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  1. Hello, I'm migrating over from the Role-players Guild, stealing your jobs and what not. I figured I would put up a intro post so everyone can see how much of a Tool I am.

    I live and go to school in NYC, I've been doing post-by-post RP's since I was around a junior or senor in high school. Currently I'm training as an Actor with a focus on classical Theatre, though right now I'm actually doing musical theatre training until July then I'll go back to having to actually work.

    I'm arrogant and conceited with an inflated sense of self importance; comes with living in the city. But with all that said and done, I'm happy to start rp'ing with the community around here as well as catching up with my fellow immigrants who moved over here a while back.
  2. Welcome to the family, Slade.

    My roommate was doing acting and toying with the idea of moving to NYC, I could never do it.

    Hope you enjoy Iwaku and everything it has to give :)
  3. NYC is an expensive place to live, combine that with a fact that I've chosen a field where most people make $60,000 a year at most. Yeah my wallet hate me sometimes, but when I manage to find a gig it's always worth it.

    And I'm really liking the Site and its sleek feel. Roleplayers Guild seems quite clunky after spending a few days lurking around here.
  4. I'm glad you like it here so far. And man, if I made 60k in a year I'd be really happy! o.o
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.