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  1. "Hello mere mortals.. Shall we play a game?"

    Hecate beckons to you from beyond. Somewhere you've only dreamed of, a place you've never dared to believe actually existed.. Until now. Olypus. The Kingdom of the Gods. A place dripping in gold and immortality. You can't believe your mortal eyes, Hecate is offering you a place among the gods.. and for only a small price. A game.

    "This isn't just any game, just like not just anyone can live among the gods.. This game will test yo, break you, and rebuild you.. You will never be the same again. Are you willing to risk it all?"

    Well.. are you?

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Challenges are simple. Defeat them all and your fate will be sealed. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hecate beckons you to take her hand, there is no time to speak, no time to think, only time to act. Your pride betrays your sense and you take her hand. Theres no turning back now. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Suddenly you stand in a room. 5 others join you. You notice your attire has changed slightly and no longer are you standing in your causal wear. Instead you stand in a gray and black spandex suit. It covers everything from your neck down and you squrim uncomfartably as you try to adjust to the tightly fit outfit. Hecate’s grin glows like the moon as her eyes glare around the room as if she was reading your every movement. “Well.. Let’s begin” Her cold voice echos around the room. “Challenge 1: The Full Moon.. Everyone knows the underworld is full of.. spirits. So you can wander among them.. theres one teeny tiny little thing.. They’ll try to devour your life source if they find you.. You only get until the moon fades. Don’t mess up humans.. Death is a permant sentece after all.” Hecate explains calmly and nods. “You have an hour before we shall begin.. Don’t get to attached to each other.” Another devilish grin and she’s gone. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]This is where it all begins.. So how will the story end? [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#0b0b0b]Cause everyone can be immortal.. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]just not for long.[/BCOLOR]
  2. Brandon was here, right in Olympus, and still he could not believe his eyes. How could this be real? How?! He looked around and saw the others that he was with, not sure how to even begin to speak to them. They had an hour, as Hecate said, before this... game would begin... but was he really ready to possibly die for this?

    "Well... this is... interesting" he said to no one in particular as he pulled at his new attire, something he was not quite used to. Skin tight clothing was never really his style... and though it fit his athletic figure nicely... it rode certain areas in ways he did not appreciate. He looked to the others as he finished his fidgeting and looked at the others.

    "Well... hi. My name is Brandon... uh... nice to meet you"
  3. Brooklyn's blue eyes were still roaming around, taking in the new and rather unsettling environment she was now in. 'What an interesting situation I'm in now..' She thought to herself. Making quick decisions had never really been her strong suit. Her father sure as hell would freak out if he knew what she was doing right now.. AP Calculus would just have to wait. Suddenly it dawned on her that she wasn't alone. In fact a boy was standing directly across from her. Her blue eyes glanced over him. Defensively she crossed her arms in front of her chest and took him in. The new suits they had certainly did work for him... She thought as a smug smirk crossed over her pale pink lips.

    She looked down at her outfit as well. Brooklyn's petite figure looked extremely curvy in this particular selection. Her curves were well defined as well as the curve of her toned back and butt. "Do you think we get to keep the outfits?" She asked with a soft chuckled under her breath. Her face blushed a bit as she looked back over the guy as he introduced himself. "I'm Brooklyn, Call me Brooke or B." She said simply with a quick dazzling smile. Hecate did warn not to get close to these others. Who knows what was about to unfold before them. Immortality was something that had to be earned by yourself. Friends weren't the reason she was here. She swept her blonde hair up into a high ponytail and secured it with a hair tie, pulling it tightly to ensure it would stay.
  4. Brooke went on to introduce herself and Brandon looked over at her to take her in a little more. Safe to say the girl was gorgeous, and the suit... lets just say it worked for her. He let out a small chuckle for her comment about keeping the suits afterward... if there even WAS and afterward. At least she did what she could to keep it humorous. In an effort to have some kind of preparation, he began to loosen up his shoulders and stretch his arms, bouncing on the balls of his feet to limber up his legs.

    "To think... before this I was back home getting ready to call the recruiting office. How in the hell did I end up here... well, that... goddess... did kind of come out of the blue" he said as he looked back at Brooke and the others. The idea of immortality was certainly enough to entice him to take on the challenge. Being naturally competitive, he always pushed himself to come out on top. This would not be any different in his opinion. Granted, he couldnt help but wonder about the warning about getting close to one another.... did this mean they would be put against one another at some point? Hopefully not, as he always saw that most challenges were overcome when people worked together.

