Immortality's End

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    Spots Filled: 9/10

    Themes: Fantasy, Assassins, Dice, Rebellion, Terrorism
    Inspiration(s): Akame ga Kill

    OOC Information:
    Immortality's End is based upon a setting I've been pondering for some time now, and with free time available to me, I think I'm ready now to start up another roleplay to GM. Immortality's End is meant to be a culmination of GM'ing ideas I've picked up over the years, and so I'm hoping it will kick off strong and maintain steam for a long time. For everything to work, players are expected to be consistent within a posting schedule; rules will be strictly enforced. As it is currently, there isn't an expected player cap. Unlike in other roleplays, I will be presenting pre-made missions to players to ease the difficulty in managing potentially numerous players.

    I'm hoping to give players chances at taking meaningful decisions, with tangible and obvious consequences. There will be room for character improvement throughout, and danger will be ever-present; expect for your character to have many close calls, even outright death. All players who join will always have a spot open should their character die. Note also that dice will be used, so many of your character's actions and fates will be determined in part, by randomness.


    The world is conquered.

    Untold ages ago an Empire managed the unthinkable, and through the power of an overwhelmingly more advanced force, took control of the entire globe. North and South, East and West; all was controlled by the massive, singular country. And through their technological might, they managed to maintain this grip on the world's nations.

    A series of three systems, dubbed the 'Gauntlet' in various languages, ensured the Empire would not be wrested of its power. It was impenetrable, unbeatable, and unbearable. So powerful were they, that the mere prospect of defeating their forces or standing against them was akin to defying the gods themselves. Soon, the thought itself was lost.

    The 'Angel' was the most obvious of the three systems; a massive structure, far into the sky, that looked down silently upon countries and men. The Angel was how rebellions were crushed, and the prospect of them ever starting again silenced. Defiant cities and nations were reduced to molten slag in an instant by the angel, which could strike any location within mere minutes. So potent and efficient is its power that none dare utter the words 'rebellion'. Rumors abound that the Angel itself can hear them from space.

    The 'Priestess' is what sustained the Empire's spartan army. Through her endless reserves of magical energy and unparalleled healing potency, the Empire could ensure its knights were, quite literally, immortal. Dead knights of the Empire would rise from the mud, seemingly unharmed, and continue their campaign with unhindered efficiency. As each knight had surpassed the ideas of "expendable" or "invaluable", each was a walking champion, trained from birth to be as skilled a warrior as was physically possible. Their immortality, coupled with their unquestionable skill only served to further the terror the Empire could extend across the planet.

    Through the 'Phalanx', the Empire could protect its seat of power. Though they may be considered paranoid, always worried, the Empire's Royal Family nevertheless remained unquestionably safe. A wall of army-destroying arcane cannons protect the Empire's capital city, able to destroy everything that lay in its sights. No opposition has ever stepped within miles of the capital without being suddenly and mercilessly vaporized.

    Thanks to this gauntlet of power, the Empire has maintained control over the world, sapping wealth into its Royal Family for eons untold. None rise up against them, knowing full-well that their meager heroism cannot stand against the Empire. Nations can only mumble in anger at their situation, doomed forever to being a vassal.

    This status quo was shattered in but a single, fateful day.

    In a miraculous flash of light, the Angel burst into countless pieces, raining down to the earth like a shower of meteorites.
    Within the same day, the capital city was sent into fits of terror and anguish as a hooded assailant revealed the severed head of the Priestess for all to see.

    In but a day, the Empire had shrunk back, and its armies had lost their immortality. The prospect of rebellion had suddenly become possible. As the Empire's army had replaced the armies across the world, there were none but angry farmers and city folk who could actually defy the lingering might of the Empire. Against their heroic monstrous knights, however, there was still little hope.

    Power had to be returned slowly.

    A guild of assassins was formed to meet this difficulty.


    In Immortality's End, you will be playing as a member of the Bloodpeace Guild, newly formed and prepared to aid countless nations in ridding of the Empire's presence. The guild employs assassins and small bands of less discrete mercenaries to take on Empire VIP's and knights, in hopes that space may be made for nations to form their own armies. Newly initiated, you will first take on a low-tier but nevertheless important mission alongside others.

    The danger is great, but you are being counted on to complete the mission, and continue onto even greater tasks as you continue to grow as a tool of rebellion. Know, however, that every one of your actions will ultimately have consequences. The shape of your destiny, as well as that of others around you, can shift drastically with a single swipe of the blade.



