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  1. Imagine a small world. A world where the sea is one of clouds, and the sky is a never ending ocean. A world where the ground is covered in feathers, and where birds are covered in grass. A world where castles are built of sand, trees are all crystalline and transparent, and flowers are rare and made of precious jewels. Imagine a world where the rolling hills are flimsy and move like gelatin, and the mountains are smooth and made of glass. Imagine, a world where humans don't exist, but where humanoid races thrive, living in harmony with each other.

    Now imagine all of this gone. Imagine a darkened world, where the crystals are all shattered, the feathers are all barren, and the flowers are gone. Imagine a world where life as known has been torn apart. Imagine..a world at war.

    As it is known, harmony only falls into a state of disrepair and it requires work to return to its former beauty. However, this work is sometimes not as helpful as believed, and can tear the world apart even faster. Now, this glass mountains are jagged and broken. The castles are destroyed and the hills have sunk, forming marshes of smog. The sky seems to cry every day now, and the darker creatures of the sea now easily roam the skies, in wait of a next meal. The species of humanoid creatures all fight amongst themselves as well, and find refuge in this dark world, further pushing it to destruction. Without help, it will simply cease to exist.

    However, amidst this darkened world, there lies a prophecy. A prophecy of a group of different species who will intertwine to help fix the world. Ones who will stop the corrupted rulers of the different species by overtaking them. These are prophesized to be..the revolution.

    Just imagine what would happen if they succeed?

    The mystified beauty of a world, fallen into a misshapen mess was once called Rojus. In its days before its disruption, it was made up of many different landscapes, all seeming to be a strange eden, a paradise where none seemed to be wrong. There were the Lucid Plains in the south, where the ground was covered in an array of beautifully colored feathers, some big, some small, some red, some rainbow. These rolling plains were a popular place for the grazing creatures that inhabited the world, such as the Salties, horse like creatures made from salt crystals, with salt water manes and tails. Along these plains, the nomadic races seem to flourish, having enough room to live comfortably distant from others.

    In the west, lies the Debesis Bay, or the Cloud Bay. Through this bay, many ships sail, the clouds being dense as if they were the Earthen sea. Many of the cloud creatures and humanoids dwell here, living along the shores in small huts and villages. Here, fisherman make their living, along with the occasional weaver, artisan, skydancer, and sailor. Along these villages, it is not uncommon to find small taverns as well; as the culture throughout these areas is well versed in their drinking and gambling, having found it to be a pastime even for the higher class bay dwellers.

    In the north, lie the glass mountains. These mountains are a dangerous place to dwell, even before the storm of tears and war. Despite being smooth, many have fallen to these mountains, losing footing and their lives as they attempted to scale them all. The tallest of these still lies in mystery, having never been fully climbed, even before the mountains broke. However, atop the small mountains lie small towns amidst the glass, where crystal flakes fall like snow and pile up as such. In these small towns and nearby, small creatures of the cold and humanoids adapted to such live in harmony, yet both cower to the unknown who live atop the mountains.

    In the east, lies the Iridescent forest. The iridescent forest is home to the many woodland like creatures of the world, both big and small. Throughout these forests, if one were to look in the tops of the crystal trees, they would see the castles of sand built atop the forests, the castles being distributed in an odd manner as if they were birds nests, rather than castles. These are the homes of the woodland dwelling humanoids, of which are known to be the most kind, and the most clever.

    The Glass Mountains:
    Undermyll- These creatures are large, and dragonesque, with the body of a centipede. They have 5 eyes, all solid red, which are rimmed with small needle like hairs that can extend at will. Truly nightmarish, these creatures tend to feed on the creatures living in the higher mountains, and those unfortunate enough to try to climb the mountains. Many of these live alone, but few fly in packs, and all are nocturnal.

    Inne- Small, mountain goat like animals with claws, paws, and sharp teeth. They're generally placid creatures, but will attack if provoked. Mostly carnivorous, these animals will eat smaller animals, such as dunmice and Goliats. These creatures are not nocturnal, and usually live in groups of three to five, with the exceptional loner.

    Dunmice- Common to many different places, including the moutains, these creatures are a lot like the mice of Earth, but instead of fur, these creatures have a thin layer of skin like sandpaper, which is used to ward off enemies. Many of these live alone, but all come out at night, opting for gathering food during the calm watered sky.

    Jie- Explained below.

    Goliats- Small cats with large teeth, such as the saber tooth. These cats have small patches of feathers and commonly have tiny wings. These cats, however, grow up to be large, living to be the size of a large tiger. Many of these are kept as companions by the mountaineers who raise them, or by the rich that buy them for the appearance.

