Imagination Asunder

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  1. Appearance:

    Name: Skylar Dela’cor

    Age: 17

    Height: 5 ft. 3 in.

    Weight: 128

    Build: A coltish frame best suited for a runner. He has no unsightly blemishes or scars, but did get a single ear pierce and a tattoo of a star on the back of his neck losing a dare.

    Eye Color: Green

    Hair Color: Black

    Nationality: French / Chinese American

    Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious

    Strengths: Well-verse with all things technology, Spray painting, English, Piano

    Weaknesses: Math, keeping any kind of romantic relationship intact, puppies, reckless, sloppy, stubborn

    Personality: Spontaneous, determined, self-reliant, selfless, Unable to keep his opinions to himself; Easily impressionable which often makes him very compliant to those who are seen as ‘normal’ and or popular in the social hierarchy of high school.

    Occupation: Student ; Part-time worker at a local Tarot reading establishment

    Background: There wasn’t a tragic past or a messy divorce that would've been responsible for transforming a child’s imagination into a friend he promised to be with for a forever that would never end. All he remembered was his best friend moving away on his eighth birthday and his parents spending a good portion of their time starting a new business. He needed someone to talk to back then, someone to play with and someone who he could convey his secrets to on a daily basis. That someone became his imaginary friend – a special someone he swore to always keep believing in so long as he was greeted with a 'good morning' as the sun hit the horizon and tucked into bed every single night. However, like every other little boy, Skylar grew up. He made real friends, got himself a job and filled the once empty void in his chest with little high school crushes that slowly, but surely, made his imaginary friend obsolete. He tried to forget about him, attempted to push him out of his life so he didn’t make himself out to be the lunatic many would perceive him to be if he so much as believed in the friend he no longer wanted to believe in. But he heard his voice. Skylar could have sworn he could feel the other hovering near, and the more he was quick to dismiss his imaginations getting the best of him, the more he felt like he belonged in a Looney Bin. So he took a friend’s advice and promised himself to go above and beyond to achieve a life of normalcy where his imaginary friend ceases to exist.
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  2. Appearance:[​IMG]

    Name:Shay Dela’cor



    Weight:113 Lbs


    Eye Color:Green

    Hair Color:Green and Black

    Nationality:French / Chinese American

    Sexual Orientation:Homosexual

    Strengths:Anything to do with art and music, solving problems, pranks and having fun. He loves violin and plays it extremely well.

    Weaknesses:Being Alone || Being ignored || Being bored || Causing Trouble

    Personality:Creative || Fun loving || Prankster || Outgoing || Hotheaded

    Occupation:Imaginary Friend

    Background:Shay was everything he was Imagined to be, the perfect best friend for a boy. He did everything, loved his creator and friend. Until he grew up. His friend was pushing him away, he was fading and getting lonely and he would not stand for it. Slowly his kind side fades with everyday.
  3. Questioning your own sanity is like walking on a tight-rope suspended 1,000 feet in the air.

    You feel the fear almost instantly, the uncertainty of it all nearly killing you with every step you take. There’s no breathing, no turning back or second-guessing yourself when the objective is but a foot away, taunting your with every move you make as the answers seem to forever be out of reach. Skylar Dela’cor was teetering along the lines of insanity without any means of support to keep from crashing to the ground. He was sitting on the chair hunched over with his face buried in his hands unable to pull himself together.

    “Skylar, do you need a break?”

    He shook his head, his ebony locks of hair casting a shadow over his eyes as he uncovered his face. “I-I see him. I see him everywhere and I just want him to leave.”

    “Is he threatening you or trying to hurt you?”

    “No, he can’t hurt me. He would never hurt me.”

    The middle-aged man who observed him from across the room adjusted his glasses. “And how did you come to that conclusion?”

    “I don’t know.” His gaze involuntarily wandered to the open window that overlooked the crystal blue of the open sea. He almost cursed himself once he realized he was attempting to dodge the other’s questions with a heaping load of silence that seem to drown them both.

    “Skylar, if you don’t want to talk about it – ”

    No! He couldn’t allow his sessions to end this quickly.
    “He would never hurt me.” Even if it was uncomfortable and every word that came pouring out of his mouth made him feel like the lunatic of the century, he had to talk. “Shay wouldn’t lay a hand on me because he was my friend.” Saying whatever came to mind no matter how crazy or absurd it may all sound was expected out of him the moment he stepped into his office. “He’s the one I use to go to when I needed someone to talk to.” Because what was the use in therapy if his feelings, his emotions and his thoughts were kept bottled up deep into the core of him with nowhere else to go? “Shay was the one who was there for me. He was my friend.” Expressing himself to a world-renowned psychologist was supposed to help him. Skylar believed if he attended these sessions twice a week he’d be cured of the disease that infected his mind, sullied his body and tainted his soul. He didn’t want to be a freak anymore. He didn’t want to lose the real friends he had or break the relationships he built throughout high school all for the sake of a friend his imagination conjured up. Shay wasn’t real. Even if he could see him and hear him he had to tell himself that he wasn’t real

    “You refer to him in the past-tense, why is that?”

    “Because he’s not here anymore. I don’t want him to be here anymore. If I believe he’s not here then he won’t be here…or at least he supposed to not be.” The likelihood of Shay disappearing was zero to none. Even if Skylar couldn’t see him from time to time, he could sense him, could practically feel him in the marrow of his bones as if he was a tangible entity he could hold onto and never let go of.

