Imagine this...

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  1. So here's a fun game, it's called "Imagine this"

    So basically you present a very simple situation with a strange, outrageous, or egregious

    In example, I will start.

    Imagine going to buy a pair of Beats by Dre. You buy them and wait until you get home to open the package.

    You open it and instead of headphones, you get tubers.
  2. Imagine this; you're at your computer hanging out on the iwaku roleplay forums, and posting in a roleplay. You're so absorbed in your thoughts trying to come up with decent posts for them that you're just barely aware of your surroundings.

    Then all of a sudden the door to the room you're in bursts open and your hear someone running in just before you feel a hard whack on your head before that person yells "I-wak-u!"

    (Heh, I'm not sure what to think of what I just wrote, so sorry if it's a little cheesy :S)
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  3. Imagine this...

    Your sibling tells you that they are going to invite a good friend of theirs to your birthday party.

    Just then, you hear their "friend" knocking on the door. You open the door, and (surprise, surprise) it's MARTIN FREEMAN!!!!