Immortality's End: Return of Gods

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    The legend went as such.

    At the dawn of time, men gave their fealty to the gods, grateful of their existence.
    In return, the pleased divines bestowed upon few men fragments of their power to use as they saw fit.
    All civilizations shared in this power, no one priding themselves in superiority over others.
    There was but one that lost this gift.

    Within the nation of Baelwill, men and women reveled in skill and power.
    To them it was the greatest proof of worth, to exercise their strength in duels and conquests.
    They flaunted their heroes and achievements, scoffing at other nations.
    As their revelry persisted, their gods began to see only shame in their behavior.
    Their gods left them.

    Defeated and ashamed, Baelwill nevertheless picked up their spirits and trudged on.
    A king arose and inspired his people to return to their former glory.
    Why did they need gods to be great?
    A great tower was built, a representation of the climb they would soon pursue.
    For years to come, through their own force of will and drive, the people of Baelwill attained their own divine strength.
    From deep within the souls of men, an unstoppable power was brought forth.
    Without gods and gifts, Baelwill forged their own strength to contest with gods.

    Then, Baelwill began its first campaign of conquest upon other nations of their world
    Even those bestowed with divine strength could not stand against them.
    The gods, fearing for their creations' safety, descended upon the world from the skies.
    The First King of Baelwill ascended his tower stretching into the skies.
    Looking over the world, he cut down each and every god that showed.

    Their power lost to them and their gods defeated, the world could only surrender beneath Baelwill's might.
    The nation bore an engineer to imprison the world.
    The nation bore a cleric that rendered their men immortal.
    For eons untold, the story of how they had risen to power vanished from minds.
    To know of the late gods was punishable.
    To speak of them was to be put to death.

    Memory of the strength men could hold was lost, and with it, the will to rise against their captors.

    Ten years ago the fourth age of man ended; Baelwill's machinations of destruction were unthinkably reduced to rubble. The arcane cannon that threatened cities with destruction fell from the sky. The arch-priestess that had rendered their knights undying was assassinated. Left with mortal -albeit impossibly skilled- and few knights to control the world as they once did, Baelwill retracted inwards, hiding behind the final weapon left to protect their capital. In those ten years, the world has struggled to retrieve its own sovereignty from the ground where Baelwill left it.

    Nations squabble over leadership, land, and power. Without a great empire gripping their reigns, organizing worldwide peace by virtue of force, new rivalries have emerged.

    The vagrant Witches of the Burned Nation congregate to discuss their future without a home.
    The great Eastern empires debate who they truly owe allegiance to; a child born of Baelwill blood, or to their own leaders?
    Ollas struggles to resurface their once proud spirituality as countless startup priests declare differing doctrines.
    The racial divisions between Alkrisia and Complies begin to broil without an empire to keep them complacent.
    Verdigris presses for retaliation against Baelwill and mobilizes for war, frightening states within Mecrundyr that once belonged to their kingdom.
    The werefolk of Mecrundyr rise from the shadows of hiding, terrorizing villages to sate their hopeful quest for growth.
    Phantom Knights of Baelwill linger across the world, hunting an unseen enemy down.

    And the problem yet remains; what if Baelwill returns to the world en masse? The nations must resolve their problems soon, lest they find themselves crippled and weak in the face of a looming and familiar enemy...

    A meeting has been organized between those of the Verdigris Empire, the Mecrundyr Republic, Ollasian Holy State, Alkrisia and Complies, and the Eastern Empires. Great caravans have come together within Mecrundyr to discuss politics, trade, and to mingle its people and cultures. What comes of it will guide the fate of these nations for years to come...​

    Immortality's End: Return of Gods is a reboot of a former roleplay I GM'd (briefly). Eventually the usage of dice was my downfall, as the responsibility I had created for myself with the dice system I used simply burned me out before I could allow the story to get far at all. With this in mind and with a clearer head, I'm hoping to try this again without the chaos of managing combat systems.

    Because I won't have the stress of managing balance, systems, rules, dice, etc... I'll be able to focus on this a lot more than I did before, and hopefully things will be able to progress much faster than normal. I'll be setting a posting deadline for each round as I see fit, but I have yet to decide how long (or short) it will be. Expect a few days at most.

    Note that when it comes to biographies (for when I put up the character sheets), players will not be inputting the traditional full bio as they see fit. Instead players will give me three major events in their character's life in minimal detail. Through PM's I will give you some additional facets of their life history to facilitate an easy means of gathering characters together for adventure. If thisis not something you are comfortable with, then please do not join.

    In addition, I will be upfront in saying that beyond an initial and straightforward plot-driving event further events and plot will be improvised according to what happened prior, rather than set in stone from the start. I find it much more fun to come with something as things go along, rather than devise what will happen from the get-go. It creates much more opportunity for interesting or unexpected things to happen. That being said, the one thing I highly stress players/characters not do is split up and go alone for extended periods of time. Just please don't. It makes my life so much harder. I don't care for brooding/apathetic characters being snorefests.

    Post if you're interested! I'm hoping to get a handful of interested players before putting up an OOC.
  2. So uh, can I play Amulak again? Really wanted to do more with him.
  3. Chomp chomp.
  4. Sure. Perhaps a toned-down version of Amulak. People won't be as powerful as they were in the first iteration. He'll be able t have the whole necro-magick shebang but will at most be a necromancer capable of raising a handful of undead at one time.
  5. I'll dabble into this I feel
  6. Click with the power abuse. XD

    Anyways, are our characters supposed to be top-tier individuals in the world? Like, important people who will actually do something, such as attend that meeting? Or is there going to be some other sort of organization set up by those important people, that our characters are going to be a part of? Or is this more sandbox-y?
  7. No. Consider yourself capable fighters (because I'm sure all of you will be fighters in one way or another xD), but nowhere near top-tier. Think... a tier above our characters in SH. Could take on a number of mooks at once, or a couple well-trained mooks at once.

    You'll all be starting off in relatively the same place (the cross-continental gathering). It'll be slightly sandbox'y for a few posts, then things will happen that will give it a focus.
  8. I would like to join this rp.
  9. Sounds great! I'll definitely come check out the OOC when it's released.

    Quick questions though: now that there's no strict combat system, I'm guessing most fights will be done freeform/through collabs? And for our CS, will we still have 'ability' slots to muck around with, or will we just have people going full-on freeform with their special moves? (Within reason, of course.)
  10. Freeform everything \o/
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  11. I would like to join as well
  12. Definitely interested if there's any space left.
  13. 7 spots are available.
  14. How do perceive elves?
  15. Feels like you're missing a word or two in that question there, Zessel.
  16. I didn't even see that, sorry. How do you perceive elves? Thank you, ERode.
  17. Still not sure what you're asking here though. XD

    Assuming that you're talking about what elves are like in this RP, I think it's safe to just go with generic anime elf stereotypes. Long-lived, pointy-eared, nature-loving, magically-inclined kiddos and all. OOC might have more info on them though.
  18. i am now on an actual computer. well it really doesn't matter now, as i have made my character. the ipad i was on was to blame, writing on that thing is a pain. i try to keep writing on that THING to a minimum.
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