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  1. This story begins as any other horror story would. Only it isn't.
    Atop a hill, the school stood. Dark clouds surrounded it at all times, and the rain beat down heavily. A depressing and frightening sight that would turn any mortal away screaming for their lives. But this is not an academy for mortals. It is one for the creatures of the night, and the ones that are shunned. It is a society that tears away from the mortal world and creeps into the world that is the immortal.
    I know what some of you are thinking.
    It is scary.
    Unclean and unkept
    and rotten.
    But it is not any of that you see~
    Vampires are actually a very clean species.
    Werewolves protect its surroundings.
    Fairies and pixies cook the most delectable meals.
    And Elves can make the Science classes fun with their magic.
    So you see, it is not a bad place to go at all. If you are immortal.
    Well...Its hard to get a visual with me just explaining now, is it? Lets go inside, where the real magic happens, shall we?

    Kiyomi took a deep breath, walking up the hill to the academy. It was rainy and windy, though some how peaceful. Like she belonged there. Her long, red hair almost dragged the ground as she walked into the dungeon-like doors. They made sure everyone made an entrance. Her dull red eyes scanned the hallways, making note of all the creatures there.
    Werewolves, vampires, pixies. She didn't quite like pixies. With a small grin, she walked through the east entrance hallway, clutching her books tight to her chest, her eyes scanning through as she went.
    Kiyomi was a very quiet vampire, she didn't speak unless spoken to. And even then gave the simplest of answers. Not to mention she was short, and made fun of often. Vampires were supposed to be flawless, but it was a major flaw in the eyes of her species.
    "Room 209." She spoke softly to herself, looking at her schedule. She looked up, and there it was, room 209. English class.
    She took another deep breath, "Here goes nothing I suppose," and walked in.
  2. Liam was dropped off at an entrance of a school and looked back at his parents...human ones. He looked and smiled a little "Have fun, Liam!" the said. The only thing was, Liam isn't human. He's um...a vampire but is also a elf. He's a hybrid. His father fell for an elf and the made him. Both parents wasn't to happy so they wanted to destroy Liam, but his parents didn't allow that. So, that's where his human parents come in, the took him in like he was already family. Anyways, Liam walked up the hill and into the academy. He ran his head through his hair and his greyish white crystal blue eyes scanned the inside of the school. Sometime came up to him and smiled "Welcome. You must be Liam, here is your schedule. Nice eyes by the way. Your fist class is right over their. Room 209. Don't be shy." the woman said as Liam looked ahead and started walking. He stopped at the room and saw a girl walk into the class with hesitation, he knew how she felt, but he needed to grow the balls and do it. So he did and walked in. The room had all sorts of people in it of different species. Some looked at him and some didn't. He saw the girl that walked in and then looked at a seat open and sat in it. He can tell from the looks he was the first of his kind to be in the class...probably in the whole school. "What the hell am I doing here..." he said to himself but under his breath.
  3. She sensed someone behind her, and quickly glanced back. The hell? He smelled weird, like a vampire, but...also not a vampire. She raised an eyebrow but didn't say a word. She knew what it was like to be picked on, and it wasn't the greatest of feelings in the world. Instead of her height though, as she walked in the room the creatures made note of her ridiculously long hair. With that she just stuck her nose in the air, and took a seat. And the vampire/not vampire kid took a seat right beside her. She put her books on the desk and her hands in her face. Maybe she should have just gone to a regular school. Though the smell of the blood would be uncontrollable there.

    "Good morning, class!" A witch walked in, green hair, and happy as can be. "Let me be the first to welcome you to Immortal Academy!" She smiled, and snapped her fingers. English books suddenly appeared on each desk, and the Witch smiled. "My name is Mrs. Talia."

