Imma Newb ^-^

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  1. Well...I'm new here obviously. I'm pretty new to role play in general as well.
    I prefer to be called Blue or Angel, it's really whatever anyone else prefers.
    Obvs, I'm a girl. SO dope fo sho. >.<
    I'm 20 years young. Tots In college majoring in Graphic Design and I work part time on campus as well so I have a full load, but I still will have time to get on at least once a day.
    I'm fine with both group role play and One on One, but I am in a committed relationship IRL and I'm bi so I can play any character and be comfy, butttttt..have very high boundaries. >.< A little harmless flirting is okay, but no relationships or sex talk puh-lease.
    The song that is tormenting my mind right now is Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku : ) I'm October nice to meet you!

    You've picked a great site for being new to RP!

    Check out this link, it is very helpful and informative.I wish I had access to something like this when I started forum roleplay.
  3. Hi! I'm new as well. Do you know how to change your profile picture?
  4. Hi there miss Blue Angel! Welcome to the site!

    And to the Atheist girl who need only to click Settings -> Edit Profile Picture or Edit Avatar!
  5. Hiii! Welcome to IwakuRoleplay BlueAngelCake~!

    Pardon me for the small writing, since i'm actually used to it. Anyway, if you have any questions to ask you could visit the website, like it was stated from above, or ask any of the admins/staff and users who might help you with your problem. Every one of us are friendly to new users so don't worry, we won't bite unless your a tasty snack-- well ignore that last part anyway.

    We have lot's of different genres that will really help you, so don't mind posting in any of them. Good luck in finding your way, maybe in the future we might as well bump into each other. Byebye!

    r a y n e ~
  6. Thanks to everyone for the welcomes!
    Everyone has been wonderful and makes me feel as fuzzy inside as a panda when it's humid outside. (Cause frizzy pandas would be the cutest most fuzziest thing ever!)
    I'm really excited to get started. It's like overwhelming how many different things there are to do.
    I've been playing some board games, and they are awesome.
    Haven't actually joined an RP yet...Kinda nervous to, to be honest.