Imma newbie

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  1. Hello to people out there, im new to this site but i fairly decent with roleplaying. Im into fantasy, sci fi, and the anime/manga Bleah role play as well. Id like to have someone to role play with :)
  2. welcome to iwaku!!! glad to have you on board....I think someone actually has a bleach rp going on now in the jump in rp section? If not it's probably in roleplay talk I can look it up for you and put the link in my next post what else? Oh yeah they actually just put up the december iwaku radio show it'll be the link at the top of the home page under annoucements, it's a little treat some of the other members put together for everyone on the 15th of every month. Feel free to browse some of the rps and get to some of the others, and once again welcome to IWAKU!!!
  3. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around!