    Kiyomi blinked as the book appeared before her eyes. She'd never encountered a witch before, they seemed interesting enough. Her eyes though scanned to the boy sitting next to her, curious to his reaction.
  4. Liam just sighed and thought 'More English and now another Witch whos is probably going to take interest in who I am..."Oh! Look! We have a half Vampire and half Elf in our class, do welcome him!!" this outta be fun..' he thought as he looked at the girl who was looking at him. His greyish white crystal blue eyes looked into hers, no vampire had those eyes, they were unique. He just gave her a little smile and looked at the teacher and waited to be called upon so she could announce to the whole class and school what type of breed he is. It wasn't bad that they knew, he was just worried what everyone would he prepared.
  5. Half vampire half elf?! She blinked. No wonder he smelt so weird. She didn't mind, her cousin was an elf, and he was quite the smart one. She gave a smile back at him and then rolled her eyes at the teacher, who was purposefully louding him out. "M-maybe he doesn't want to be called out like that." Kiyomi spoke up to the Witch, the first time she'd spoken up about anything.
    "Kids can be cruel, ya know?" She said, sitting up a little taller.
  6. He looked at the girl and just stared as she sat up "It's fine...I don't mind it..I'm use to it.." he said as he looked at the teacher and then walked away. All the kids just watched him some spoke to each other. He could hear what they were saying but some weren't all that bad besides the Werewolves. A female elf just winked and smiled at him, but he turned and sat down and shook his head "Not again...oh..and don't listen to what they..say about your height, I know a vampire who is a midget and can whoop anyones ass on the class. So don't feel bad. And, it's beautiful. Long hair symbolizes royalty and honor. Don't forget that.." he said as he looked away and looked into the book..he already read all this "Um...Ms I already these before.." he said but looked at it anyways.
  7. With a small blush, she gave a smile to him. "And what you are is really cool." She smiled. "Honestly, the only one I know've probably got the smarts and powers that only one could dream of having. Hopefully you're taking a class that will reveal those wonderful things." She said, and too, looking into the book. Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven." Kiyomi only smiled. "Well she has good taste at least." She said, as she licked the tip of her finger, and turned the page to read the beautifully written poetry in her text book.

    Soon enough, the class was over and Kiyomi looked up from the book, realizing she paid absolutely no attention in class. She shrugged her shoulders. Oh well. She closed her book gently, and stuffed it in her bag, then gathered the rest of her books, about to get up out her seat, and find her next class.
  8. Liam smiled at what she said about his powers and what not. "Lets hope I never have to use them." he said as he looked at his schedule and saw that his next class was Offense and Defense, he frowned. The bell rang and he got up and looked at the girl and smiled "I'm Liam. Nice too meet you. I'll...see you around." he said as he walked out the door.
    He walked to the gym and opened the doors. He saw a huge man with nothing but gym shorts on, which seemed like the trainer. He looked down and shook his head. He saw some of the guys and girls from the other class was in here.

    (ooc: do you think you can play as the trainer and some of the guys and girls? Just wondering.)
  9. Kiyomi looked up at him, and before she could react to his sweet words, he was gone. Once gone, she got up, and took her time walking to her next class. Offense and Defense. Something she needed more than desperately.
    She set down her bag, and then looked to her left. Lockers with everyone in the classes name on one, and inside, a tank top, and a pair of shorts. "Damn it." She hissed, going to her locker and taking them out, wondering where it was she was supposed to change. While looking around, she caught Liam out the corner of her eye, and she watched him. He looked quite lost, as she was.

    The trainer folded his arms across his chest, waiting for the class to all be there. "Alright everyone." He called out in a manly voice. "Get changed into your clothes provided for you in your locker, and meet back here in five minutes." He said, certainly not one to mess around.

    "Five minutes?" Kiyomi rolled her eyes. "This wasn't gonna be fun at all." She sighed, still wondering where she was supposed to change.
  10. Walking up to the building she looked up at it for a while before going in, her hair was long to her feet and slightly curly and black. Clutching on the messagerbag tightly as she walked in getting her schedual reading it as she went down the hallway a smile appeared on her face, and hugged the paper going to her first class, Chemistry. Yes!

    As she went through the first work of the class, which was pretty easy for the day. Next she had P.E after awhile she could feel the stares of some students, but she didn't pay any mind. Though a sigh escaped her lips...her locker was up higher then her.

    Adjusting her messagerbag a bit, four claw like legs appeared on her back giving her a boost to her locker. Once opening it taking her P.E clothes out afterwards she went to go find where to change. Her big black eyes scanned the room for the changing room. Soon she was walking to the changing room.
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  11. Roman ran to his classroom, a bit late in his dark wolf form. he rammed other people who stood in front of him. as he ran through, his black fur shone in the lighting of the hallways. finally he got to room 209 and burst through the door. then, he went back to his original human form and walked over to a desk and put his books down. he quickly got out his notebook and pencil.
  12. He didn't nowhere to change so he just took off his shirt, showing his abs, and then his pants, he had gym shorts on under them. A kid bumped into him on purpose and laughed about. Liam caught his balance and shook his head. Liam looked up and saw the girl from his other class and walked over to her, still his shirt off. "You lost? I think the changing room is either the restrooms or over their. Nice to see you again..Kiyomi." he said with a smile and walked out of the locker room and into the gym arena.
  13. Dammit, she was late, late late!

