Immortality's End: Return of Gods

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    The legend went as such.

    At the dawn of time, men gave their fealty to the gods, grateful of their existence.
    In return, the pleased divines bestowed upon few men fragments of their power to use as they saw fit.
    All civilizations shared in this power, no one priding themselves in superiority over others.
    There was but one that lost this gift.

    Within the nation of Baelwill, men and women reveled in skill and power.
    To them it was the greatest proof of worth, to exercise their strength in duels and conquests.
    They flaunted their heroes and achievements, scoffing at other nations.
    As their revelry persisted, their gods began to see only shame in their behavior.
    Their gods left them.

    Defeated and ashamed, Baelwill nevertheless picked up their spirits and trudged on.
    A king arose and inspired his people to return to their former glory.
    Why did they need gods to be great?
    A great tower was built, a representation of the climb they would soon pursue.
    For years to come, through their own force of will and drive, the people of Baelwill attained their own divine strength.
    From deep within the souls of men, an unstoppable power was brought forth.
    Without gods and gifts, Baelwill forged their own strength to contest with gods.

    Then, Baelwill began its first campaign of conquest upon other nations of their world
    Even those bestowed with divine strength could not stand against them.
    The gods, fearing for their creations' safety, descended upon the world from the skies.
    The First King of Baelwill ascended his tower stretching into the skies.
    Looking over the world, he cut down each and every god that showed.

    Their power lost to them and their gods defeated, the world could only surrender beneath Baelwill's might.
    The nation bore an engineer to imprison the world.
    The nation bore a cleric that rendered their men immortal.
    For eons untold, the story of how they had risen to power vanished from minds.
    To know of the late gods was punishable.
    To speak of them was to be put to death.

    Memory of the strength men could hold was lost, and with it, the will to rise against their captors.

    Ten years ago the fourth age of man ended; Baelwill's machinations of destruction were unthinkably reduced to rubble. The arcane cannon that threatened cities with destruction fell from the sky. The arch-priestess that had rendered their knights undying was assassinated. Left with mortal -albeit impossibly skilled- and few knights to control the world as they once did, Baelwill retracted inwards, hiding behind the final weapon left to protect their capital. In those ten years, the world has struggled to retrieve its own sovereignty from the ground where Baelwill left it.

    Nations squabble over leadership, land, and power. Without a great empire gripping their reigns, organizing worldwide peace by virtue of force, new rivalries have emerged.

    The vagrant Witches of the Burned Nation congregate to discuss their future without a home.
    The great Eastern empires debate who they truly owe allegiance to; a child born of Baelwill blood, or to their own leaders?
    Ollas struggles to resurface their once proud spirituality as countless startup priests declare differing doctrines.
    The racial divisions between Alkrisia and Complies begin to broil without an empire to keep them complacent.
    Verdigris presses for retaliation against Baelwill and mobilizes for war, frightening states within Mecrundyr that once belonged to their kingdom.
    The werefolk of Mecrundyr rise from the shadows of hiding, terrorizing villages to sate their hopeful quest for growth.
    Phantom Knights of Baelwill linger across the world, hunting an unseen enemy down.

    And the problem yet remains; what if Baelwill returns to the world en masse? The nations must resolve their problems soon, lest they find themselves crippled and weak in the face of a looming and familiar enemy...

    A meeting has been organized between those of the Verdigris Empire, the Mecrundyr Republic, Ollasian Holy State, Alkrisia and Complies, and the Eastern Empires. Great caravans have come together within Mecrundyr to discuss politics, trade, and to mingle its people and cultures. What comes of it will guide the fate of these nations for years to come...​

    Immortality's End: Return of Gods is a reboot of a former roleplay I GM'd (briefly). Eventually the usage of dice was my downfall, as the responsibility I had created for myself with the dice system I used simply burned me out before I could allow the story to get far at all. With this in mind and with a clearer head, I'm hoping to try this again without the chaos of managing combat systems.

    Because I won't have the stress of managing balance, systems, rules, dice, etc... I'll be able to focus on this a lot more than I did before, and hopefully things will be able to progress much faster than normal. I'll be setting a posting deadline for each round as I see fit, but I have yet to decide how long (or short) it will be. Expect a few days at most.

    Note that when it comes to biographies (for when I put up the character sheets), players will not be inputting the traditional full bio as they see fit. Instead players will give me three major events in their character's life in minimal detail. Through PM's I will give you some additional facets of their life history to facilitate an easy means of gathering characters together for adventure. If thisis not something you are comfortable with, then please do not join.

    In addition, I will be upfront in saying that beyond an initial and straightforward plot-driving event further events and plot will be improvised according to what happened prior, rather than set in stone from the start. I find it much more fun to come with something as things go along, rather than devise what will happen from the get-go. It creates much more opportunity for interesting or unexpected things to happen. That being said, the one thing I highly stress players/characters not do is split up and go alone for extended periods of time. Just please don't. It makes my life so much harder. I don't care for brooding/apathetic characters being snorefests.



    Immortality's End: Return of Gods is set on the continental peninsula of Yismel, some 3 million square miles in area. It is attached at the northeast to a much larger continent dominated by the Eastern Empires (not labeled on map). Yismel is home to a vast array of peoples, including but not limited to humans, elves, orcs, smallfolk, werefolk, and dragons. Humans and elves make up the majority of the continent's populace.

