Immortal [Male werewolf needed]

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  1. I've been looking to roleplay something that is of the paranormal romance genre. Here is a plot that I have in mind:

    He is a creature of the night – a werewolf - something unseen by humanity. He worries more about the politics of his people rather than the petty worries of mortals. However, something has begun to worry him. He is unsure of what it is, but it may disrupt his world.
    One night, during just a normal stroll down the streets, he encounters a gruesome scene – the body of a human woman unfortunate enough to become some creature’s meal. As he’s about to leave, a noise draws him closer to the scene - close enough for him to realize that the human is still alive. While he doubts that she will live, he is compelled to help her. Taking her from the streets, he offers his home as a sanctuary.
    He believes that if he cannot heal her, perhaps she will at least be able to die in peace. However, his worrying doesn’t amount to much, as in a matter of hours, the woman is awake and her wounds have healed. For while she may appear to be your average Jane, working at the local bakery and taking college courses on the side, she is far from “average”. The fact of the matter is that she is unable to stay dead. Perhaps the best explanation would be that her body possesses some sort of super healing ability – some mutation that occurred to make her a little less human. All she knows is that a bullet to the heart will keep her down for days at most – enough time to end up in the morgue but luckily not 6 feet under. But this time she’s not in a morgue, and her little secret of immortality just may rattle a world that has long been cloaked in darkness. Add cupid's arrow to the mix and all hell just might break loose.

    I would play the role of the immortal girl.

    However is a more simple werewolfxhuman plot interests you more, I'm willing to roleplay that. Also let me know if you have any questions. :)