    "So Brooke, where you from, what do you do?" he asked to try and pass the time.
  5. Christian Jax Savage
    CJ was fixing the to tight suit. He was getting annoyed by the minute. He was working with to much down there and the suit was squishing everything. "Damn suits, need to be bigger." CJ looked at his opponents, the girl named Brooke was real sexy, the boy named Brandon, he looked like the first to go. CJ walked over to the girl. "Hey sexy. My names CJ, I can protect you if you want." He smirked, looking at Brooke, up and down.

    CJ wanted to just do this thing, he would be taking no prisoners. He wanted to be immortal and he would do whatever it took. He had to much to live for, being young and immortal, he would have the time of his damn life.
  6. Brooke was adjusting the suit around her wrists when she looked up at Brandon. "A small town in Ohio. Nothing special.. but my dreams are to big to stay in my hometown" She said with a small shrug of her shoulders. "I guess you could guess that though, since I'm here battling you two for immortality" She said with a small smirk as both of the both were looking over her petite figured, enhanced by the snug suit. Her eyes sized CJ up as he walked over to her. Everything about the way he looked at her made her roll eyes in disgust. "Please, I'm a big girl. Pretty sure you're going to need to worry more about watching your back then me buddy" She said as she flicked his chin up with two fingers and batted her eyelashes at him.

    She turned from both of the boys to survey the room. A digital clock was counting down the seconds until the first challenge and Brooke sighed before pushing herself up to sit on the metal table in the center of the room and crossing her legs over each other. "What about you two, where are you guys from?"
  7. Ok, CJ was immediately on his dislike list as of the very second the guy opened his mouth. Guys like him... it really got Brandon heated, treating a girl like that. Well, at least she was able to hold her own on it, and he respected her greatly for it. He couldnt help but chuckle as she told this CJ that she was a big girl.

    "You could say I am from all over. Military brat myself, and I was gonna join the military myself until this opportunity came along. Sure being a national defender would be cool, but being the first immortal in my family? I decided that I might as well give it a shot. Though, fighting for immortality, heh, itll be... interesting to say the least." he said in reply as he continued to loosen up his shoulders, waiting for the beginning challenge.
  8. ⊗Christian Jax Savage⊗
    CJ liked this girl, she had guts. He smirked at her when she pushed up his chin. "Ok big girl, just don't cry when I beat you." He winked at her. When she asked where they were all from, CJ wasn't in the mood for backstories and becoming friends, but he would play nice. What's that saying...keep your friends close, but your enemies closer...yeah that.

    He waited for the army brat to finish. "I'm from New York City. I don't wanna grow old, and I want to be a tattoo mogul. So good luck, you'll need it." He smirked, with a spark in his gray-green eyes. These guys would be easy to take out. CJ stood back, ready for the competition to start.
  9. "I don't care about immortality,"

    Antoine threw into the conversation. He had been listening to them introduce themselves and go on for quite some time. The girl seemed perky and youthful with her own touch of naivety. Brandon was little different, although he may present more of a complication given his athletic stature if the situation called for it. CJ, however, was the wild card. Already flirting with his enemy, although she was admittedly attractive. He seemed impulsive. Less reserved, less rational than Brandon, and this was something Antoine already assessed as a potential issue for the future. This was a game, after all. His time spent learning how to interview and understand people for the sake of business gave him insight to how people were to function when given tasks, and his analysis now could provide useful information later. Antoine stepped forward and placed his hands onto the metal table, leaning forward with a smirk.

    "I used to run a bunch of businesses out of Illinois, then my family tried to have me killed. They failed, mind you, but that didn't stop the funeral services or the obituaries... I am here to make them pay," Antoine explained. Antoine looked around the group with his grin, first at Brandon, then CJ, then finally Brooke. "She said not to get attached, but there is power in numbers. Our goal is to survive this first round, and whether you want immortality or revenge, there is no reason not to work together until conflict is absolutely necessary." Antoine let his eyes wander off Brooke and back to CJ before he added, "you'll have a lot better luck staying young if you stay alive, and I'd bet money we'll all live a lot longer if we work as a team against a bunch of soul-sucking spirits." Antoine was trying his luck at bringing these people together. As a team, he might have more influence on their dynamics. He'd have longer to learn about them, too.