    Yismel is divided by 6 distinct nations, with Baelwill remaining the most powerful without question.


    A mere ten years ago, Baelwill dominated the world from north to south, east and west. With the power bestowed upon them by "artificially-created" god-like knights and kings of legend and the machinations of the mythic engineer Prollont, Baelwill secured its position as an unstoppable force of conquest. Its knights were literally invincible, their cities unreachable, and their far-reaching might unquestionable. An arch-priestess possessing powers never before seen to such a magnitude could remotely revive any and all Baelwill knights from anywhere on the globe, rendering their forces immortal. An aerial arcane cannon circled the planet, primed to vaporize any city deemed "too rebellious" to waste time suppressing. With these powers, Baelwill dominated every civilization in the world for centuries, despite hailing from but a single nation.

    Ten years ago the arch-priestess was assassinated and the arcane cannon miraculously destroyed, leaving Baelwill with far less intimidation to wave about. They retreated to their nation and closed their borders, biding their time in quiet solitude.


    To Baelwill's north lies the nation of Verdigris. Verdigris, long ago, was formed of the separation of two rightful heirs to Baelwill's throne. A king valuing camaraderie and brotherhood over worship of historical idols exiled himself from the kingdom, followed by countless citizens who believed in his cause. Verdigris, like Baelwill, is a nation of knights, just as fond of aesthetics and power as their estranged brother nation. Verdigris is a constituional monarchy, presided over by a ceremonial head of state and an oligarchy of nobles, the Council of Ten. The nation is primarily made up of human citizens, with a minimal elven population and an even smaller populace of other races. Verdigrisian lands are boreal and taiga, containing the tallest mountain in Yismel, Mt. Lorelettonne.

    Verdigris currently debates the feasibility of organizing an invasion of Baelwill both out of revenge and to cripple any mounting offensives they may be hatching.


    At the heart of Yismel lies the Federation of Mecrundyr. Made up of fourteen constituent republics, Mecrundyr is often called the freest country on the continent and beyond. Having access to trade routes stretching to each end of the continent, as well as ports at each ocean, Mecrundyr enjoys an enormous amount of wealth. Being situated in a relatively warm and amicable biome too, helps portray Mecrundyr as a good place to live. It isn't without its problems, however. Werefolk, savage men, have always lived in the forests and fields of Mecrundyr. While once abundant and relatively peaceful with the more civilized populaces, Baelwill's occupation saw a bloody campaign against the werefolk that drove their kind to near extinction. With Baelwill gone, the werefolk have returned from hiding and begun to attack villages for resources to fuel their hopeful future. Mecrundyr has an equally large population of nearly every race.

    As Verdigris mobilizes for war, Mecrundyr officials have begun to recall the fact that four of their fourteen states once belonged to Verdigrisian territory prior to Baelwill's border shifting. Without an overarching force suppressing conflict between nations, Mecrundyr worries for its future.


    At Yismel's mainland south lies the Holy State of Ollas. As is quite clear. Ollas is a theocracy, presided over by an arch priest or priestess. As history goes, the legendary arch-priestess of Baelwill, Astrane, was born of marriage between a Baelwill knight and the then-arch priestess of Ollas. This knowledge however, is hearsay at best, though the people of Ollas proudly claim it to be true wherever one goes. During the Baelwill occupation, religious exercise was, while not removed, suppressed. Gatherings were still allowed, but only on particular days and for limited time. Doctrines, over time, were not analyzed as much as they used to be, leading to an "Ollasian Dark Age" of spiritual development. Ollas possesses an equal populace of elves and humans.

    With Baelwill gone, priests and priestesses have begun in earnest countless individual campaigns to raise their own doctrine interpretations above the rest. Small religious wars are anticipated.


    To the south lies an island made up of two bitter rival nations. Alkrisia and Complies (pronounced, 'Com-plea-es') share equal land on the large island, and also harbor a bloody history with one another. Powered by mere racial prejudice, Alkrisia and Complies (prior to Baelwill occupation) fought endlessly over blood feuds, resources, and extra land. Alkrisia features a purely white-elf populace, while Complies is made up of dark elf migrants from the southern archipelago (not pictured, located to the south in the Immacal Ocean). As Baelwill left, tensions quickly mounted between the two nations again, prepared as ever before to return to their old ways. An old wives tale claims that their hatred for one another is so fierce, they mutually agreed to creating a gladiatorial arena for Baelwill's entertainment, merely so they could continue killing each other.

    The flames of ancient racial prejudice are growing on the island, and war is soon to break out at a moment's notice.


    At the northeast is a land bridge, mostly unoccupied except by hamlets and micronations, that connects to the much greater continent of Ju Ren Kyo, home of the Eastern Empires. Made up of several very large nations, Ju Ren Kyo nevertheless has remained peaceful even since before the times of Baelwill's conquest. Being empires, they are necessarily formed of smaller servant nations, though they remain incredibly unified. Ages of control has led to a practical merging of the nations within these empires, to the point of seeming almost indistinguishable from one another. During Baelwill's occupation, the empires were further given greater governmental hierarchy. Marriage between Baelwill lords and Eastern nobles created the first Supreme Emperor of Ju Ren Kyo. Under the successive leadership of individuals possessing this title, the Eastern Empires were heavily unified, and remain so today.