    To maintain consistency and fervor, a posting schedule will be established that will be strictly enforced. Failure to post before the deadline date will result in a first-time warning (if it is especially late, there will be no warning). A second time will result in removal from the roleplay. Note that this only accounts for people who do not notify me of any obstacles to their posting (vacation, business, etc). If you are consistently not posting on time due to obstacles, I will simply skip over you.


    Unlike in prior roleplays I've done using dice, much of the rolling will be done by you, the player. Thanks to Iwaku's built-in dice roller, I can leave it to you all to roll the dice at the end of your posts, both to save me some time, and also for the fun of allowing you guys to see your own results (and despair). To this end, I will be providing a list of dice mechanics so you can more easily know when and in what way to roll when taking actions.


    =Rolling Dice=
    We will be using a d20 (gasp!). To better simulate the danger and skill present in all characters, we will be using a d20 roll paired with the base values of your stats to determine results. Whenever you make any sort of roll and after you've posted, you can 'Throw a die' in the 'More options' tab at the bottom of your thread post. Make sure to specify 1 die to be rolled, and that the faces are 20. Add this value to your stat in question, and edit the total value to the bottom of your post (make sure the value is obvious and easily visible!).

    For example, should you wish to roll to attack another character, you would first make your post detailing your attempt to attack someone. Once posted, select 'More options' and then 'Throw a die'. Specify it to be 1 die with 20 faces, and roll it. Take the result and add it to your Finesse stat value, then edit it into the bottom of your post.

    But wait, there's more!

    To make things even smoother, you will also be rolling Might as well! You don't know if you'll be hitting the opponent, but just in case you do, might as well have your Might (heh) rolled as well, right? Do the same roll for your Might as well whenever you attack.


    =Might/Arcane, Finesse, Speed, and Fortitude/Spirit=
    To damage an opponent, you first have to hit them, and then actually breach their defenses (if they have any). Might and Arcane simulate your raw damage output, Finesse represents your ability to hit, Speed your ability to avoid being hit, and Fortitude and Spirit as your defensive ability.

    To hit an opponent, your Finesse must first outmatch their Speed. Your first roll when attacking someone will be Finesse vs. Speed. The attacker rolls Finesse (d20 + Finesse stat), and the defender rolls Speed (d20 + Speed stat). If the Finesse value is greater than the speed value, the attacker manages 'to hit'. If Speed wins, the defender managed to dodge.

    To see if you actually hurt someone, though, requires yet another roll. Might vs. Fortitude (or Arcane vs. Spirit, in the case of magic/supernatural attacks). This roll is performed in exactly the same way as Finesse vs. Speed. Except in special cases, the enemy will always take 1 health point of damage if they (the defender) fail their Fortitude roll.


    =Critical Success and Failure=
    Take note of that magical '20' value you might get when rolling d20. Getting a 20 on your roll means you got a Critical Success. Critical Successes work in different ways for different stats.

    -If you are an attacker, should you get a Critical Success when rolling Finesse, you will get to add a whopping 10 base score to your following Might/Arcane roll.
    -If you are a defender and are rolling Speed, a Critical Success equates to a "tactical dodge". Should you avoid being hit, the next time you roll Finesse against your opponent, you are in an advantageous position and get 10 base score added to your result.
    -If you are an attacker rolling Might/Arcane and get a Critical Success, should you breach the opponent's defenses, you will deal 2 health instead of just 1.
    -If you are a defender rolling Fortitude/Spirit and get a Critical Success, you automatically block/resist regardless of your total value.

    But what if you get a 1 on your d20 roll?! scrub
    A 1 represents Critical Failure, either by bad luck, an honest mistake, or God's wrath. What happens when you get a Critical Failure? Anything could happen, really; it's up to you! The only rules behind Critical Failures are that they automatically cause the roll to fail. What happens specifically is up to your imagination. The other rules is that a Fortitude/Spirit Critical failure means you automatically take 2 damage. Hopefully you don't get a Crit Fail when the opponent gets a Crit Success in this case

    There's good news though! You can only get one Critical Failure per battle even if you roll a 1 multiple times! The first time you roll a 1 in a battle will result in the first and only Critical Fail for the whole battle.


