I'mma newb!

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Hey guys!:wink: I'm Shinobi Panda but I go by Jellybean on most forums. I've never role played before but my sis showed me this forum a while ago. -waves @ Tegan- I got bored so I joined! ^-^

I like LOTR, Avatar, and most fantasy stories so I'll be mostly playing that when I get the guts to. XD

Tegan's sister? >:D

Oh... we won't hurt you, sweetiepie... >:D Not at all....
Welcome to the site, Tegan's sibling-person. It's a nuthouse, here. I'm sure you'll love it.

And if you don't, run. Run now and never look back.

Didn't know Tegan's kind could have siblings. Odd that.

Welcome to Iwaku.
Weclome Tegan. 2.0. :D
You dicks better be nice to my sister. >:| *Throws blanket over Panda and goes back to work.*
Sexual harassment... panda!
Come with me young Panda! For I am Zypher your friendly Roleplaying Mod!

I'm also what ladies consider "safe" :D
meaning gay

I'm what most people consider....an alcoholic.

welcome jellybean! (:
if you have any questions or need help around, lemme knowwww <3
Dear lord, we're going to scare her away at this point.

Welcome to Iwaku. Hopefully you're a tad odd, because then you'll fit right in. ^^ Though I do wonder how you turned out after having to suffe- I mean live with Tegan.
Thanks guys! XD I'm not scared, Tegan warned me about some of you on MSN -coughasmocough-. >.>

-huggles all the nice peeps.- <3
Welcome to the site.
Mystery solved. Also Hi, Vay, global mod, answerer of questions and one off the official staff greeters. YOU HAVE BEEN GREETED!