    Despite this, the Baelwill blood remaining in the current child Supreme Emperor has many easterners questioning who they truly owe allegiance to... Warlords and emperors have begun to show their solidarity for their own nations, shaking the peace that has been maintained for so long...


    • Personality section should be just bullet points of positives and negatives. No need to go into excruciating detail.
    • Biographies should be only FOUR bullet points detailing (briefly) four individual major events in your character's life that shaped who they are today. Once your CS is accepted, I will be PM'ing you with any number of additional events they (given by me) will have had occur in their life. (Don't worry. They won't be super major things. Just events to help me tie characters together and to have things to anchor to plot!)
    • Power level of characters should be as such: Against ten-odd mundane bandits at once, your character will shine. Against a few trained knights of any nation but Baelwill, your character will be challenged but not in significant danger. Any powers that push past this ability is a no-go.
    • You may choose from any of the races I have mentioned thus far. That is, humans, elves, orcs, werefolk, smallfolk. I will not be accepting alternative fictional races.
    • Werefolk are humans who can shapeshift at will into mammalian beasts (werecats, werewolves, werebears, etc).
    • Small folk are dwarf-sized fox-ear-and-tailed people.


    Vaneil Swordbearer @ERode
    Archie Haulden @Jakers
    Ohma Ohmadon @Tyrannosaurus Rekt
    Nyxia Sarius @Reanimator Bob
    Elara Sabrae @Psyker Landshark
    Wolfram Kronschmidt @CasketCase
    Rue Selvare @Click This
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  2. I am super interested. I'll work on my character sheet right after some brainstorming.
  3. If I can figure out a reworked Rue, I'll be here.
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    The Black Beast

    "This sword of mine does not merely bear the weight of starsteel!"
    Vaneil Swordbearer




    Vaneil was born in a small community of werefolk in Verdrigris, who were more covert and civilized than their riotous relatives in Mecrundyr.

    Sent to an orphanage as a small child, while taught to hide her heritage as a werefolk, so that she may live a normal life.

    Her abnormal physical ability, noted by an altruistic knight, got her sent to a military academy, where she was noted by her masters as an “exemplar of Verdigrisian ideals”.

    She was knighted at an early age, and, since then, has been honored with various medals for her accomplishments in the defense of Verdrigris, during a time when Baelwill is too occupied to bother with the mounting military power of the northern nation.

    Essence of the Sword
    In Verdrigris, what is important is not the sword itself, but the essence of the sword. Trainees do not become squires until they are capable of performing cuts using blunt objects, and squires are not knighted until they are capable of cutting down objects at a distance far beyond the reach of a sword. This is the peculiar ability that all knights of Verdrigris are trained in, and it is said that Grand Masters are capable of cutting down flying birds with their fingers only. For Vaneil, however, her Essence of the Sword has only reached the point where she can slice through tempered steel at a range of 50 meters, as well as deflect intangible attacks.

    Aurorean Veil
    Having always been an admirer of the more graceful, dance-like fighting style of the elven knights, Vaneil has trained in the Aurorean Veil Sword Style ever since she was knighted. It is one that features fighting at mid-range instead of close-range, with the user slipping out of the opponent’s range and weaving back in for a quick flurry of blows. While graceful when one utilizes sabers or rapiers, Vaneil uses a two-handed great sword while maintaining that same speed, turning it into a black onslaught instead of a beautiful veil.

    Monster Blood
    Her heritage as a werefolk has granted her physical abilities beyond that of humans. Her conviction as a knight has honed those abilities further. Vaneil has orc-like strength, elf-like speed, and a reaction speed that allows her to cut arrows down in mid-air. Those abilities are further supplemented by her strong sense of smell and hearing. Though not to the extent of being able to heal mid-battle, Vaneil can also recover from flesh wounds and broken bones faster than the average person.

    The Black Wolf
    Though Vaneil has never willfully dipped into her heritage as a werefolk, her transformation is frightfully awe-inspiring. Growing large enough to dwarf even the largest of orcs, she shapeshifts into a bipedal canine beast with thick black fur and white eyes. In this form, her physical power is at its apex, and the attacks of inferior beings won’t even draw blood. With claws that are swords, fangs that are daggers, and a body carved of stone, Vaneil becomes an avatar of carnage, in exchange for giving up her identity as a proud knight of Verdrigris.

    The two-handed great sword gifted to her by her elven master after she entered his tutelage, it is a sword made out of a denser material than most others, heavy enough that other knights would feel uncomfortable using in extended combat. It is well-maintained, unadorned with needless embellishments, and embodies the same stalwart spirit as its user.

    Light Armor
    Though Vaneil could fight just as well if she wore full plated armor, her preference has always been a set of vambraces, gauntlets, greaves, boots, and a breastplate. Perhaps this was inspired by the fact that master-level practitioners of the Aurorean Veil style needed no armor at all due to their ability to always stay just out of reach of their opponents’ attacks. Or maybe she simply doesn’t have the money for it.