    Perception dictates how aware your character is of their surroundings; whispering individual's words, the rustling of an assassin's feet behind you, even the glimmering of an invisible enemy. You are free to roll Perception whenever you'd like, though it cannot be rolled alongside combat rolls. I will reveal potentially additional things to you if your character rolls Perception and gets a high enough score. Just... don't roll Perception every single post.


    As abilities will have mechanics specifically tailored to them, there may be some confusion as to how exactly they may work in certain situations. If you are confused, don't hesitate to ask me. However, so long as you are confident in how they work according to the rules that have been set for them, then you are free to roll your abilities in your posts. Almost all abilities will count as an action, which means it's either using your ability or using a standard attack.


    The effective range your character can use a ranged weapon is determined by their Perception and Finesse. The higher your Perception, the further you can 'shoot' before your Finesse value begins to drop off. For each 1 point in Perception, you may attack at a range of 100 meters without causing your Finesse to decrease. Every 100 meters or less over your maximum range that you attack, your Finesse decreases by 2. For example, let's say you have 5 Perception and 4 Finesse.

    You can attack at a maximum range of 500 meters with your full 4 Finesse. If you were to attack at 600 meters, your Finesse would drop to 2.

    When rolling to catch up to someone, you can roll Speed vs. Speed (including the d20) to determine if one of the characters encountered difficulty traversing the terrain, slowing them. A Speed vs. Speed Critical Success on the attacker's side gives them +10 score value to their next Finesse vs. Speed roll should they opt to follow up with an attack.


    =Matched Rolls=
    If an attacker and defender get the same total value in their roll (d20 + Stat), then victory goes to the individual who has a higher base stat. For example, if you had an attacker roll 10 with 5 base Might against an opponent's 6 roll with base 9 Fortitude, the attacker wins (10 Might is higher than 9 Fortitude).


    =Common Natural Debuffs=
    Show Spoiler



    Ren Shokunin @Jakers
    Aesil Kelthuriaz @ERode
    Jagred Hollowcrest @SirStabby
    Sahms Hayan @Zombehs
    Elias Hawken @RJS
    Rue Van Achteren @Click This
    Amulak al Acterus @Psyker Landshark
    Gestalt @Skyswimsky
    Glinda von Hearte @Asuras

    Characters within the Bloodpiece Guild express a myriad of backgrounds and talents; defeating the Empire one body at a time requires numerous skills to fully encompass the possible situations they may face along the way. Shadowy rogues, hulking mercenaries, mystic wizards. All are welcome, so long as they use their abilities towards ending the Empire's reign across the world. As you make your character, feel free to 'go wild'. As this roleplay is indeed inspired by Akame Ga Kill, characters will likely have fantastic or otherwise abnormal backgrounds to them, as well as great powers, physical abilities, or weapons of strange nature.

    When making your character, remember a few key facts about the world;
    • The Empire has had full monopoly over the entire world for untold eons. Your character has never known a world where they were not ruled by the lords and knights of the Empire.
    • No country has been able to sustain a military. The knights of the Empire have served as the protection for all countries against bandits and beasts alike. Secret societies of fighters have appeared numerous times, and in most cases, have been dealt with by the Imperial Knights.
    • Rebellion of any significant form has been dealt with consistently and swiftly every time; in the form of an apocalyptic death beam from the sky. Entire capitals have been turned into craters merely because of the resistance of its constituent countryside populaces.
    • Save the mysterious Priestess-beheading assassin, no one with ill-intent has ever been able to approach the Empire's capital city. It is preposterously guarded, both by the Phalanx and ever-vigilant guardsmen.
    • Until recently, the Imperial Knights were immortal in age and body; they were invincible. The Priestess' powers afforded the Empire's army true immortality, rendering all attempts to fight them useless, as their heroic skill also meant it was near impossible to even harm them in the first place. No one has ever killed an Imperial Knight.
    • The Empire has sapped wealth steadily from the whole world. The capital is presumed to be a place of divine luxury. Individually, countries suffer very little from this tax, unless the lord presiding over them is especially corrupt and ill-mannered.
    • The Bloodpeace Guild was formed recently. Hierarchy is still being solidified. Your character was contacted to enlist by a strange, ethereal bird for your skill.
    • The Guild's location is a closely guarded secret, though your characters know its location, of course. It is found in the heart of the largest continent of the world. The Empire's 'homeland' is located on another continent, across an ocean.
    • Magitech is essentially mechanisms that use automated spells in the form of etched runes to perform actions. "Spellslinging" mechanisms are essentially magitech items that cause a spell to be launched, generally through a barrel of some sort.
    • The Empire utilizes magitech extensively, though the technology has seeped out into the rest of the world slowly and minimally.