    “Why do you think he’s here?”

    “I don’t know. I really don’t know.”

    Mr. Webber nodded at his reply and spared him a minute of silence to recuperate himself. It was always like this. His hour long sessions always consisted of questions and little exercises that were supposed to free his mind and pull him back to the reality he belonged to. For the most part, it worked. By the end of morning he felt like he could breathe easier without life’s stressors strangling at his every nerve. “I’m going to give you an assignment I hope you will complete by the end of this week.”


    “I want you to go on a date. You told me last week you were interested in someone and you wished to ask that someone out?”

    Skylar’s heart was threatening to burst right out of his chest. He couldn’t believe his psychologist was bringing up his love life at a time like this. “Y-Yeah but I can’t just go up to that person and just say ‘hey, let’s go on a date’. That’s just so fucked up.”

    Dr. Webber chuckled as he gathered himself to his feet. “You are a good-looking guy and despite the occasional profanity, you have a good head on your shoulders. So go on a date. Let’s see what comes about.” And just like that, he was escorted out the door with a single objective in mind. “Goddamn it, who am I supposed to date? How am I supposed to date? Where am I supposed to go for a date?” He looked up toward the sky as if the answers to all his questions were written in the clouds. He felt defeated and he wasn’t sure if not hearing a reply was a good thing.

    Perhaps the silence was a sign that maybe, just maybe, Shay was gone for good.
  4. Being Imaginary does not mean you don't exist, no, other people just can't see you, you are like a ghost. You can mess around with stuff but you can't be seen, touched or heard by other people.

    "I don't understand"

    He floated like a ghost in the air, above the clear ocean
    "What did I do....why does he hate me now..."

    He was walking now, his feet left footprints in the sand that only he could see, people ran past, and through him.
    He felt so empty, so useless, like an object who had been replaced by a newer model...he was no longer of use.

    "I was always there...I kept my promise...why is he breaking his"

    Still being the person that Skylar had made up when a young boy, Shay kept his childish love of fun, his body grew along with Skylar....but his personality didn't...he was still just what he was meant to be.

    "Maybe I'm not trying hard enough, maybe he would like me if I looked different...but I can't do that!"

    Kicking angrily at the white sand he yelled into the open void, no one would hear him. Yes he has tried to change his looks, look more like the high school kids..but he could not do that only Skylar could change him.

    Slowly he had made his way to where Skylar would be
    "Skylar Wait up!" He yelled his boyish voice carrying far.
    "How was today's session, ya know you still never told me why you had to come here"
  5. Just when he thought peace and tranquility would sweep him away like the crashing waves receding back into the ocean, thunder struck in the form of an adolescent boy whose clothing resembled the colors of the rainbow. Shay was happy as always, the chipper little lad lumbering toward him with a big ‘ol smile on his face and a question that left Tyler tight-lipped. ‘I should just tell him.’ He mused, wondering if his imagination could tap into his mind and infiltrate his fragile psyche. ‘But if I tell him I might hurt his feelings.’ So what?! He shouldn’t even give a damn. Shay was a figment of his imagination. He was a dream within a dream brought about in the world like he was a regular human being. But instead of making himself known to those around him, his ‘friend’ could only be seen by him and him alone

    “Deven.” Skylar hated hurting his feelings. “Hey, over here.” It wasn’t Shay’s fault he couldn’t disintegrate into thin air or turn into a puff of smoke to never be seen again. If anything, Skylar was convinced he himself should be to blame for everything that was happening between them. Ignoring Shay and looking right passed him to greet his real friend at the ocean’s shore was heart-wrenching to say the least. But it had to be done. Skylar was convinced not believing in a friend that didn’t exist was the best thing he could do.

    “I swear to the devil himself, you have to get a real job. Learning Tarot spreads or whatever you call it isn’t a way to spend a morning.” He couldn’t lie to his friends anymore. It just wasn’t right. “Anyways, Trevor is having girl issues and he needs a boy’s night. Sounds a little gay but you know how emotionally sappy that dude is. We gotta get some beers in his system and maybe get him laid. I hear Caitlyn was interested in a free fuck.”

    I really don’t want to be the one hitting a man when he’s already down. You know how I felt about that girl and if I see him, I’ll just be the one to tell him ‘I told you so.’ Besides I have other plans.”

    Deven wrung an arm around the other’s shoulders and pulled Skylar close to give him a well-deserved noogie. “Don’t tell me you have a date with your imaginary friend.” And just when Skylar thought he could trust someone with his absurd theories and hypothetical stories, Deven had to go and ruin it. “You’re an ass.”

    Which means as your ass of a friend I expect you on Trevor’s doorstep at 7. Don’t be late.”Before Deven went gallivanting to god knows where, he turned around, gave a salute of farewell and smiled a devious little smile which never meant anything good. “Oh, and tell that imaginary friend of yours your mines tonight and he should enjoy his afternoon while it last.”
  6. That same pain went through his heart, it felt like it dropped for a 1000 story building straight down into a bunch of thorns.
    "H-hey..I-m here..." He whispered as his once best friend walked passed him. He followed him to his other friends but stayed a few paces behind him, listening to what they were saying.
    His other friends were coming over, when that happened he had to stay downstairs all alone while they were busy with stuff
    "I'm here t-this way" he tapped Skylar's shoulder "Over. Here" suddenly all was too much and Shay did what no imaginary friend ever did...he cried, he cried and ran in the other direction of the house.
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