    Vaneil doesn’t need to wear them to fight, but they’re nice to have when she reads.​

  5. [​IMG]





    +Strick Moral Code

    -Keen on Ale
    -Downright embarrassing when drunk


    Growing up in Verdrigris Freya's family was close to those of nobility, but lacked the proper lineage to be considered an equal. None the less she and her family remained fairly close to certain high ranking nobles gaining favor through friendship.

    From the ages of 6 to 8 years old Freya was visited often by a mysterious Sorceress. Were she had admired knights and the sword, the Sorceress offered something new and exciting. Freya began learning the basics of magic and what it meant to transcend the common view of what was around her.

    Though the Sorceress and Freya had become close the Sorceress could not stay forever and so with her departure she gifted to Freya an ore of constant ember which was sealed inside her body and a thick leather bound book. Though Freya did not know anything about the burning ore she did grow up constantly reading of fairy tales of strange Gods and mighty hero's.

    The rest of Freya's years were spent in friendly rivalry between her and the noble boys as they competed to become the strongest of knights and spent little time learning what it meant to be a lady. As time went on she trained just as hard in the ways of the sword, but as her friends proceeded to knighthood Freya refused to accept the title. Having mastered the use of the sword, Freya could not in good conscious devote her life to something she had already mastered. Now Freya devotes her time to mastering the sword itself, becoming one with her closes companion through the art of Black Smithing. Though from time to time she can be seen delivering her weapons to those Noble Knights of the Kingdom...


    Magical Enhancement
    Despite the magical tutelage for a short time Freya continued to dabble in magic on her own. Were some sorcerers could master the elements, Freya has only been able to master internal magic. She cannot fling fire or summon ice, but she can enhance her body to the point that she could wield heavy weaponry with ease and regain her stamina for long periods of time. These are particularly handy for a black smith, as it can be strenuous work for long hours. Freya can even funnel magic into her weapons, giving them more durability and in some cases magical effects. With magic her blades are as sharp as her conviction to the strike and her arrows as explosive as her draw back.

    Weapon Mastery
    Freya knows the ins and outs of most all forms of weaponry. From their use to their overall structure, Freya could tell you all there is to know about medieval arms.

    Chivalrous Sword
    Growing up the only girl in a circle of boys forced Freya to learn how to defend herself, bare handed in most cases. However, even though she knows many tricks Freya has sworn herself to the way of Chivalry. A fight for her can only resolve with fairness and determination. A sword does not fool you with its capabilities, it simply strikes honestly with the strength of its temper. With this in mind Freya sees herself and others as less than warriors in battle and more as different calibers of swords.

    Angry Confidence
    Shes really good at being imposing. Even without her local reputation to back her up, Freya can exude such a superior and overpowering air about her that when she does can make even opponents twice her size think twice about trying to cheat or throw down with her. Just one of the things you learn when trying to survive in a world of warriors.


    Gale and Argus
    Her sword, Gale, and her shield, Argus, are Freya's favorite weapons. Both were made by her own hands and to Freya boast the pinnacle of what it means to be a sword and shield. They are both made of silver, a signature trait of all of Freya's personal weapons. Even though she values Argus immensely, she is often seen without it as she prefers a purely offensive style. Freya has been known to carry a second Gale.

    Book of The Sorceress
    Less of a carry on and more of a precious gift, the book given to her by the Sorceress simply contains tale after tale of unkown Gods and Hero's who's names shes never heard of. The stories and illustrations are so detailed at times that they read more like history than make believe.

    Mysterious Burning Ore
    Another gift from the Sorceress. Freya never did find out what the unrefined ore was that the Sorceress somehow placed inside her. The natural talent to enhance with magic was assumed to be related, but Freya could never be certain. Sometimes when over extending her magic Freya can feel a very uncomfortable amount of heartburn, this may or may not be related.
  6. @ERode
    I'll mention that werefolk, when in their beastial form, are actually much more highly susceptible to grievous injuries simply putting them out of commission. While their actual physiological defense is heightened, their recovery while in beast form is far less. All their energy is devoted to enhancing physique, so any injuries they take will be more dangerous than if they took them in human form. So to is it dangerous, as an injury taken while in beast form will translate to an even greater sustained injury if they return to human form.


    Damn did you draw those images? :O That's pretty awesome! Freya's backstory actually offers me a lot of plot devices with to engage her, so thank you for that!

  7. Sorry if this character is a little weird and out there, but I wanted to try something a bit different from the usual. Here goes!​

    'Archie' Haulden

    The Reforged Man

    Sex: Male
    Age: 35
    Race: Human
    Nationality: Mecrundyr

    +A very soft and gentle man, despite his bulky and always-armoured appearance.
    +Extremely determined and vigorous in combat. Works like a machine.
    =Selfless and caring, but also has low self-esteem.
    =Can act generally strange at times, like a 'big kid'.
    -Has very low intelligence, and is slow to catch on to things.
    -Subpar tactics; works better under orders rather than alone.

    Longer Ver. (Purely Optional Read)

    Whilst most might think of the towering suit of armour as loud, commanding, and generally scary - it's quite the opposite with Archie. Despite his appearance, Archie is a very soft and gentle man, who does his best to care for others around him. His self-esteem out of combat is very low as he's often made fun of, so he's generally quite quiet. He has a bizarre tendenciy to get particularly emotional at points - a muffled sobbing can sometimes be heard within the armour.

