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  1. Hey all!
    If you know me already you're probably thinking I must be joking by asking one more RP when I barely have time to reply to the others.
    Plus this request is not even my usual cup of tea, but I had a dream the other night that would be fun to RP.

    So, you guys know dreams sometimes don't make sense, so I am sorta filling in some blanks for it to make sense.

    It started with me on bus stop seeing a girl cry, she had some complications, but my bus was leaving I couldn't really do nothing... plus it was not of my concern she didn't ask for my help.
    Later on I am home and I spot the same girl walking around when I go outside to put some washed clothes on the drying rope.

    this girl is blond, wearing short denim shorts, orange/brown work tall boots, and a yellow rain jacket.
    Sometimes she's pregnant sometimes she's not (it was a dream remember XD)

    So I spot the girl and I ask her if everything is ok, cause I saw her at the bus stop, but I couldn't help at the time cause the bus was leaving...

    So the girl gets really angry at me for not helping sooner when I saw her all desperate and I explain I didn't know what was happening, my bus was leaving... so she's sorta pissed I didn't help earlier but I offer to help now, invite her him fix her something to eat (noodles in my dream so some reason)

    So she tells me she's an immigrant from Ukraine, she came here cause she had a BF here (not sure if they met online - again it was a dream) anyway the guy left her when he learned she got pregnant.

    So now she's here all alone, as no place to stay, no money to return and no job.

    So in my dream I had a ton of free time cause offer to help her get a job and I go with her all over the place to try and find her a job.

    So first we go store by store asking if they are needing people, then, I don't know why, we start going in strip clubs, this is where it gets interesting as I try to pass as her pimp while she asks for jobs in strip clubs, cause if she's not "owned" they may kidnap her and force her to work for them (like that TV series Matroesjka's: Matroesjka's (TV Series 2005–2007) - IMDb )

    She wants to do fire juggling instead of striping but they want to force her to prostitute and stuff, so I have to act out and protect her...

    So eventually some guys chase her/us back to my place, some bad ass Russians, and I end up end up throwing them down the stairs and falling as well so we all die (the girl survives) at this point I carried on watching the dream, despite of my char being dead (weird right?)

    So I learn I was a comic artist who lived from publishing my webcomics, the girl finds on my pocked my latest works, I was making a comic about our adventures trying to find her a job, she finishes my work publishes it, gains some money and is settled to move on with her life...

    Sorta crappy ending, at least for me, but I got to help her after all...

    So if anyone is interested into brainstorming this with me and shape it into an RP, please send me a PM.

  2. I'd be interested in rping this with you if you're still looking :)
  3. I am looking :) but I am really lacking time to RP lately... but we can discuss plot details and stuff and eventually start the RP in a week or 2 maybe?
  4. Works for me :)
  5. So for my char I'll play basically an AR version of myself.

    you have in mind the char you'll play, what you think we need to discuss, feel free to send me a PM if you rather have the discussion over PMs.
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