Immortal Bonds III: Dark Embers

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  1. Okay. I dislike writing these huge info bits. My reclusive ways have spoiled me as of late. That and I got used to selling ideas on concept pitches, and moving forward as a group from there. I don't like doing too much work without my co-writers on group ideas. Sells you guys short out of the gate.

    Anyway, here goes Iwaku. I'ma simplify this whilst getting the idea across effectively (or at least try). Hope this one works.

    This series is twice-proven successful. The first rp had roughly 523 posts, and 4300 some-odd views.

    The second rp had roughly 1000 posts and the last I checked (about a year ago) it had mustered over 3000 views.

    This is a classic from my vault of stories, and I'd be thrilled to have you be a part of it.

    Immortal Bonds works like this:

    First you have to understand the Gods.

    Zeus doesn't exist. He was in all likelihood Rangar (God of Sky and Thunder) having some fun with ancient Greeks (can you blame him?).

    No, the real Gods are much more of a let-down. They are arrogant, cold, self-absorbed. They have abandoned the human race.

    There are six Greater Gods. But before I even get started, it's important you know, these gods play such a minute role in the story itself, that you needn't get caught up in the whole 'God Drama' and general cheesiness. This story is about everyday lives of immortal Demi-gods. NOT the affairs of Gods themselves. These deities only effect our characters. The abilities they got from their parents. The only god to really play a large role in the story is Baluk. But he NEVER appears himself, I ruled on that from square one. No God Involvement. I'll get into Baluk's story later.

    Akuvasha Goddess of Creation and Light

    Baluk: God of Destruction and Darkness

    Celeste: Goddess of Love and Peace

    Serpentus: God of Hatred and War

    Tallis God of Truth and Justice

    Hyku Goddess of Wisdom and Fortune

    Depending on who your the child of, there are special gifts Demi-gods develop. But you also have Lesser Gods, or a child of two Gods. Take for example, Citan, Ronan and Rangar, the three sons of Akuvasha. Citan is the son of Tallis. The twins Ronan and Rangar, however, are the seeds of Baluk, who seduced Akuvasha.

    Then you've got your Demi-gods. Children of a god and a mortal. That's us.

    Basic and yet intriguing enough, no?

    Now to catch you up on what's been going down.

    Immortal Bonds I: The Halfchild

    A halfchild is a special type of Demi-god, and a rare immortal to be born. The child of a God, and a Demi-God. 3 quarters God, and potentially having two or more gifts. A potent, powerful mix.

    What you would call the "main character" of the story is Michael. I based him and his past heavily on myself. The first 18 years of his life are pretty much my own.

    Michael is the son of Ronan and the [Demi-god] daughter of Akuvasha. He can create and manipulate fire at will. Only he doesn't know that to begin with. We find him at a bar in New York:

    Show Spoiler
    I met Robert for the first time in a crowded New York bar. I was licking my wounds on the heels of yet another bad relationship, when some fucking punk in glasses and suspenders bumped into me, spilling my drink in my lap. So I imagine the look on my face was pretty stupid.

    "What the fuck!?" I stood up off my bar stool, clinching my fists tightly. You see, fighting is somewhat of an art form for east coast Canadians (especially Cape Bretoners). We were raised to stand our ground from early on in our lives. Our parents encouraged us to defend ourselves when provoked, and every day in the streets we taught each other how it was done. So for me to tune this fashionably challenged puke up in the middle of this packed bar would mean little more to me than the cost of my spilled drink.

    This kid looked at me as if bewildered by my rage.

    "What's your fuckin' problem?" his equally ill-dressed and mannered companion piped up, plastered from too many beers and straight shots of vodka. His stagger betrayed him. He could barely stand up straight, let alone keep his eyes focused and open.

    "My fuckin' problem?" I repeated his question maliciously, as Capers usually do when presented with stupid fucking questions. I got real close to his pasty, awkwardly designed face, arms relaxed and positioned for a swift and stiff punch to the jaw.

    And that's when Robert stepped in.

    He was a bigger, huskier man than any of us, but he only stood about 5'10". He was a caucasian male with blue eyes, short dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He wore loose fitting jeans and a stripe pattern dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

    At the time he was just a stranger, but I'd soon come to find in him a best friend I never really had. In that moment, he was a random guy injecting a tattooed arm and a voice of reason into the situation. He handled it with such casual ease, and sociological finesse. He was like a character from a movie, rhyming off a carefully conceived set of lines from a script engineered to portray him as being god-like. In that moment in time, standing there in that shitty little bar, shoulder to shoulder, Robert was like a force of nature. A brilliant tsunami of confidence and intensity preparing to destroy the bullshit which was previously about to unfold. He was like a God.

    "Your friend here spilled this man's drink," Robert explained, having to shout over the music like the rest of us. "He's just a little pissed off that he has to close ass tonight with whisky all over his fuckin' crotch. And I'm sure he understands that this place is wall-to-fuckin'-wall tonight, right?" he asked me frankly, calling upon me to do my part in defusing this situation.

    I reluctantly nodded, a gesture which he returned sluggishly before turning away from us with his suspender-clad cohort.

    I gazed upon Robert with intoxicated awe.

    "Why did you do that?" I asked curiously. "You don't even fuckin' know me."

    Robert smiled, putting his right arm around my shoulders. "I did it because you seem like a stand up guy... who doesn't need to pick up a bullshit fuckin' assault charge over the likes of those two clowns," Robert answered me frankly and confidently. He literally oozed purified charm and swagger; it was fucking insanity. Sort of smug and cheap, and yet it was impossibly intriguing! Whether you loved or hated him, you just couldn't get enough of Robert. What I didn't know then, was that it was all part of his MO. That unique gift each of us chosen few acquire by force. Looking back now, I should have known something wasn't right about Robert, because no one is that good. Absolutely no one.