    Ever since the incident with his armour, Archie's intelligence has dropped rapidly, making him very dumb and slow to catch onto things - though he's not dumb to the point of a serious mental condition. He's unable to read or write, or perform simple mathematics. His low intelligence and love of animals and flowers makes Archie almost like a big kid, and although he's very strong, he just struggles to do some things alone.

    Whilst people might think this man is a joke, Archie's true strength lies in his unrelenting resolve. In combat, he may not know tactics - but if you tell Archie to do something, he'll do it to his dying breath. Archie is an unstoppable machine - although easily outsmarted - when he's dedicated to a battle, which is why people take him seriously under combat circumstances. As strange as the man is, he's an extremely valuable ally.


    >Archie was born into the life of a guardsman, to protect a trading town within Mecrundyr. His talent and everburning desire to keep others safe was very notable, and he was known for being one of the strongest and physically gifted in the town he worked.

    >However, as time passed, Archie's town became a prime target for all sorts of danger - such as bandits and pirates, but particularly rogue werewolves leftover from the slaughter. The town's high resource value yet low defence meant it was vulnerable. At this point, Archie was selected from many others from the town guard to be part of an experimental project to desperately increase the town's defence.

    >The experimental project was to equip Archie with a suit of highly enchanted armour, and reshape parts of his body to be part of an elite guard inspired by how the Baewill knights worked (though the power of this guard would be nowhere near theirs.). Despite the mages running the project said there would be dire risks as they didn't fully know what they were doing yet, Archie put his life on the line for the sake of his town.

    >The project partially worked, though Archie's intelligence was damaged in the process, and his body underneath the armour became withered and ugly - making his body partially bound to the armour. Without its enchantments, Archie was basically nothing anymore. His strength and abilities were highly increased, however, and although Archie isn't the same man he was, he's famed and given various honours for defending his town from invaders of all sorts.

    The Man of Metal
    Archie's body is partially infused with his suit of extremely tough armour - meaning that he's loud and clunky, but also extremely hard to take down. His suit of armour has little weak points - though areas such as the eye visor and gaps in other areas like the knees are still accessible. His armour - particularly his chestpiece - is responsible for almost all of his physical abilities, meaning that if it's ever forcefully ripped off or destroyed beyond repair, Archie's damaged and deformed body underneath will be easy to slay.

    Shifting Suit
    Not only is Archie's armour very durable, but he also partially controls the metal its made out of. He can reshape pieces of his armour into spikes, reinforce a certain part of his body, and repair a damaged piece if he needs to. His right gauntlet is designed in a way that it can be easily switched into a shield, and his left gauntlet is designed in a way that it can easily be morphed into a long, sharp spike, though he can improvise. When repairing his own armour, he can't do it instantly, meaning that any dents made will likely remain for most of a battle. Note that Archie can't control any source of metal - just his armour, as reshaping it is part of the enchantment.

    Strength Infusion
    Archie's body was already exceedingly strong, but when the suit of armour became a part of his life, various enchantments and spells implanted on the armour have made him a force to be reckoned with. He can run and move surprisingly fast for someone in heavy armour, and he can lift large (but not absolutely huge) objects no normal man should be able to. This allows Archie to punch, kick, and grab with extreme force - and wield weapons (or crude alternatives, like tree trunks) no normal man could fathom to wield.

    Inspiring Presence
    Even if Archie is painfully dumb, has poor tactics, and can say things that are downright stupid at times - there's one thing people can't deny. The man will never give up, and push himself to the limit even if he's missing limbs. As Archie is commonly used as a human shield to protect others, other fighters will generally feel more reassured and safe when around him. His nice yet naive attitude can make Archie allies, and inspire others to fight from behind the metal wall, or fight alongside him.

    Apart from the whole enchanted suit of armour, all Archie carries is a small leather sack tied around his shoulder, containing various personal items, and daily essentials such as rations. There are also some bizarre things Archie has collected for unknown reasons, such as various flowers, pieces of bird nests, pieces of scrap metal... etc. He also carries a crude drawing of his mother, father, and himself, with a badly drawn heart next to it. You'd think this belonged to a child if you didn't know better.​
  8. Heh, so we already have a vanguard set up, eh? Three superhuman melee kiddos. XD

    Hm, so, in regards to injury transferrance, you're saying that a twenty-inch long cut on a werefolk's beastial form will translate to a twenty-inch long cut on their human form? And, to bring in game shenanigans, beastial form would be like...increased your stats and your armor, in exchange for decreasing your HP pool then? It's harder to hurt them, but it hurts more when you do?
  9. Correct. That is exactly it.

    Looks good! I'll say with his enchanted armor, it will have been given an aspect of "Life" to it that renders it treatable as a living thing, though it maintains its actual physical composition. i.e., while still being metal, it can be healed by clerics, and is also capable of being manipulated by life magicks to a degree.

