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  1. Would you make a deal with the Devil?

    You are immortal. You will live on forever. But on the condition that you slay the creatures that form from people's grief
    As an angel of acceptance, you use quicksilver weapons to kill these creatures
    Each immortal is assigned a hellhound whose scratch will banish a monster to hell
    Nobody can know about your true nature

    Regan sprinted down the dark alley, knowing who - or really what - was following her. She looked around, and not seeing any mortals, she spun around. The knife in her hand seemed to radiate with power in the presence of the creature.
    "Depression, hey?" she said, once she saw the monster before her. A wallowing mass of black slime that ebbed and flowed around the tarmac. Regan aimed her blade, then threw it right into the creature's heart.

    This was just another night
  2. Walking down the dark alley Rin hears a familiar roar"Lets see...anger right?"As expected a shriek comes from the monster"Of course well come on then." Then the giant bloody monster charges at him in a split second Rin slices the monster in half with one of his chained scythe.Come on now that way to easy." He teases as he vanishes in the night it was a regular Thursday
  3. Her hellhound used his claws to banish the creature.
    "Looking forward to another first day of school?" Beau asked. His snout moving as the human words came so easily, just like a normal person. Regan smiled, and started jogging off into the night.

    There was more to come
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  7. Kira srolled the city's streets, a large black Pitt Bull at her side. Her hand rested on the pommel of her sheathed hand-and-a-half sword, ready to draw it at a moment's notice. She shook her head. "It's too quite on this side of town, but I'm afraid that if I move on trouble will arise." The dog beside her barked. It was a deep, resounding, hellish sound. Kira scratched the dog's ear. "I guess you're right, Erebus. There's gotta be some action somewhere." She turned down an alley. Something blocked her path and drew her blade. "Well, if it isn't my old friend Pride." She swung her sword as Erebus lunged. Together, the vanquished the creature.
  8. Regan sighed. Her and Beau were too late to save another mortal. Something about these sprawling suburbs brought out the grief in people. She had killed about three tonight, and she was starting to get tired. Regan and Beau started to make the short journey back to their new home
  9. "One down, countless more to go." Kira sighed. Erebus whined his agreement. "I know Erebus. Slow nights are boring." She patted the black dog. "Let's get moving. The shadier parts of town often have more foes."
  10. Regan jogged down the empty streets. No longer feeling the fear of being alone at night, she felt a sense of confidence. Beau's bark echoed throughout the street. He smelled something, and she sensed it too.

    Another Immortal
  11. A new feeling crept over Kira as she patrolled the streets. She felt as if something was nearby. She glanced at Erebus. The Hellhound was on edge too.
  12. As Regan turned the corner, she saw her. The Immortal she had sensed. With a small hellhound next to her. She called out.

    "New here. You?"
  13. (Erebus isn't small. He's 1and a half times the size of zn average Pitt Bull.)

    Kirs drew her sword at the voice,but sheathed it when Erebus approached the girl's dog, his tail wagging. "I take it you've met up with your kin, Erebus?" The large black Pitt Bull barked happily.
  14. "You should try not to draw your sword in public," Regan said dryly. If they were both going to be hunting in the same area, they needed to be on good terms. Regan tried not to make mistakes twice
  15. "Sorry." Kira said. "It's been quite on this side of town. Makes me jumpy." She closed the distance between them. "I'm Kira. This here id Erebus."
  16. "Regan. This is Beau, and he does bite," she said as she outstretched her hand. People had evolved over the centuries, and the 21st was not her favourite. But to have an ally, even a jumpy one, was better than fighting alone
  17. "Hellhounds are loyal to thier partners." Kira said, shaking the girl's hand. "Erebus is happy to meet another of his kind. She smiled, watching the Hound. "We don't often come across others likd us."
  18. "There aren't many of us at all. How many people do you think would trade a normal life for this. About as many people who trust the Devil," Regan's mouth felt dirty after even saying his name. Her hatred might not have been blind, but she had chosen this life after all
  19. "Yes, that silver-tongued snake." Kira spat. "He can weasel a deal out of you. I'm sure there are more of us than you think out there."
  20. "There probably is, but it's still not enough," she said with a sigh. Just then, Beau and Erebus started barking. A creature must be close
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