    Iridescent Forest:
    Dren- Small deer like creatures that only reach mid calf height on an average humanoid. Fast, these creatures can outrun many predators, including the full grown Rythe. These creatures are often the pets of the lower class forest dwellers, and are the source of forest lore, being said to be the spirits of the forest.

    Rythe- Large creatures with the head of a boar and the body of a bird. Grass covers their bodies, and their long legs are increasingly strong, which makes them prime creatures for transportation and trade. These creatures are placid, as many other creatures, but if provoked, are prone to headbutting others, which commonly leaves large bruises.

    Lollan- Bear-like creatures with crystal eyes and crystal growths around their bodies. Extremely dangerous, many choose to use their Rythe to outrun these creatures. The lollan are rather slow, but powerful, and are seen to eat the creatures they can catch, no matter how dangerous the other creature is.

    Jie- Small birds that decorate each landscape, including the forests, mountains, and more. These are the birds of grass, of whom sing their songs gently, their songs echoing the landscapes appearance. Before the downfall, the Jie sang beautiful, adventurous songs, but as the world fell, their songs became melancholy and almost depressing. These Jie are also believed to predict the future with their songs, having a higher pitch for good fortune, and a lower, bleaker pitch for bad fortune.

    Dunmice- Explained above.

    Cloud Bay:

    Jie- Explained above.

    Goliats- Explained above.

    Dunmice- Explained above.

    Monatine- Large, whale like creatures that roam the clouds. These animals resemble a whale and a manatee, but are the size of a large whale, having been known to accidentally take down ships with its large tail movements. These creatures are calm, and gentle, but there have been times when it has accidentally eaten a humanoid, having tried to eat a group of fish at the same time.

    Reni- Colorful fish, which are popular with the fisherman. They are said to have the sweetest meat of any animal, but are extremely hard to catch, being like the Dren of the clouds. The reni come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, and populate the clouds massively, being easy to find.

    Mistdweller- This creature is not to be messed with. There is only one, who dwells in the clouds. This creature is large; larger than the Monatine and larger than the Undermyll. No one is sure what it looks like, only going off myths and legends about the creature as they stay away from its lair in the middle of the clouds.

    Lucid Plains:

    Salties- Horse like creatures whose bodies are crystallized salt. Their manes are salt water, and usually flow to the ground, but never seem to run out. These creatures are the primary transportation for the nomads of the plains.

    Dren- Explained above.

    Dunmice- Explained above.

    Jie- Explained above.

    Wyca- Wolves with strange iridescent fur and a fierce loyalty to their packs. These creatures are easy to live amongst, but nomads are constantly fighting for food when living near these creatures, having little choice. After the downfall, however, the nomads quickly learned how to use the Wyca as allies, befriending these creatures. Dangerous if you are not a plainsdweller.

    Mymics- These creatures have no definite appearance, and are able to mimic the appearance of other creatures, sometimes taking the forms of a mixture of creatures. Not generally dangerous, those who mimic the appearance of more dangerous animals are generally placid, but still will attack if hungry. Not pets, or allies of humanoids in general, they will attack if provoked or messed with, so many tend to stay away from these.

    _____HUMANOIDS SPECIES______


    Gitano: These humanoids are small, the tallest men standing at 5'4", and weighing less that 130 lbs. They have extremely long light hair, and are fairly tan, but have large tattoos that decorate their arms, showing what occupation they have. They dress in feathers, fauna, and jewels, and usually clink as they walk. These people are extremely lithe and are known as the most prominent nomadic humanoids from the plains. They travel in caravans, usually having wagons, tents, and more, and are the best hunters and thieves amongst the races. They have little magic control, but each group has a seer; a blind character whose job is to gain visions of the future from their gods, using these visions to fuel the actions of the groups. The Gitano are also generally the best entertainers, and the ones who live along the bay are the skydancers, those who dance amongst the clouds to send the lost souls to the heavens.

    Hiryn- Elf like nomads. These people are tall, and have slender frames, but are more muscular than the Gitano. They can get to be 7' tall, depending on gender, and all have black hair that they keep cut above their shoulders. Because of their faith, the Hiryn are generally the better clerics of the races. These nomads are also the ones who used the Salties first, utilizing the large horse breed to use in combat and hunting as they made a living on the plains. These elves are known to live in small groups of 5 or less, and generally live in tents or grottos found in caves where the mountains meet the plains. These elves also believe in one goddess, Yor, who they worship by praying to her shrines they have set up around the plains. However, when the fall of the world happened, these shrines became destroyed, shattering all the race had to pray to. Now, the Hiryn groups take whatever ruins of the shrines, using those to pray as they travel the broken world. These people have high magical ability, of which depends on their faith to their goddess.