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  10. Have a magic archer in development

    Male | Twenty-Six | Smallfolk | Mecrundyr​

    Ohma Ohmadon is not the sort of name given by a sober person to their firstborn child. Ohma's mother was practically pickled by the time she delivered her son. She lazily named him, slid him into an emptied bag with a few blankets, and did what she always did best-- vanish. She was a traveling magician. She provided an odd selection of magical services to various towns. So, Ohma grew up as a nomad.
    Oddly enough, his mother never sought to change his name. Instead, she teased him about it throughout his childhood as if he had a say in the entire matter. Through her teasing, he developed some thick emotional skin. Yet, laced within her cruel jests were actual life lessons. But out of everything she "taught" him, the most important was magic. The first day that he was able to conjure an illusion was the happiest day of his life. Of course, he conjured the illusion of a deformed horse with large backside, but it still meant the world to him even it was anatomically impossible.
    Ohma's mother abandoned him at the age of ten, saying that is was better for him to forge his own path. Later in life, Ohma would hear that his mother had gotten in trouble with some very powerful people. Yet at that moment in time, he felt betrayed but prepared. He'd learned all she had to teach him, and all he had to do was apply to it his new lifestyle. It only took a few years for him to realize he was much more in tune with adapting his magic than his mother.
    As an adult, Ohma made a name for himself, but it wasn't the most altruistic of reputations. Some of this came from the investigation of his mother's disappearance. He'd ruffled a few feathers he shouldn't have. Yet, probably the most name-sake-making was when he stole from a traveling wizard by the name of Siegfried. He made off with several books and a few trinkets, most of which he sold. He says Siegfried had something to do with his mother's disappearance, but he does love to lie.

    Ohma can craft intangible illusions that are meant to confuse both sight and sound. Anything beyond those two senses is bereft from his conjuring. His illusions are usually picture perfect unless someone tries to touch them. Only those with strong willpower or acute intelligence will be able to discern them for what the truly are, immediately. Those that are inquisitive enough will figure it out, eventually.
    His mother always taught him how to protect himself while not looking like he did. He has the ability to strengthen common fibers to give him the same protection as scale mail without the weight of it. He can also make blades sharper, boots faster, or the reds in your scarf pop more... if you're into that sort of thing. He can perform similar, but opposite, enchantments to make items or clothing not as strong or useful as they appear. His enchantments do have limits, though. Needless to say, he can't take a spear at full force through the gut but, then again, he wouldn't be waiting for it.
    A non-elemental ranged energy attack that is shot from Ohma's hands. The blast is capable of powering through armor and stunning or, in the case of weaker opponents, paralyzing them. It isn't fatal, but it can be used in various ways. He can use it as a massive singular blast, several smaller blasts, or in a rain-like spray in a circle around him. When it comes to the small blasts the more that hit his opponent the exponentially worse it is. This blast has its limits, but they mostly have to do with Ohma's concentration and energy.
    Ohma can conjure a blade made of pure magic to dance around him. It acts similar to any long sword as it can pierce through cloth or non-reinforced armors and can parry and deflect like a normal blade. With more concentration it can break through heavily warded physical shields, but the stronger the barrier the more likely it is to dispel the blade. Ohma doesn't need to be touching the blade for it move and attack, it hovers around him like a phosphorous blue object. The blade is maintained through Ohma's concentration, and while he can move, use his weapons, or talk, he can't perform any other magical tasks. Also, it's fair to say, it will fade if he is knocked unconscious.

    Hand Crossbow: He always wears the collapsed version on his wrist. When it becomes active, he has to load it with bolts that he keeps on his person at all times... and are usually in some pocket or another.
    Siegfried's Rapier: Honestly, Ohma doesn't know what makes this blade important, but Siegfried kept it close to his body and had his name engraved on it. It is a fast and sharp weapon. Ohma can use it, sort of.
    Ohma's Outfit: While it seems pretty simple, if not a bit garish, he's enchanted it to protect him similarly to that of any light mail.
    Siegfried's Tomes: A set of four books that discuss magic intimately. Ohma has been looking them over and also using them as stern pillows during his travels. They maybe worth some money but he doesn't care to trade them.
    Pietro: Is a small forest bird that Ohma befriended somewhere along the way. While Pietro is far from a hawk or falcon in regard to size and attack. He is pretty good at being bright and entertaining. He is also a sounding wall for all Ohma's problems, even if the man just gets loud squawks in return.
    Survival Tools: Like all good nomads, Ohma has all the basics for survival: a bed, some tinder, rations, a waterskin, rope, and other various small oddities
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  12. Nyxia Sarius

    Sex: Female | Age: 33 | Race: Elf | Nationality: Alkrisia
    "War and pain are inseparable. Do not fight if you can't stand making both friend and foe cry."


    -Finishing the Job wins over Morals-
    -Has a very Grim outlook-
    -Often sees others as naive-

    > Nyxia grew up with her family, on the border between the two nation. Given the possible outbreaks of violence, Baelwill was ever present in her life. She saw the occasional brawl break out, but it was always quelled quickly and, most often, brutally.

    > She became a gladiator, and her skill with the bow was unmatched. She was awarded one of highest honors, a Wooden Sword, to signify her skill, and offering her the position to train others. She did this for as long as the Empire of Baelwill occupied her homeland, and the homeland of the Dark Elves.

    > After the Baelwill retreated, she left arena, and her home land all together, later traveling to Mecrundyr. However, she could not seem to earn a living, and times were tough so she survived by joining a band it highwaymen. She proved to have a knack for the craft.

