Imagine How They Are going to DIE...

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  1. Pick a person, anyone, and imagine their death...

    EASY HUH?! Now lets start!

    Picks: Obama

    Cause of Death: Ran by an Army Tank
  2. Picks: Satrina
    Cause of death: by sleeping on the highway and get drove over sometime during the night.

    (I shall wait patiently for your revenge xD hahhaha)
  3. ( Oh my! You want me dead! )

    Picks: Redblood

    Cause of Death: devoured by a ferrous shark as she was swimming on the beach =w=
  4. Picks: Xnijmai
    Cause of death: He gets eaten by my zombie army! (I TOLD YOU I WOULD KILL YOU xD haha)
  5. Picks: Some random person she doesn't care about

    Cause of Death: Tv fell on top of his/her head!
  6. Picks: Edward cullen (don't care that he doesn't excist in reality, he shall die)

    Cause of death: Getting ripped in to pieces before being burned to death.
  7. Picks: Sealand

    Cause not becoming on with Mother Russia. ^J^
  8. Picks: Miley Cirus

    Cause of Death: Anti-Miley Cirus cult kidnaps her and experiment with her until she dies.
  9. Picks: Lois Griffin

    Cause of death: Stewie Griffin, with an M16 rifle, in the livingroom.
  10. Picks: The cast of Jersey Shore

    Cause: Flattened in a dictionary avalanche.
  11. Picks: Every person who's ever been on 16 and Pregnant

    Causes: AIDS
  12. Picks: Jeanne

    Cause: She fell down a well and couldn't get out.
  13. Picks: Lindsey Lohan

    Cause: A stampede of sumo wrestlers trample her to the ground.
  14. Who: Rosa Uroshimia

    Cause: Maria hires Rin Kagamine to crush her with a road roller. RODA RORA!!!
  15. Who: nicki minaj
    How: a group of bitches get pissed at her and decide to kill her by dumping a ton of shit and piss on her....she shited and pissed on bitches and they did the same
  16. Who: Mundo

    How: With a cleaver, in the bathroom.
  17. Who: Creates of new TV shows in America

    How: Every person who used to watch good TV torture them in their own special way. . . C:
  18. Who: Asshole who speeds through a red light and nearly runs you over in the process.
    How: Decides to speed through another red light and crashes.
  19. who: my new boyfriend
    how: death by snu snu ^_^
  20. ^ - On a related note


    Who: Nightingale
    How: Her new boyfriend's snu snu