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    Themes: Fantasy, Assassins, Dice, Rebellion, Terrorism
    Inspiration(s): Akame ga Kill

    OOC Information:
    Immortality's End is based upon a setting I've been pondering for some time now, and with free time available to me, I think I'm ready now to start up another roleplay to GM. Immortality's End is meant to be a culmination of GM'ing ideas I've picked up over the years, and so I'm hoping it will kick off strong and maintain steam for a long time. For everything to work, players are expected to be consistent within a posting schedule; rules will be strictly enforced. As it is currently, there isn't an expected player cap. Unlike in other roleplays, I will be presenting pre-made missions to players to ease the difficulty in managing potentially numerous players.

    I'm hoping to give players chances at taking meaningful decisions, with tangible and obvious consequences. There will be room for character improvement throughout, and danger will be ever-present; expect for your character to have many close calls, even outright death. All players who join will always have a spot open should their character die. Note also that dice will be used, so many of your character's actions and fates will be determined in part, by randomness.


    The world is conquered.

    Untold ages ago an Empire managed the unthinkable, and through the power of an overwhelmingly more advanced force, took control of the entire globe. North and South, East and West; all was controlled by the massive, singular country. And through their technological might, they managed to maintain this grip on the world's nations.

    A series of three systems, dubbed the 'Gauntlet' in various languages, ensured the Empire would not be wrested of its power. It was impenetrable, unbeatable, and unbearable. So powerful were they, that the mere prospect of defeating their forces or standing against them was akin to defying the gods themselves. Soon, the thought itself was lost.

    The 'Angel' was the most obvious of the three systems; a massive structure, far into the sky, that looked down silently upon countries and men. The Angel was how rebellions were crushed, and the prospect of them ever starting again silenced. Defiant cities and nations were reduced to molten slag in an instant by the angel, which could strike any location within mere minutes. So potent and efficient is its power that none dare utter the words 'rebellion'. Rumors abound that the Angel itself can hear them from space.

    The 'Priestess' is what sustained the Empire's spartan army. Through her endless reserves of magical energy and unparalleled healing potency, the Empire could ensure its knights were, quite literally, immortal. Dead knights of the Empire would rise from the mud, seemingly unharmed, and continue their campaign with unhindered efficiency. As each knight had surpassed the ideas of "expendable" or "invaluable", each was a walking champion, trained from birth to be as skilled a warrior as was physically possible. Their immortality, coupled with their unquestionable skill only served to further the terror the Empire could extend across the planet.

    Through the 'Phalanx', the Empire could protect its seat of power. Though they may be considered paranoid, always worried, the Empire's Royal Family nevertheless remained unquestionably safe. A wall of army-destroying arcane cannons protect the Empire's capital city, able to destroy everything that lay in its sights. No opposition has ever stepped within miles of the capital without being suddenly and mercilessly vaporized.

    Thanks to this gauntlet of power, the Empire has maintained control over the world, sapping wealth into its Royal Family for eons untold. None rise up against them, knowing full-well that their meager heroism cannot stand against the Empire. Nations can only mumble in anger at their situation, doomed forever to being a vassal.

    This status quo was shattered in but a single, fateful day.

    In a miraculous flash of light, the Angel burst into countless pieces, raining down to the earth like a shower of meteorites.
    Within the same day, the capital city was sent into fits of terror and anguish as a hooded assailant revealed the severed head of the Priestess for all to see.

    In but a day, the Empire had shrunk back, and its armies had lost their immortality. The prospect of rebellion had suddenly become possible. As the Empire's army had replaced the armies across the world, there were none but angry farmers and city folk who could actually defy the lingering might of the Empire. Against their heroic monstrous knights, however, there was still little hope.

    Power had to be returned slowly.

    A guild of assassins was formed to meet this difficulty.


    In Immortality's End, you will be playing as a member of the Bloodpeace Guild, newly formed and prepared to aid countless nations in ridding of the Empire's presence. The guild employs assassins and small bands of less discrete mercenaries to take on Empire VIP's and knights, in hopes that space may be made for nations to form their own armies. Newly initiated, you will first take on a low-tier but nevertheless important mission alongside others.

    The danger is great, but you are being counted on to complete the mission, and continue onto even greater tasks as you continue to grow as a tool of rebellion.
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  2. Bam. I'll be the one to post first every round now.
  3. Ho, I read the manga a while back and thought 'Dis would make a nice RP'. So of course I'd be interested. Question though, are we gonna have stats or skills available as modifier for the rolls? Or do we let the dice lord decide the outcome of every action?
  4. You'll be deciding on your character's stats, which will be used in dice rolls. I'll be explaining mechanics, so that at the end of your IC posts you will roll a certain amount of dice using Iwaku's roller.
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  5. Guess I'll have to do some character brainstorming, huh?
  6. You know me; I'll be up for another Suras RP. Akame ga Kill is one of the few animes I've watched right through to the end, and I loved it.

    I have a few characters in mind that'll work here, so count me in~.
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  7. Oh yeah, most importantly...

    How many abilities do we get to powergame with in the beginning? :3
  8. Ooh, also, what kind of technological level will we be at? I'm assuming firearms are 1900's-esque (though I imagine The Empire might have some real advanced things), because I'm thinking of making a sniper/support kind of character who tinkers with/produces weapons and such.
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  9. Probably only 3.

    The Empire uses magitech, which really is just some automatic spell-generating stuff that operates mechanisms. Semi-automatic firearms are ok, either through gunpowder or magitech (which is mostly employed by the Empire, though there's no reason it couldn't seep out into some other people's hands).
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  10. To confirm then, there's nothing like spellslinging weaponry, right? Like swords that shoot out fireballs or grenades of insta-heal?
  11. Wouldn't a healing grenade just be like, a healing throwing potion?
    As for something like spell-slinging weapons, they could be styled after firearms, otherwise its more of an 'enchantment' thing for melee weapons (imbued with elemental aspects, etc).
  12. Having those sorts of magical equipment would count as an ability though, right? Or are you going to give more leeway in regards to what magical enhancements count as something worthy of being an ability now?
  13. Interest. I has it.
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    Interest? Check.
  15. And thus, the flood has come.

    Now if only there was Meira. Need someone worth stacking shit tons of Finesse for...
  16. Meira has been offline for 149 days on Steam, rip, I'll never forget you ;w;.
  17. Might as well complete the bandwagon at this point.
  18. Alright well I guess if there's a bandwagon I might as well form the OOC.
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    Is there room for one more still?
  20. Asuras wanted at least eight, cause he really does want to kill people, so yeah, there should be room.
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