    Evelyn Rhinestone ran, subtly boosting her speed with her powers - praying to dear Eris that she would make it in time for her Offense and Defense class. On the other hand, she was so killing her roommate who had oh-so-nicely decided to tamper with her alarm clock on her first day. Thank the Gods that she had been present for the orientation a week or two ago. While there were clothes provided in the school, the long-haired brunette had decided (wisely, it seemed) to at least have a spare of all required school attire in her home.

    Finally, the school appeared and she burst through the doors - ignoring the stares that she received and immediately continued making her way towards the gym, opening the doors.

    Glancing at her watch, the sapphire-eyed girl let out a sigh of relief. She had made it in time. The female vampire elf spoke to the trainer. "Evelyn Rhinestone, present, sir."
  14. As in every school, human or not, you'll always encounter the meanest and nastiest person. They call him the bully, and in the Immortal Darkness Academy, you had Ethan Rowe.

    "Hellooo my fellow classmates," he said, walking into the Offense and Defense class. He smiled at the faces that seemed to be snarling and growling back at him. He walked in quite cockily. "Ethan Rowe present sir!" he mocked. He playfully stood as if he were a soldier and saluted the trainer from afar. Behind him Ethan's posse walked in. They were all elementals just as Ethan was. There were five guys in the posse excluding Ethan. Ethan's closest friend Cole who had the power to manipulate and produce Electricity at any given moment, then there was Ashley, Ethan's girlfriend. She was a water and ice elemental. Rob was the youngest, but the toughest. He was an earth elemental, and last but not least Ted, the joker of the posse. He controlled air.

    They snickered and carried on after watching Ethan mock Evelyn. They were all in there gym uniforms already. Being part of this school for a while got them used to the daily trials that came with being part of this school. Cole smirked at the trainer who's face seemed to be turning red in anger at this point. "Don't blow your head off buddy. You need that ugly piece of crap that's on your shoulders. You wouldn't be able to yell at people if you didn't have it." Ethan winked at the coach and waited for the loud lecture to come his way.
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  15. Daemon walked into the gym class, not bothering to see the teacher at all. He walked to the furthest corner and sat down, his body slumping against the wall in ease. His pale green eyes glanced around the gym in a curious manner, not bothering with making any opinions of anyone. He gave a yawn, his slender hand moving to his mouth. Once he yawned, he played with his pure white hair, making it stand on end in a spiked manner.

    He watched curiously as everyone else filed into the gym class. His eyes taking in the appearance of all of the people who entered the place. He gave a grin, chuckling to himself. He watched as the hoodlums came into the room, their presence angering him for no reason. He simply didn't like them from the way they acted, being all cocky and arrogant. There was no excuse to be that way.

    Daemon stood up slowly, walking over to where they all were. He had a goofy grin on his lips, his eyes dancing with amusement. He licked his lips in a mildly hungry manner, similar to that of an animal on the prowl. He glanced down at his clothes and tilted his head, remembering he had to change. Waving his hand, the clothes on him shifted to his gym clothes. He did a little spin as he walking around the group, nearly falling on his face. He stood up a second before falling, stopping himself. Other kids chuckled and laughed, he was still grinning mildly.

    "Daemon Quil," he greeted easily to both the teacher and the other students. He slipped his hand in his pockets, waiting for gym to start. There was no reason for him to join it other than for a cold, giddy amusement of possibly making the annoyances around him fade to not needed bystanders.
  16. (Damn Destiny_921, I was hoping to be the only and first of his kind...and in the school.) Liam just rolled his eyes at the man that walked in and acted like a soldier. 'Idiotic...' he thought. Dude looked like a jock or something, he looked at Kiyomi and smiled a bit and then looked at the teacher and then the guy spoke "Dude, shut up. Lets get this class started." he spoke loudly, the gym kind of shook and he didn't know how that happened. When he gets annoyed his powers get stronger..people don't realize how strong a half vampire and half elf is.
  17. "Lost?" She repeated, then looked up, only to see Liam, and with that she gave a light grin. "y-yeah...just a little." Though after that was said, she looked to her left, and sure enough the changing rooms were straight ahead. "Nice to see you too..." she said, softly, then went to go change.

    After she changed, she walked out the changing rooms, her long red hair pulled up into a neat pony tail that swung from side to side when she walked. When she stepped out, she saw that the class was filling up quite quickly. The late ones, a few shy, and one big all-about-himself guy. She shook her head, she didn't have the patience for that kind of person. Her dull red eyes scanned the room as she walked to the center of the gym, watching everyone silently.