    Robert is a silver tongue, as you probably guessed. The son of Hyku and a mortal man. Having sensed an immortal (Demi-god) connection to Michael, he took him under his wing and introduced him to himself. He helped Michael discover and control his powers, as well as brought him inside a savvy group of American Demi-gods lead by Marcus, a kind and wise immortal who has been around for a very long time. He, too, is a son of Hyku, but a sort of precog, rather than a silver tongue. He can detect emotions and glimpse briefly into ones immediate future.

    Michael meets Kelly, falls in love. They later have a baby girl.

    Some shady Demi-gods roll into town. Adrian emerges as their leader. Ah, Adrian...

    These Demi-Gods turn out to be sons of Baluk, a sort of clandestine cult made up of Baluk's offspring. They call themselves, The Right of Baluk.

    Michael and Kelly have split up, and on the heels of that hot mess, Michael and Samantha (daughter of Celeste) fall deeply in love.

    Major tension builds between Kelly and Samantha.

    Now a disturbing revelation dawns on Marcus... Michael is not just the son of Ronan and the grandson of Akuvasha. His mother's father was the son of Baluk, making Michael the grandson of Baluk...

    Marcus, along with Jason, Elizabeth, Jesse, and Ryan, plot against Michael, fearing and disapproving of the Baluk blood that runs through his veins. They outcast him from the circle by turning Kelly and Samantha against him, then executing a plan to fool him into believing that Kelly and his daughter died in a plane crash on their way to spend some time away from him. (Kelly is unaware of this plan)

    Broken and banished from his only home, Michael disappears...

    Bigger revelations come to light regarding The Right and Adrian. Ah, Adrian...

    The Right are up to no good. They intend to muster an army in the name of their father, and start his work by destroying New York City...

    Immortal Bonds II: Son of Baluk

    One year has passed. Michael hasn't been seen or heard from since. Adrian has been hard at work. He and his new lap dog Damien (son of Serpentus) have been building a gnarly army. But something is missing. The reason Adrian and his crew showed up around New York in the first place. Baluk's favorite son. The son who has the potential to truly lead his army into victory... Michael!

    Yes, it's a very dark time for Mikey. Adrian manipulates him pretty badly, slowly exposing him to and converting him to the way of The Right. He teaches Michael how to tap into his dark abilities, a little gift from that Baluk blood. Combining that with his fire manipulation, he becomes drunken with power and darkness. He's made (by Adrian) to believe that The Right is his purpose; his destiny.

    As this progresses, Michael is stumbling into and checking in on old friends and lovers. That's how he slowly discovers that Kelly and his daughter are just fine! Alive and doing quite well, actually.

    This is really when the Michael scale tips to the left and all he'll breaks loose.

    Michael becomes really, really messed up and evil. When he informs Adrian of the new regime changes taking effect (Adrian's demotion, and Michael's promotion to leader of The Right), Adrian has a wee little meltdown. What with his obsession with destiny and leading his father's army and all.

    Michael kills Adrian, and The Right along with Damien and his sons of Serpentus army give Michael their loyalty.

    Samantha, distraught over Michael's vicious change of heart, confronts him. They argue, she's cruel with him, and tells him she never loved him, she could never love something like him.

    Michael grows even MORE enraged and spiteful. The attempt to destroy New York is set in motion with Michael creating a supernova of dark flames which reduced about 20 city blocks of New York to charred ruins.

    The protagonist Demi-gods unite to fight Michael. Jason's super strength comes in handy, and Michael finally yields, the presence and words of Samantha, Kelly and Robert having influenced him positively.

    In the aftermath, Damien escapes with his life. Michael leaves Samantha and the others, telling her that he's going somewhere where he can't hurt anyone any more.

    Immortal Bonds III: Dark Embers

    Two years have passed. Michael's daughter is now 4 years old. No one has heard from him since the attack on New York.

    The supernova incident exposed immortals to the media, and governments around the world. Times have grown stranger because of this. Groups like Marcus' have to be more careful, keep things nice and discrete. It's made for a very boring lifestyle for most of them. Robert, especially.

    Most of the Demi-gods have moved away, either out of the mansion, New York, or America all together. The mansion is a lonely, quiet place these days.

    But don't worry. Things are about to get Interesting again.

    We come to find that Marcus is now haunted by feelings of guilt due to his having deceived Michael. He also fears that a powerful halfchild is out there, left to his own devices. He deeply regrets his actions.

    Later we discover that Robert has seen Michael several times. Turns out he went home to Canada.

    Damien is still alive and slithering around, trying to rebuild The Right and restore it's former glory after their defeat two years ago.

    Marcus asks Robert to invite Michael back to the mansion.

    Before he arrives, Calib returns from his travels in France. But Bobby makes it clear that his stay will be short, before heading off to Japan.

    Michael finally returns, seemingly a man reborn. Classic, pre-The Right Michael is back. Only somehow better, wiser, in a much better place.

    Samantha is shocked by his return, still being in love with him.

    Jason is outraged at his return.

    Fast forward to the core concept of the plot: Damien will rebuild The Right, and look to avenge Adrian by killing Michael, and everyone else from the group before continuing Baluk's ambitions of destroying the human race.

    I have plans for Michael to redeem himself beyond the shadow of a doubt.

    That's Immortal Bonds in a nutshell! That's really all go need to know.

    This is supposed to be the final chapter of Immortal Bonds, but if this one does as well as the first two, who knows?
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