    > They ambushed a heavily guarded caravan. Rumors of gold and treasures unknown to any followed the traveling pack of merchants. However, the guards had such power, one might have compared it to those of Baelwill. If they didn't know any better. All were slain, save Nyxia, who barely escaped death. When she came to, she was alone and in pain. But it was not a failure for her, for she found a ring in an ornate box where they had ambushed the caravan. This was the Ring of the Night Sky

    Bow of The New Moon

    Her ring holds strange properties. It, when activated, projects the image of a bow made from an ethereal substance. It acts completely as a normal bow, allowing usual arrows to be fired. And, in addition to it being a perfect concealed weapon, the bow acts as an implement for shadow and illusion spells, as well as fire magic energy bolts, which hold no element.
    Life as a rogue teaches plenty. Nyxia took to the way of life like a natural. She'll do whatever it takes to make sure she wins. She is a master at stealth and deception, capable of feigning death, and disappearing to finish the job, or live to fight another day.
    Pit Archer
    While under the rule of Baelwill, the arena flourished, and in the arena, a certain elf proved herself a capable adversary, winning the majority of her matches, and being spared during those she lost. Her time in the arena has given her an edge over others in close quarters archery, though she is still a great shot from afar
    Midnight Warrior
    Her ring grants her heightened physical capabilities in the dark. When under the Night Sky, she can meld into the shadows, move at impossible speeds, react faster, and perceive the world more clearly, even with little to no light. That said, while in this state, being illuminated will cause her power to weaken, and if struck suddenly by intense light, she may sustain severe damage. The darker the area, the more powerful the effect, and the consequences of bring hit with sudden bright light

    Ring of the Night Sky
    The ring that she found after her near death experience. She has only the slightest idea of how it ended up there, but it has given her great abilities, and holds vast amounts of knowledge, and perhaps even more than she is aware of.
    Wooden Sword
    Nothing physically special about this weapon. It was an award for her performance in the arena. She holds on to it to remember how she has grown as a person and a warrior, as well as to practice with to keep growing as a warrior
    Assortment of Clothes
    She has a fair pile clothes she uses to disguise herself on the highway. Some are fancy, some are rags.

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  14. 5 spots left, assuming the two new kiddos get accepted.
  15. Thanks... Though I don't think I can wholeheartedly and actively keep up with this... Sorry for just stepping in and walking out...
  16. Masked (open)


    Unmasked (open)


    Elara Sabrae

    "The spirits of my ancestors cry for vengeance."



    Dark elf




    • Born on the border between Complias and Alkrisia, Elara lost her family at a young age during a border skirmish between light and dark elves. As a result, she was taken in by a friend of the family, who was a wizard that began to teach her magic.
    • At the age of twenty, Elara set off to learn the magics of foreign lands, having learned all she could from her guardian. Eventually, she found her way to Ju Ren Kyo, spending several years there learning as much magic as she could from Eastern sorcerers.
    • During the chaos that resulted from the weakening of Baelwill, rumors of the living dead began to arise along Alkrisian border villages, further exacerbated by several villages of light elves simply being scoured of life.
    • Over the last five years, Elara has been an agent in service to the Complian government, actively working in support alongside soldiers of Complias.


    Legion of the Dead:
    Elara is a capable necromancer, able to raise the dead to do her bidding. She can either raise a small horde of lesser, unempowered undead, or charge a few individual fighters with her magic to make them capable, deadly warriors the match of any knight.

    Death and Decay:
    During her time in the far East, Elara mastered an obscure school of magic devoted to decay and rot. She can corrupt the very earth, sapping the strength from those standing in the spell, as well as begin rapidly decaying living matter with a touch.

    Call of the Grave:
    Elara's delving into necromantic magics has rendered her at least partially undead herself. Her need for rest and sustenance has greatly decreased, and her stamina increased massively as a result. As such, she can embark on a long day's march with only a few sips of water and barely an hour of sleep, and still be perfectly healthy and hardy. Her endurance in battle and pain tolerance have increased as well, leaving her able to endure crippling blows and continue fighting.

    Masked robes - A set of black robes with a metal mask to both protect her face during battle and conceal her identity.

    Skull staff - An artifact of Ju Ren mages, capable of empowering death magics such as necromancy and decay.
  17. Wolfram Kronschmidt
    Sex: Male | Age: 37 | Race: Human | Nationality: Ollas

    • Pragmatic
    • Genteel
    • Clever
    • Cynical
    • Capricious
    • Arrogant

    • Born the second son, third child of a silversmith and merchant, Wolfram was well accustomed to traveling with his parents as they sold their wares. It was during their travels through Mecrundyr during his nineth summer that they ran across the misfortune of being caught in the crossfire between the occupying Bealwill forces and the local werefolk. Shielded by the bodies of his parents, Wolfram was the only one of his family to survive.

    • Residing in an orphanage in Mecrundyr into his rebellious years, Wolfram would often leave for days on in without returning to their strict rules and curfews. He would instead choose to survive off of stealing food and his wit when the former failed. The boy's main passion during this time was to make the lives of those who served under the banner Baelwill as miserable as he could, knowing full well that they were the ones responsible for his lot in life. Although well accustomed to being beaten once they got ahold on him, Wolfram's luck nearly ran out at the hands of one particularly enraged captain; however, he was saved by the intervention of an elderly man named Emrys.