    Gitano- Explained above. However, the bay dwelling Gitano tend to live amidst the towns in homes near each other, and work alongside the other race that dwells there. In the bay, though, the Gitano suffer from racism, being the lowest class for their appearance and nomadic nature.

    Seve-The original bay dwellers. Many are higher class and live above the other races that live in the towns, many in castles of sand and glass. This race is rather odd looking, being fairly humanoid but with oddly colored skin. The higher the class you are, the more pastel colored your skin will be. Along with this, they have extremely brightly colored eyes, being the most easily distinguished race of the others. This race is also known for its extravagant masquerade balls it throws in celebration of its Monarchy that it holds over the Cloud bay. Because of these parties, these people have learned to ignore the downfall of the world, instead partying away their lives as they ignore what is wrong with their citizens; instead focusing on living as well as they had before, and focusing on keeping themselves safe with the army of the bay at their demand. This race has the highest magical ability.

    Jesa- These are the oddballs of the races, looking more like they belong better with the downfall of the world. These are the corpse people, of which seem to be literally falling apart. They can range from tall to short, but are the most well built people, having the curvy women and the strength ridden men. These people make up the blacksmiths, the bar and inn keepers, and most of the general townsfolk. They have high magical ability, nearly as good as the Seve, but make the best warriors because of their build. These people can range from being upper to lower class, but are less than fond of the Gitano, having lost part of their town to the nomadic people.


    Dwarn- These are the only ones brave enough to adapt to the harsh, cold mountains, especially after the downfall. These are extremely small, bulky people similar to dwarves, but they have horns atop their head, mimicking horned animals such as rams, deer, elk, and moose. These humanoids are unable to use magic, but are the best at smithing and building, being known for their blacksmithing and building. These people live hidden as well, using the ruins of the glass mountains to their advantage. The dwarn are also governed by a king and queen, along with a princess (playable). The king and queen however, are corrupt, and help keep the downfall in its current state as they ruin the land further, inflicting wars back upon the Seve who have inflicted war upon them.


    Umbra- The umbra are a whimsical group, having the lightest sense of humor and an even lighter weight, literally floating wherever they go. These are also sometimes called the cloud people, commonly surrounded by a slight mist. They are pale with stark white hair, and are always seen wearing light, flowing white clothes. They are gentle creatures, and are quick as well, being able to keep up with the Dren of the forest. However, these people live alone generally, or with one or two others, all finding refuge in large crystal tree trunks they hollow out. These people are some of the best air mages as well, and are known for being extremely clever in combat.

    Quell- The Quell are a conniving group of people, of which dictate the lower races in the forest. These are also the most attractive of the races physically, having tall lithe forms, brightly colored eyes, and long shaggy hair that they wear in ribbons and ties. These people are also the most corrupt though, having two different personalities to themselves, being literally the good and bad side of humanity. They are as quick to attack as they are to call a truce, and are primarily the most dangerous of the races. These are also the best with shadow manipulation, being able to use them to their advantage in guerilla warfare, which is how they keep other races who mean badly at bay. This race lives amongst the treetops, in the odd sand nests.

    Pronce- These are the animal race. However, instead of having only a few animal parts, they are humanoid animals, having humanoid features, but fur like an animals, and the features of their animals. Their animal appearance also determines their "Spirit animal" of which they can summon as an ally. The Pronce are dangerous creatures and live on the forest floor in villages, alongside the occasional Hiryn, and Umbra. They make the best summoners and brawlers, having claws to attack with or worse. These are allied with the Quell, who are in war with the Seve and the Dwarn.

    More will be added into the above information, and ideas to anything are welcome. With enough interest, I'll post a character sheet.
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    So, we can play as any of the humanoid races?
  5. Yes. You can play as any of the races^^
  6. I either wanna be a Gitano or Umbra but I can't decide ;-;
  7. Ima play an umbra^°^ I have my old cs XD
  8. I'm being a Quell
  9. I'll be in as umbra c:
  10. Cs-





    Abilities (limit: 3. No op)-

    Weaknesses (must be a legit weakness.)-

    Personality & Traits-


    Here's the cs^^ Thank you all for showing interest!
  11. (WIP)

    Faroh Eache

    Age: 25

    Race: Hiryn


    Faroh was born into a small nomad tribe of 6 other Hiryn who made their home in the Lucid Plains, well, they never actually settled anywhere. Faroh greatly enjoyed his childhood travelling the plains, though sometimes it was tough.

