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    You hear him/her talking at night, whispering to someone, that you know is not there. You wonder why he/she's still talking about "imaginary friends" when he/she's [age] old. You try to get him/her to play with his/her's friends he/she use to rave about. But all you get is "I have [name] now." What will you do, when weird things start happening in the house, and there is no explanation, will you find out the awful truth about your son/daughter's imaginary friend?

    Alright, so basically, I had the idea of a group role play of where someone play's the parent's of the child, the child, and some extra character's such as Neighborsm Child's friends, and so on. I think not until the end where we might need someone to role play the imaginary friend, but I will probably do that.
    This is still in the idea stage so if you have something that would make this even better, go and throw it out there.
    The child can be any age from walking/speaking age to about 17, but no older. There can be a mom and a dad, and of course the extra character's. Are you guy's interested? :D
  2. Hm... Interested, but how would one play the child without having introduced the Imaginary Friend until the end?
  3. Well, you could play as the child, but when talking about the imaginary friend you could perhaps say that you can't remember it's name, or you can avoid using the name, and until the end, the imaginary friend and the child can role play together.
  4. Sounds fun. :D