    Your character will possess "Stats" that determine how adept your character is at certain facets of combat and 'physique'. By putting points into each stat, you increase the chances that your attacks or attempts at various tasks will do what you intend. The stats are:

    You have 50 points to spend across these stats. They should reflect what your character is good at! In addition to stats, your character will be given 3 "Abilities" they may have that will be given specific mechanics (determined by me) to use in or outside of battle. There are a few rules to these abilities:

    • Abilities must always be avoidable or able to be circumvented. Things like guaranteed hits or instant death are not acceptable. Same goes for invincibility, even temporary. Simply put, no matter how you word your abilities, there will always be a chance that it will fail when used.
    • Supernatural aspects to weapons or items that have significant use count as abilities. Things such as swords that can cut through "anything" or arrows that track their target are such examples. Flaming swords are not.
    • No healing potions. Sorry!
    • Activated buffs will always have greater stat bonuses than passive bonuses.
    • Abilities are always subject to sudden and merciless nerfing or buffing! :3

    Character Sheet

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    Actually, how would damage for a firearm even work? Still based on Might? Separate ruling?
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  3. I'm down for this.
    Sorry if I look like a dud. I've yet to get something... creative!
  4. Unless it's got some magic power behind it, or it's a bow, it'll have a base damage value you can put some stat points into.
  5. Are there certain factions like they were in Akame ga Kill?
    Is it possible to play an enemy? :devilfire:
  6. So Extra Effort here would just be adding +2 to your roll?
  7. Yes. Maybe 3. Not sure. I'll test it out.
  8. @Asuras
    I'm really sorry if this was mentioned somewhere else and I just looked over it, but what's the situation with religion?
    Like, did the Empire enforce just one religion, and if so is there a 'church' sorta that holds some power with the people? Or are there multiple religions still?
    (Then again, I might just be overthinking things and just bothering you, sorry)

  9. Ren Shokunin

    (A.K.A. 'Renchu')
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: As shown on the right. Ren's reddish-brown hair is kept in a tight, medium-length ponytail, with a few messy sprawls of hair sticking out. Her build is tall, slender, and she doesn't yield much muscle. Her skin is pale, and her eyes are of a bright blue. Her hands are noticably calloused and covered in various scars and scratches, and her left hand is missing the tip of her ring (4th) finger. It's not uncommon for Ren to have the occasional smear of oil somewhere on her body or face, too.

    Personality: Ren generally has a peppy and optimistic tone about her, even if she can act a little strangely at times. She enjoys social interaction with most people, and is often seen walking about with a 'spring in her step'. Her obsession with Magitech Weaponry can keep her up all night at a worktable, and make her twitchy - which gives her a slightly bizarre nature. She literally drools over most mechanical feats, almost to a point where it's sort of unsettling to be around her when she sees something futuristic for this era.

    She's obsessed with 'Bringing the Future to the Battlefield' - even if her skills are limited to Magitech Weaponry, it's clear she wants to work on a project one day that'll knock the Empire off their throne. Her mind is quite intricate, and she can often be heard muttering various things to herself as she walks about. On rare occasion when in the middle of a breakthrough idea for a creation, she switch to an outright 'mad scientist' attitude.

    In combat, Ren isn't exactly a 'cool-headed', 'quiet and emotionless' sniper. Her focus and accuracy is incredible, sure, but she often mumbles to herself and acts in a twitchy, paranoid manner when in the thick of combat. She's quite susceptible to panic if approached by a melee enemy, and she quickly loses her cool when things start to go wrong. She often hides panic by making snarky, comedic/insulting remarks at enemies, and it isn't uncommon for Ren to turn tail and flee when odds are seriously against her. Keeping allies safe is one of the priorities of Renchu, so she'll act swiftly and methodically to keep allies in good health, whilst eradicating the enemy. Killing those of the Empire doesn't grant much remorse for Renchu, and sparing those of the Empire is a rare occurrence.