    Abilities: Good marksman, Fire manipulation


    Personality & Traits:

    Faroh is extremely calculative an cunning, often trying to influence a given situation so he comes out on top. From a young age he realized he could manipulate fire, though only fire which already exists. He doesn't have the ability to create it.


    Very tall and slender, no particular distinguishing marks to tell him apart from the rest of his people.
    (Shoulder length hair)

  12. I need help choosing a picture c: for my umbra CS
  13. The first one. Most definitely! She looks very umbra like^^
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  14. Name: Eloá { last name }

    Age: Twenty - Two { 22 }

    Race: Umbra


    Abilities: Air manipulation (As well as clouds and mist),

    Weaknesses (must be a legit weakness.):

    Personality & Traits:


    (PM me! C: Open for suggestions and planning!)

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  15. Cs-

    Name- Cassius Merihim

    Age- Unknown

    Race- Quell

    History- Cass hasn't always been so bipolar. His normal self used to be a happy and always smiling boy. He used to have only one other personality like much of his race. That was only when something terrible happened and he snapped. He loved playing instruments with his talented father while his mother would sing to them and craved their loving attention constantly. But as soon as his parents died at the age of ten and he was forced to live with his uncle on his dad's side, he changed.

    His uncle was in love with his mother far before his father ever knew about her. It was the cliche childhood friends except all she ever saw him as was a friend. Long story short, he blamed their deaths on his father and began to take it out physically on Cassius. His uncle's anger became his main personality.

    Thankfully, a little over a year later while he was hiding, he found out that he had a strange power where he could become invisible in darkness. This power saved him from beatings and dying many times; the more he used it, the stronger it got. At the age of fifteen, he finally snapped. By now, he had figured out his second power and had been training it to become stronger everyday. So one day, instead of hiding, he stepped out and murdered his uncle brutally with his shadow (who he named Zinc later). After that, he lived on his own and no one blamed him for doing it.

    Animated Shadow:
    He can transform shadows (mainly his own) into living things to fight for him. They sometimes have minds of their own like any other person but unless Cassius lets them, they will just be living puppets.

    Tattoo Manipulation:
    Cassius can manipulate his body-art (tattoos) and either make them manifest in physical form (like the shadows) or gain their powers/form directly. Unlike the shadow, if the tattoos get hurt or die, they just appear back on his skin to recharge.

    Shadow Camouflage:
    He can become undetectable or invisible while in darkness or shadow. If he even steps one foot inside it, he can disappear (on a good day).

    Like sun to a vampire, vinegar is extremely dangerous to Cassius. He is surprisingly allergic to it. If he eats it, he passes out to recuperate or if he touches it, he gets hives, a nasty rash and insanely itchy skin. If in contact with it too much, he could die.

    Animated Shadow:
    Anything that happens to him, happens to his shadow and in return, anything that happens to the shadow, happens to him. He can use this to his advantage to attack another person or thing's shadow to hurt the actual person.

    Shadow Camouflage:
    Darkness is needed to remain hidden. So to be invisible, there much be some sort of shadow or darkness.

    Personality & Traits- Cassius is normally a very quiet and intervertebral person that keeps to himself, usually drawing in a strange black book that he refuses to show others or reading books with no covers in the Quellian language. He doesn't usually talk much or at all but when he does, he states blunt observations that make people misunderstand and start fights with him. When he does interact, the smallest things can make him snap (like mentioning his parents) or he becomes very talkative and bubbly like someone who just smoked ten grams of weed in one sitting. During the night, if you listen close enough, you can hear the sound of an instrument that sounds similar to the human violin playing sad or mournful songs up in the tree tops.

    Appearance- Cassius has long silky silvery-white hair, cold blue eyes and pale skin. He has a toned body from years of training and tattoos of two dragons and flowers starting from his left side of his chest, running along his arms and back and ending on the right side of his chest. He has four crown-like horns lining his forehead, the two in the middle being smaller and as light as his skin while the other two on the outside are a blue-black color. He stands at six foot two with a medium sized body.

    His ears are pointed at the tip with several piercings, as well as his lip piercing, eyebrows and his belly button. He always wears a beaded necklace that was the last momento from his mother and two well made swords he stole from his uncle before he left. He wears rather flashy clothing but ends up blending in completely to the shadows anyways.

