Imagination Forest

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    Name: Migami Tan
    Age: 16
    Personality: Happy-go-lucky, joker, calm and collected and joyful.
    Background history: TBD

    Migami was excited to be moving into a village, after spending the past ten years in a busy city, he was glad that he can finally return to the place he's most comfortable in. He'd loved the slower pace of live a village offers. The people here are more friendly and kind which is another plus point. As he moved his items in, the neighbors started pouring in and welcoming him into the village. But all warned him about the demon that turns human into stones if you were to stared into her eyes. Apparently they stayed in the deeper part of the imagination forest.

    "Interesting rumors," He thought to himself, perhaps he will go and check if that holds any truth in it after all.
    Name: Leandra Shin
    Age: 16
    Personality: She is quiet and kind but extremely afraid of others coming near her home. She wear a blindfold when the window is open so she doesn't turn anyone to stone by mistake. She also loves to sing and to read.
    Background: Her mother was killed by an angry mob of the villagers and left her alone and orphaned in the woods. She's lived alone ever since.

    Deep in the wounds a beautiful singing voice came from an old cabin. It was covered with vines and just next to it was a small garden. The top most window was open and the singing came from within the cabin. A beautiful white haired girl sat by the window, a blindfold on her eyes as she sang. She was holding a baby blue bird in her hands, petting it gently. She wasn't singing anything in english but the words were beautiful sounding coming from her mouth.
  3. Days passed before Migami was finally able to settle into his new room and environment. The friendly people did help him ease in a little more easily. It was the holiday period for him now and school doesn't start until next week which leaves him a couple of days to explore this peaceful village. Free-spirit by nature, he decided to have the wind lead him on his quest of exploring the village. The first gust of wind sent him to the entrance of the imagination forest and he smiled as he recalled the forest that he used to roam around in during his childhood. He recalled meeting a baby bear which luckily spare him without any signs of injury despite their interaction.

    The wind carried something else for him as he recalled his past, a voice, more specifically a singing voice came floating by his ears. He perks up and looked around, trying to determine where was that from. It sounded distant and wasn't in a language that he'd recognized. Following it, he came across the cabin and a young woman with a blue bird. Ignoring the blindfold, he smiled and said softly, "Hey you've got a beautiful voice. "
  4. Leandra jumped and fear filled her face. "I... I... I'm sorry...." she squeaked out before closing the window. Te cottage looked like someone had tried to burn it down a few times and it looked like kids had at one point come to the cottage and broken the bottom windows. Leandra took off her blind fold and put the baby into a large cage in its nest and closed the door. She also turned out the candle. She looked around, her red eyes glowing slightly. She stayed in the corner and waited. She wasn't sure if the person who had spoken would come into the house. She had forgotten to lock the door downstairs so there was no stopping that person.
  5. Migami was surprised that he'd scare off the young girl, she seems to be several years younger than he is but she had a very beautiful voice that doesn't do justice to her young age. The place looks aged and seems to suffered from some sort of burning before but that's not the most important thing to do now. He'd got to find her, something's telling him that she's going to be an interesting friend.

    "Hello?" He yelled out to here, "Are you around?" Hearing no responses, he moved to the door and knocked to which the door opened. It startles him but his parents had thought him not to enter a house uninvited. Instead, he popped his head in and asked, "Good day? Are you around?"
  6. She stayed completely quiet and shivered in the corner. The baby bird began to chirp and its mother began to fly about the cage making noise. Leandra sshed them but they continued so she had to get up and walked across the floor to the cage to calm the birds down. Her feet made noise as she walked across the floor. The floor had some holes and when she walked past it was like a flutter of white. She helped calm the mother down humming softly but she heard someone downstairs. "I'm.... I'm sorry.... I won't open the window again...." he said fear in her voice. She was so scared.
  7. Migami was puzzled as to why the girl was apologizing to him, it made no sense to him whatsoever. He could hear her shaking in her voice and it hurts to listen to that. He coughed to clear his throat and said, "Erm, it's alright. I'm not here to harm you. You don't have to be so scared of me." He scratches his head as he awaits the response, he was indeed curious to who she was.
  8. When she heard he wouldn't harm her, she was slightly relieved. Now though, she was worried. She put the blindfold back on and went to the stairs. She felt her way down the stairs and when she felt the dirt ground she stopped hiding her eyes. "I'm sorry.... but its not safe for you here. I don't want to turn you to stone," she murmured.
  9. "Stone?" Migami asked since he's not certain about what he'd just heard. "Really? That's very interesting." He chuckled, holding on to his stomach as he clears his blonde hair that is in his way. "Say my name is Migami Tan, I've just moved into the village so what's your name?" His eyes sparkled with excitement as he waits for her response.

    How interesting it would be if her words hold any truth, he savored a thought and touches his imaginary beard.
  10. "My name?" she asked a little confused. She had never been asked for her name before. She thought a moment of the last time she had heard her name fall from someone else's lips. "My name is Leandra," she said softly. In the corner was cross made of blown glass. There was something etched into the glass. It was a grave, a grave for her mother.
  11. "Leandra?" Migami repeats after her, "You have a very nice name. Does it hold any meaning? My name refers to the direction of South. Kinda boring, right?" He sniggered and then speak again. "Can I enter your house please? It's weird for me to standing outside while talking to you."
  12. She nodded her head, but stayed in the shadows and hid her face. "Yes... It means, the strength of lions," she said softly looking at the ground.
  13. Migami could barely make out her head movement but figures that if she doesn't want him to be in there, she'll chase him out. Come to think of it, he felt like a vampire, since he could only enter the house on invitation. Or is it the werewolf? Oh well, not that it maters anyway.

    "Wow~ That's so cool. Way better than mine." He complements as he entered the house.
  14. The floor of the house was compacted dirt. She looked at his feet, able to look through the blind fold on her eyes. She looked at his feet a bit longer before feeling her way towards a candle and lit the candle to light up the room.
  15. The room was suddenly lit and he had to rub his eyes to adjust to the light source. "Oh hi..." He smiled and gave a little bow. "Do you live here alone?"
  16. She nodded her head, her long white hair hiding her face. She had random braid through out her hair and her clothes looked like she had made them herself.
  17. Migami grinned, and scratches his head. "So.... How old are you?" He asked as he took a seat nearby. He looked around, the place seems a little big for someone who's staying alone.
  18. "I'm 16...." she said after a little moment.
  19. "Sixteen?" Migami's eye widen with real surprise, "You looked so small, and young too. I'm surprise, I've thought that you're at most fourteen or something."
  20. "I'm sorry...." she said softly. She still wouldn't look at Migami.