    A little wrong in the head, and sometimes overly optimistic, sure. But Renchu and her Apis MK.IV Magitech Rifle are certainly a force to be reckoned with, and an effective unit to be around.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    tl;dr warning, click if you want to read, ignore if you just want to check out stats n'stuff

    With a family line who've often been part of The Empire's weapon creation, skills in Engineering, Mechanics, and Magitech Weapon Production are common in the Shokunin family line. Her family helped to create various weapons for The Empire, and were amidst the various strong and skilled workers - loyal to The Empire for quite some time. Renchu's family probably had a small part in making some of the terrifying superweapons that can take out towns in the click of a finger - a fact that's scary for Renchu to think about.

    Renchu's father was probably the most notable of her two parents - a man who lived to serve The Empire with his skill in Magitech Weapon research and production, and his devotion to the 'supreme leaders' was fairly high at first. He worked on all sorts of projects for The Empire, but, shortly after he had his child - he realised the sort of things Empire creations could do. Whole families. Gone. Thousands. Gone. Tens of thousands. Gone. Some weapons were that powerful. And even after being brainwashed by the Empire, Renchu's father eventually realised that what he was helping to do - was wrong. He couldn't work for them any longer, and devised a plan to escape from The Empire's clutches.

    Thankfully, he didn't work in any of the highest-of-high Empire research facilities, so escape wasn't impossible - just difficult. Using a variety of forged permits and clearances, Renchu's father managed to leave the facility with his wife and his child. Renchu was very young at this point, so she can't remember most of the details. It was lucky she wasn't born into the central areas of The Empire - otherwise escape would have been borderline impossible.

    Renchu's parents moved on to a more discreet area - one where her father would start to use his knowledge to develop weapons to start bringing the fight back to the empire. Unfortunately, his skills couldn't build anything huge - just simple weaponry, such as Magitech muskets, to which he supplied to small rebel groups as discreetly as possible. Renchu grew up with a natural affinity for the same skills as her father, and it was from him she got her nickname: 'Renchu' - literally meaning 'wrench' in Japanese due to her affinity with the thing. She helped make and even design a few things as she grew up into her late teens. Ren was a prodigy to her parents, growing up with the smell of oil in her lungs and loving every second of it.

    However, the little hidden area where Renchu and her parents couldn't be kept a secret forever. The Empire would trace back the supply of some of the rebel Magitech weapons, and Renchu's father knew it. One day, Renchu was told to leave the area, and run far away, by her very own parents. Confused and bewildered at first, Renchu didn't know what to think. She loved being here - she loved helping fight back The Empire - and she loved her parents. She didn't want to leave - but after her mother and father explained, she knew she had no choice. Her mother and father were marked for death as traitors, but Renchu wasn't really known about to The Empire.

    Exchanging final goodbyes, Renchu fled with one of her father's best creations - The Apis MK.III. Ever since, she's had an affinity for keeping the weapon in good shape, and using the weapon itself came natural to her. She was quick to join the Bloodpiece Guild when she heard about it, knowing her weapon development and skills in combat would come in handy. After getting a good worktable and a good amount of free time here and there, Renchu put her own personal touches on the Apis MK.III - evolving it into the Apis MK.IV that it is today - a legendary firearm capable of firing three different types of runic blasts, and a deadly weapon in her hands.

    To this day, Renchu knows her parents are probably dead by now. They sacrificed themselves for her, and she'll never forget that. She was bought up to learn the truth about The Empire, and she'll be damned if she won't help to shut them down, one headless body at a time.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    >'Apis Mk.IV' Magitech Rifle: Her most prized possession/creation, and her signature weapon within the Bloodpeace Guild, the Apis Mk.IV is a Long-Distance Magitech weapon with quite a history behind it. The weapon was originally in a much worse state, and dated back for quite a few years, used more for experimenting Magitech weaponry rather than actual combat use. Various parts were stripped and passed along various family lines, until Renchu got her hands on the Mk.III version. With her own personal tweaks and improvements, the Magitech weapon is now what it is today.
    Operated to work off three different runes, the Apis Mk.IV has a slot where a 'magazine' (known as a runeholder) can be inserted into the weapon. Depending on the rune inside the magazine, the Apis will read the rune and fire either DT, HW, or QH shots. (See abilities below.) Constructed from rare, sturdy metals, and with an intricately designed, long barrel made to withstand the force of a magical shot, the craftsmanship of the Apis would be considered impressive by most refined Magitech weapon designers. (Also, the appearance isn't identical to that in the picture. Think more... y'know, weirdly shaped.)
    ((tl;dr - it's a magitech sniper ok))

