I'mma newb!

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  1. Hey guys!:wink: I'm Shinobi Panda but I go by Jellybean on most forums. I've never role played before but my sis showed me this forum a while ago. -waves @ Tegan- I got bored so I joined! ^-^

    I like LOTR, Avatar, and most fantasy stories so I'll be mostly playing that when I get the guts to. XD

  2. Tegan's sister? >:D

    Oh... we won't hurt you, sweetiepie... >:D Not at all....

    ;clings to them.;
  4. Welcome to the site, Tegan's sibling-person. It's a nuthouse, here. I'm sure you'll love it.

    And if you don't, run. Run now and never look back.

  5. Didn't know Tegan's kind could have siblings. Odd that.

    Welcome to Iwaku.
  6. Weclome Tegan. 2.0. :D
  7. You dicks better be nice to my sister. >:| *Throws blanket over Panda and goes back to work.*
  8. Sexual harassment... panda!
  9. Come with me young Panda! For I am Zypher your friendly Roleplaying Mod!

    I'm also what ladies consider "safe" :D
  10. meaning gay

    I'm what most people consider....an alcoholic.

    welcome jellybean! (:
    if you have any questions or need help around, lemme knowwww <3
  12. Dear lord, we're going to scare her away at this point.

    Welcome to Iwaku. Hopefully you're a tad odd, because then you'll fit right in. ^^ Though I do wonder how you turned out after having to suffe- I mean live with Tegan.
  13. Thanks guys! XD I'm not scared, Tegan warned me about some of you on MSN -coughasmocough-. >.>

    -huggles all the nice peeps.- <3
  14. Welcome to the site.
  15. Mystery solved. Also Hi, Vay, global mod, answerer of questions and one off the official staff greeters. YOU HAVE BEEN GREETED!
  16. Dear god... the admins are now reproducing using mitosis...