    • Taken in by Emrys, the two of them eventually make their way to a tiny hamlet located in the northeastern land bridge where they would settle down. Knowing that his age was catching up to him, Emrys decides to teach Wolfram his craft. It was sometime during these years that Emrys reveals that he was once from Baelwill but was exiled for reasons he would never say. Although initially angry at the deception, Wolfram finds that he cannot hold a grudge against his aging mentor.

    • At the age of 27 and seven months after Emrys' passing, Wolfram hears knew of Baelwill's fall and with it, confirmation that those sent to ensure that neither he nor Emrys left the hamlet were gone. With the endless possibilities of the future now opened to him, he left to return to his homeland of Ollas, making a living as a gambler and mercenary.

    Subterfuge - As a child, he stole, mugged, and lied all in the name of survival. Nowadays, he prefers the terms: "borrow", "persuade", and "twist the truth". More of a conman than an assassin, Wolfram prefers to do the talking and lets others handle the dirty work.
    Journeyman Arcana - Spending a little over a decade under the tutelage of the banished mage, Emrys, Wolfram learned much of what the elderly magician could teach. Better at analyzing and identifying magic than actually wielding it, he prefers to stick with spells that require preparation, study, and ritual rather than the riskier ones that come from uttering a few words, lobbing it at someone, and praying that it doesn't backfire on you. Perhaps it is because of this preference that he excels in alchemy and artifice.

    Grimoire Prism - Resembling a sliver of crystal that comfortably fills the palm of the hand, ending with caps of platinum and bismuth, this strange bauble stores the complete knowledge produced by Emrys. Schematics, blueprints, recipes, tomes of spells, scrolls of curses; all can be accessed with just a word of power. Once activated, the written works float around the user, and while giving the caster a vague sense of which group of materials it resides, they must pour through the pages to find the answers they seek.
    Urumi - Kept around the waist like a belt when not in use, the weapon consists of a one-handed, guarded grip connected to multiple, flexible blades. Once Emrys' personal weapon, it was specially designed for magical transference; however, Wolfram generally tends to avoid using it, considering the weapon unsafe for anything that isn't it.
    Bar Mace - Wolfram's personal weapon, modified to be a bit shorter for concealment. While nothing more than mundane steel, sometimes that's all you need.
    The Sanguine Dervish - An orb of steel the size of an apple, this single use piece of artifice harnesses the power of wind for a gruesome purpose. Once charged with magical energy, it unleashes a strong whirlwind from its hollow core. Driven by centrifugal forces, the orb breaks apart and reveals itself to be a collection of razor-blade like shrapnel.
    The Ignis Flask - Appearing to be a simple flask of dark glass at first glance, it is quickly proven to be far from such things once the top is taken off. Once introduced to oxygen, the mysterious chemical compound ignites into flame, creating a quick and easy molotov.
    Trick Coin - Neither magical in nature, nor useful in most situations, no gambler could be complete without a double-headed coin.
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  18. I changed my character a bit, so it's less "I can do ALL the magic!"
  19. Name: Ves


    Sex: Female

    Age: 65

    Race: Dark Elf

    Nationality: Complies

    Personality: Realist, Brutal, Snarky, Open Minded, Calm, Reliable


    Ves' mother could not originally conceive a child, so her father delved into some rather dark magics in order to have a baby for their family name to continue into the future. While this method did in fact work, it unfortunately resulted in Ves being born something of an abomination. Not in terms of appearance, but in terms of power and ability.

    During her adolescence, Ves learned her future assassination techniques and enlisted into the military to receive further training. Once graduating from training, Ves and her new squad were sent out on their first official mission as military personnel.

    While out on this mission, Ves' squad was greatly overwhelmed and decimated, leaving just Ves alive and cornered by the enemy. Something lurched from within her, and the dark magics that created her burst forth from deep within, forcing her physical form to mutate horrendously. Unaware of what was going on but knowing she had to survive, Ves acted on instinct and ravaged the enemy before her, until her power drained away and Ves returned to normal, or as normal as she could be.

    After this dramatic transformation, Ves could see visible signs of age, something that shocked her. She was quick to blame her transformation, and with a little research and testing, found her theories to be spot on. The dark magics that dwelled within her being gave her immense power, but they sucked away her life force as a sort of "payment". Ves, from then on, tried her absolute hardest to never use her dark magics in order to keep her age from further increasing, as to retain her young and supple appearance.

    Powers/abilities/skills: Possessing the mystic talents that her people have mastered, she used what she had in unison with her natural skill. She now has the ability to make herself harder to hear and see, She uses these skills to help her move undetected. Also being able to give herself a burst of speed when needed, gives her the ability to get away quickly. she can enhance reflexes, eye sight and hearing as well. To add to that, as mentioned above, Ves possesses vast dark magics within her, and if needed or necessary, can call upon them for an immeasurable boost in power, at the cost of her life force.

    Equipment: Chained dagger: A dagger that has been passed down through her family, possessing the raw essence of each previous wielders raw mystic power. Though she does not have the ability to wield it properly.

    Her two main daggers, one being named 'Dysphoria' and the other being named 'Euphoria'.
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