 10th grade during gym class she nailed the class bully in the nuts with a volleyball and didn't get caught.
    Sassy, Classy, and a real smart ass. Brooke is a high class good girl turned bad. She is an excellent student and always stays on top of things. Even though she's taking 3 AP courses her senior year, that doesn't stop her from enjoying sports like volley ball and soccer as well. She also keeps a good social life. Though that tends to leave her on her daddy's bad side. Brooke is a first class tease with a reputation for leading guys on. She's fluent in French, Russian, and Sarcasm and if you ever get on her bad side watch out.
    Born to her loving parents in the spring month of may, Brooklyn May was spoiled from the moment her parents held her. Brooke as she was later nicknamed had an older brother who pretty much was the star of the family until he got caught up in drugs and drinking and lost his college scholarship. Brooke found the opuntinity to become the family favorite and began acing all her classes. When she reached middle school she started playing volleyball and soccer and ditched her glasses for contacts. Suddenly the dorky A+ student was a blonde hottie with a body. She slowly started turning into her brother by mixing her studies with a social drinking life. When Hecate offered her the chance to become immortal Brooke was a little hesitant but figured she could take the challenge. Besides, being immortal would definitely win her parents over.
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  4. 10372244_677417552338251_1525357309342268586_n.jpg

    Name: Brandon Jacobs

    Nickname: BJ

    Age: 19

    Gender: male

    Family: Brandon comes from a large military family, a mix of both Air Force and Army. Every one of his family had received some kind of honors while serving. Before Hecate appeared, he had full intentions of joining the military himself and keep the legacy going.

    Strengths: Physically fit, very strong, disciplined mentaly

    Weakness: Pride, meets any challenge even if he knows he doesnt have a chance

    Biggest Fear(s): abandonment, failure to save someone

    Proudest moment: When he was younger, he was playing with a friend near a river at their home. As they played, he friend slipped and he fell into the water, not knowing how to swim. Brandon dove in after him and swam with the current for close to half a mile and managed to save his friend.

    Personality: Kind and courteous to others, he will treat those he meets the first time with respect. However if they do not return the respect, he will ignore that person and leave them to their own, usually being sarcastic should they ask his help.

    Biography: Brandon was always the new kid growing up, having moved to multiple places due to his parents being in the military. He never made any really close friends except for one, the one that he had saved. It is difficult for him to get close to most because he always expects to have to move away from then as soon as some kind of relationship formed. He hopes to settle down after serving and having a family of his own, finally able to stay in one place and live there for good.
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  5. I'll have my char up tomorrow freaking hectic life.
  6. Hecate seems kinda evil. Murdering people for not having fun...
  7. hecate is neither good nor evil, she just uses humans for her own entertainment, as most greek gods and goddesses do

  8. Name:

    Christian Jax Savage


    Chris, CJ








    Both of Christian's parents were drunk assholes. Once he turned 18, Christian moved out of the house. He never looked back.




    Women and Greed(He would kill his best friend, if the price was right).

    Biggest Fear(s):

    Dieing a horrible, torturous death.
    Growing old and decrepit.

    Proudest moment:

    Christian's proudest moment was when he started his tattoo business. He always wanted to be a tattoo artist. He finally got it off the ground.


    Christian is an asshole a lot of the time. He only cares for himself and that's it. Christian is a hard shell to get through. If you get through it, then maybe your one of the special people. Christian is very cunning, he uses his good looks to get what he wants, if a girl can do it why can't he? If you get in Christian's way, good luck.


    Christian was born to two bastard parents. He never loved them and they never loved him. Christian father would abuse his mother and then he started to abuse Christian. When Christian was old enough he fought back. He got in a fight with his father, Christian ended putting his father in a 1 month coma.

    Christian didn't stay around to see his father come home, he just left the day after. He didn't say goodbye to his mother. She wouldn't have cared anyway. Christian was on the streets and couch surfing for 2 years. Then he started working at a tattoo shop, which led to him starting his own tattoo shop.

    After Hecate the goddess of magic, told him about the whole immortal thing, Christian at first thought she was a crazy bag lady or something. Then she showed him that she was serious. Christian always wanted to live forever, so this was perfect. Whatever it takes, Christian will become immortal.

  9. Accepted!
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  10. Starting this tomorrow! Get HYPE
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  11. Is this still accepting?
  12. Yeppers! @D3MONIX
  13. Ok. Ill work on a cs.
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  14. Can i use anime pictures or actual real pictures.
  15. Real pictures please :)
  16. Ok...crap, this is gonna be tough.
  17. I'm sorry, I prefer them for more human aimed rps
  18. haha good ol' adira and her human characters XD