    Dragons' names: Yuki (courage)[right dragon] and Shinrai (trust)[left dragon]

  16. OMFG love the name. I literally always use that same name (Cassius) for almost all my male characters! <3
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  17. Cs-
    Name- Willow Noristill

    Age- 20

    Race- Pronce

    History- Willow, having grown up in the beautiful world that once was her home, grew into her abilities and mentality at a young age. She was rather happy go lucky, and held a bright eyed look at life as a child, which transferred into her fighting and brawling, her frolicking through the forest floor allowing her to gain skills in flexibility, speed, and balance. Generally, Willow was one of the better brawlers of her age, and as such was transferred to working for the Quell, standing in as a guard when the wars began. Her father was a proud man, and he stood beside her, until he and her brother were called upon to help in the warring.

    Soon, the effects of the wars became evident in the place in which she dwelled, and the darkness overshadowed the forest, a place which was now tauntingly dictated by some of the nastier Quell. Willow had lost hope, quickly, before one last shred of information threw her into a whirlwind of terror. Her father and brother had died in the war. She was alone, and now had nothing to turn to, nowhere to run, nowhere to stay. So, she took to the crystalline trees further into the forest, away from the civilizations of Pronce and Quell.

    Here, she found solace, if only for the moment in time she could. Amidst the trees, nothing could worry her, although she knew it should. The trees further into the forest provided safety and she grew into the habit of simply sleeping under the dank sky, her body curled up on the broken and dirtied branches that were once pure and translucent. It was here, in these times, that she found herself listening to the saddened song amidst the trees that rang out, calling her to it almost. Despite how hard she tried though, she found none, and instead of looking, she began to tweet along, singing to the sounds that took her heart on a ride through emotion and bittersweet beauty.

    Nevertheless, the girl simply dwells in solitude, away from the rest of the civilization that has gone mad with power and war. With little hope left, she fears the worst, and it is this that drives her to the hope of finding a way to stop all of the insanity.

    Abilities (limit: 3. No op)-
    Flight- Because she is a bird pronce, the girl is prone to short amounts of flight and gliding because of the wing like appendages she has for arms. She can fly short distances, but often gets tired, finding moments of rest on branches in trees, her small, and lightweight frame being able to perch on the thinnest of branches.

    Brawling- Willow is small, but strong in combat, able to move quickly with a lithe accuracy. She has talons on the ends of her arm like wings, where small hand-like formations are. These talons are sharp, making her dangerous in hand to hand combat.

    Speed- Willow is quick, fast enough even to keep up with a Dren; the Dren being one of the few types of creatures the shy Pronce has managed to befriend. Often, the girl races through the forest with them, training her speed as she hopes to become quicker, which will help her ability to brawl.

    Weaknesses (must be a legit weakness.)-
    Sneaking: Willow is terrible at sneaking, and often is painfully obvious when it comes to her attempts to do so. She is clumsy, which can be dangerous at times, this clumsiness easily revealing the girl's hiding spots. Sneaking will never be her strong suit, sadly, because of this, and even because of her appearance, her bright feathers being extremely easy to see, even in the darkened forest.

    Speech: Willow is shy and oddly fearful of many things, which is to be expected in such world as they live in now. This, despite her happy childhood, has brought on an inability to communicate with others easily, the girl being to afraid to speak at most times, even going so far as to hide behind those she trusts, if only to get out of conversation.

    Weapon Use: Willow is weak, despite being a good brawler. However, she makes a good brawler because of her speed and talons, which help her immensely. Nevertheless, Willow is too weak to wield weaponry, and is unable to use any swords or daggers, her talons making it hard for her to grip them.

    Talons: Unable to retract these, if she isn't careful, she can cause damage to others who have softer flesh. These talons are usually not a big deal, but if dragged across anothers skin, its likely to cause a minor laceration, or even a deeper cut. Therefore, she must be mindful of these, keeping her 'fingers' curled so that the claw like nails won't accidentally scratch those she means to keep safe.

    Personality & Traits-

    Willow is a shy, gentle pronce, with a fiery temper and a loyal disposition to those she can trust. She is slow to open up to others, but when she does, she allows herself to trust the others, expecting that same trust from them. Nonetheless, the girl is a bit quirky, being easily scared and terrified of most other humanoids, instead staying away from them as much as possible, unless they provide a reason for the girl to stick around.

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  18. Confused about the description of the Jessa. D:
  19. What are your questions about the Jesa?^^
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