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  1. Would you make a deal with the Devil?

    You are immortal. You will live on forever. But on the condition that you slay the creatures that form from people's grief
    As an angel of acceptance, you use quicksilver weapons to kill these creatures
    Each immortal is assigned a hellhound whose scratch will banish a monster to hell
    Nobody can know about your true nature
    You go to high school by day, but by night you slay demons of Depression, Anger, Bargaining and Denial

    Character Card
    Real age:
    Weapon type (no guns!):
  2. Name: Regan Winters
    Age: 17
    Real age: 573
    Hellhound: Beau (Black Labrador)
    Weapon: Throwing knives
  3. Name:
    Liam Wentworth


    Real Age:

    Joker(White Blue Eyed Pit bull)

  4. Name: Kira Hunter
    "Age": 19
    Real Age: 550
    Hellhound: Erebus (black Pitt Bull)
    Weapon: Hand-and-a-half sword
  5. Name: Elluka Galante
    "Age": 16
    Real age: 484
    Hellhound: Sen (Chow Chow)
    Weapon type: Faucet pipe
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