  10. Brooke rolled her eyes at Cj. "Please honey, you're not worth ruining my mascara over" She said as she fluffed her blonde locks and laughed. Her eyes had failed to spot the man in the corner who's voice shook the room. He spoke with a flat and intense voice. He reminded Brooke of a disney villain almost. Her eyes looked him over and when he looked away from her she tilted her curious head to the side a bit. "Well. I'm the only girl here and it seems like all of you "men" think you can handle yourselves just fine and dandy." She said with a touch of venom to her voice. "But this game is run by a women, and women have more vengeance in their pinky fingers then you all do in your whole muscular bodies." She said matter of factly. "But I'm willing to give team work a try.." She said as she nodded at the mysterious man. "Well... This will be an interesting dynamic indeed"
  11. So it would seem Brooke was all about the 'women are stronger than they appear' approach, which to Brandon posed no issue. He was one to admit when one was stronger where he was lacking. The more that CJ talked, the more he wanted to ball up his fist and jam it at that smug little smile of his. He really did not like his 'shit not stinking' attitude that he held. It was okay to be cocky, but when you went to his amount of smug, it was just plain obnoxious.

    Then the other guy spoke. Saying he didnt care about immortality, he just wanted revenge. Safe to say the dude was interesting to listen to. Dark and foreboding. He ended up talking about how the group needed to act as a team for this challenge, and further challenges until conflict became inevitable. He had to say, working together sounded better than fighting from the start. While he took pride in his own physical strength and stamina, everyone here had their own little tricks of the trade.

    Brooke was young and quick witted, that already showed she can think fast on her feet, and being the only young woman in the group, she could easily use that to her advantage if the guys werent careful.

    CJ seemed pretty off, cocky as all hell and a total horn dog. Something about him screamed that he would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. But that cockiness could easily get him killed if he werent careful.

    So far it was this other guy that proved the biggest threat. He seemed smart, someone who could analyze a situation better than anyone here. Not only that, but the whole thing about the revenge got him. When a man is out for blood, nothing will stop him. And this guy definitely seemed out for blood.

    "Well" said Brandon with a sigh and a stretch, "While it would seem this is more of an individuals game, the idea of working together sounds like a better start than most. while I dont disregard we all have our own strengths" he said glancing at Brooke, "It would be easier to get through the challenges if we work together. Besides, we might even learn a little more about one another. Am I right?" he said, looking over at Antoine.
  12. Jona had remained quiet for most of the conversation, he'd been leaning on one of the walls a bit further back from to the rest of the group. It didn't take long for them all to start getting buddy buddy with one another. Hecate had said there would be other challengers but he didn't picture them being so...quirky, after Antoine started going on about team work Jona really couldn't hold his tongue after that. Jona didn't want teams they would just be harder to get rid of, he preferred a free-for-all, then he could stay just on the edge and strike when opportunity presented itself.

    "Teamwork is all well and good, but you should remember that this is a competition; your 'allies' could very well turn on you should it buy them the slightest advantage. So if you want to team up go for it, just remember to keep a close eye on who you trust."

    Jona continued to eye each and every person in the room, "I'll be upfront with you all...I don't intend on losing, and if that means I have to play a little dirty to do so then so be it. But I'm not gonna lie to ya and pretend we're buddies when eventually I may just have to throw ya to the lions. But don't think for a second anyone else won't do the same."

    With that Jona took a seat at the table as well just to the left of Brooke. He may have put a target on his back, but he also just planted a seed of mistrust in each and every person here. He didn't bother introducing himself.
  13. Antoine snickered at Jona, once he finally had his say. He originally was quiet enough that Antoine had almost overlooked him, but now his words and even more so his intentions were clear. Jona would be the type to play this game entirely alone if he had to. Jona wanted immortality. Antoine knew that would be a threat, and he sought to amend that. "You're absolutely right; each and every one of us is an enemy," Antoine replied, eyeing Jona. "But, we're also assets. The name of this game is survival, and until that name changes, survival is best suited for a group. Go off alone and die for all I care, dipshit, but to those of us smart enough to realize the benefits of being part of something greater than just our blind desire to win, your death will just be one less liability."

    Antoine sneered at Jona now, literally demeaning the man in front of the group. "The first throat to get cut will be the one not helping me, kiddo, so you best watch your back," Antoine added. Antoine then turned to the rest of the group, seeing Jona walk off and attempting to incinerate that seed before it took root. "But, the cocky little has a point. If we're gonna work together, we all have to understand why we're working together. It's simple. None of us have any chance at that prize if we can't make it through these challenges and as long as being part of a group can be useful for a challenge, eliminating competition will just cut down our chances - all our chances - of winning. Hell, even if we were all given this challenge alone, fact is we'd still have to make it through each stage. Logic dictates doing what makes the most sense to make it to the next stage, and that's working together. Until logic dictates otherwise, I will advocate for a group. It seems Brooke and Brandon are all for it. Just leaves CJ. Jona might as well die now, since he's not gonna be of any help."