    >Lightweight Clothing: As seen in the picture. A long, leather duster - along with a laced undershirt and your run-of-the-mill black pants. A few belts with golden buckles are worn for both pointless fashion and actual utility to hold her various items, and she wears the undergarments you'd expect for a lady, you scandal.
    >Foldable Tripod: A collapsible tripod used for keeping the gun steady for long-distance, stealth shooting. Takes a fair amount of time to fold/unfold, and needless to say, shouldn't be used in the thick of battle.
    >Short Baton: A collapsible, short but heavily weighted metal bat, that can deliver a hearty thump in the right hands. However, Renchu doesn't have the right hands to inflict considerable damage along with this weapon - so its mostly just kept as an emergency. It knocks out enemies better than it does killing them, especially when used in stealth.
    >Pouch of Basic Mechanical Tools: A wrench, a screwdriver, a handful of nuts, bolts, screws, and a small jug of oil. It isn't enough to build a machine or anything of the like, but it's enough to keep the Apis in check.
    >Goggles: Firing the Apis can be a little bit of a risky business without goggles. Accidentally looking into the barrel whilst a Hydra Shot is being fired can blind a person, and a little spray of the Sludge Shot can sometimes flick back into the eye-area of the wielder. Goggles aren't used a fashion accessory, but to help to keep Renchu's eyes in working order whilst firing the Apis.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    D.T. 'Hydra' Beam Shot - Renchu switches to a Fire Rune, making her shots shoot a very quick, long-ranged 'beam' of condensed heat energy that will deal standard Arcane damage to the first enemy hit. Critical hits with Hydra Shots will penetrate through the first enemy hit, dealing damage to those standing behind the first enemy. Otherwise, these are essentially Renchu's 'basic attacks' with the Apis.
    on 3rd Shot without switching shots - This shot will deal double damage, penetrate through enemies regardless of it's a crit or not, and Renchu will be knocked backwards a fair distance by the recoil of the shot. However, Renchu is unable to fire her gun for a turn after using this, as the Apis needs time to cool down.

    H.W. Invigoration Shot - Renchu switches to a Healing Rune, making her shots shoot a small orb of healing energy over a medium distance. A damaged human hit by the orb will have 1 HP restored over 2 turns, and gain a 2-turn, 20% boost to their Might and Speed. (Both effects aren't stackable.)
    on 3rd Shot without switching shots - The healing power of the shot is removed, but the buff doubles the target's Might and Speed for the target's next turn only. After the 100% buff ends, said target cannot be effected by Invigoration Shot again for the duration of the battle.

    Q.H. Sludge Shot - Renchu switches to an Earth Rune, making her shots shoot a high-pressure blast of a thick, mud-like substance at an enemy. This shot is short-ranged, and can only deal 1 damage maximum (even if a crit happens/damage buffs are on). However, the shot will slightly debuff the enemy's Finesse and Speed for their next turn, and can hit multiple enemies in a small, short-ranged cone. If Mudshot crits, it will debuff the enemy's Fortitude as well.
    on 3rd Shot without switching shots - The enemy is completely blasted with sludge, pushing back enemies in a large cone. If enemies collide with terrain on the knockback of this shot, they have to roll Fortitude Vs. Ren's Arcane to avoid taking 1 additional damage.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Theme Song
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  10. Asuras, is it okay if I PM you my sheet before posting it? I'll need some help with the abilities and stats (statistic wise...)
  11. Religions that advocated resistance were crushed. Otherwise they were left alone.

    That's fine!
  12. Holy canoli. First time using Iwaku again after a long long time. I forget that this site has such neat looking CS. Gonna work on mine asap. But hey, despite being a assassin guild, stealth isn't actually a requirement to join, right? As I notice in the manga, there was this girl who uses scissors.
  13. You mean Sheel?
    She was my favorite!
    Don't make me cry all over again~!
  14. Shh...It's okay. No spoiler, brah. Just kidding yeah but she was fun. Scissors were a tad weird for a weapon, since you can't really run with those, but meh, animes.
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  15. LOL. Anyways, no, you do not need to be stealthy to join. Like it was said in the OP, mercenaries are employed as well.
  16. Also, allow me to annoy you guys one last time. How do you go about and format a CS. I really like the stat box, but I, for the life of me, don't know how to do it. Is there a thread somewhere that shows you how to format a CS?
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  18. Their still room for another person? I've been looking for a dice roleplay like this since I joined.
  19. Unless otherwise noted (as specified in the OP), there is no player limit.
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