    (ooc; anyone else can take over as the gym teacher as they please)
  18. Lilith walk into the room not paying attention to where she was walking. She was the odd girl, the one who said random things that wouldn't be relevant to the conversation. Or the one that would insult people without realizing it, or the one that would act all smart and confident when in reality she was shy and introverted. Her rich brown hair and glowing light brown eyes easily gave away her deep connection with nature due to her being an earth elf; and if that didn't gave away then maybe the leaves stuck to her hair would. Making her way to the changing rooms, she bumped into some guy near the entrance. "Sorry... I didn't know walls could move..." she said, without even looking at the person and kept walking towards the changing room. Passing by the teacher she said her name, nodded and continued on her way. "Lilith Castellano" She was accustomed to the school routine since she wasn't new to the school. She have been coming to Immortal Academy when she was younger to watch her mother teach but after her mother passed away, she stop coming and was sent to live with some distant relatives. Now, here she was again on the same school her mother use to teach and held many memories.

    After changing off her uniform, she went back into the gym and stood near the teacher and the other students waiting for instructions. A far away look could be seen in her eyes, though that didn't meant she was not aware of her surroundings.
  19. Daemon gave a short, shrill whistle and chuckled. He was looking around at all of the interesting people there. He could weakly tell what every was, or partially was. He looked down at himself and chuckled more. He knew he looked like some eccentric elf, he knew he smelled like it too, for the most part. In his mind, he could see his body similar to how the others must see it. His features seemed a little too sharp here and there or a little off. The same went for his scent, it was of an elf though it held a mild undertone of pure darkness. He wondered if anyone could tell that the undertone was his real species. He was a demonic shapeshifter, able to change from one race to another by will. Though at the moment his powers of shifting were limited from him partially be sealed and him not being fully 'awake' with his demonic powers.

    The gym teacher gave a chilled grin to the class. "Does anyone here really know what Offense is?" he said, his voice loud and powerful. He leered over the class, his eyes tempting for someone to answer and be shot down. The teacher had a carnivorous look on him, a yearning for some type of fight.

    "Oh! I do! I do!" Daemon said. "Isn't it when you boom bam pow?" As he said what he did, he pretended to throw punches in the air, making them as dramatic as they could possibly be. As soon as he stopped, he gave a cheerful grin. He acted oblivious to the small amounts of laughter that he received.

    The gym teacher didn't seem to react as well as some of the other students. His face went red, his eyes hard and cool. He walked forward, his fury for the mild joke pulsing around him like almost visible flames. He got close top Daemon and gave a wolffish grin. "No, it's this," he said before seeming to disappear.

    Daemon ducked as a punch was thrown over his head, his body rolling onto the floor. He kept moving, dodging the stomps and swings of the gym teachers legs. He slid across the ground, the teacher quickly following him. Daemon kept his grin on, his body always just out of reach from the teacher.

    Daemon stopped suddenly, his back against the gym wall. He looked at the grinning teacher. He felt the other students stares. He knew that look. It was the look of disbelief. They all believed he would be killed since he joked with one of the teachers that you didn't joke with, especially about his class.

    Daemon sighed. The teacher gave one last swing, his fist aiming towards Daemon's chest. Daemons side stepped, grabbing the arm and swung his leg up. It briefly connected with the teachers side. He gave a grin. "So that's what offense is, sir."

    The teacher looked down in disbelief. Daemon continued to grin. "And evasion and strategy and defense," Daemon concluded before sticking his tongue out playfully. He sat down where he was, chuckling to himself even though his body still hurt. He had taken a lot of close calls from the teacher, getting briefly touched here or there.

    The teacher seemed to have lost his fury completely and turned back to the class. He walked over. "Find partners and practice basic manovering. Let your instincts guide you. So, get started!"
  20. Brian was not scared of leaving his parents or home but an new school felt daunting as he wasn't like any other of the kids at school but for sure he wasn't truly human. "bye champ have a good time at school and remember to ring" Brian's dad said as he ruffled his hair and headed back to his car. his dad well was so good he could of easily passed for a mortal but not quite as when he got angry people seemed cower the next day upon hearing his name which was strange for some one so short to be precise his dad was of dwarven origin and had the beard to match. on the other hand his mother was tall and graceful and is a Elf half blood so is part human but she still has the ears of a elf. Brian him self was around 6ft tall and had the features of a normal human being but was twice the strength of a normal mortal and could use magic.
    Brian walked up the steps and enters through the heavy wooden doors.
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