Imaginary Friends!

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  1. When I was really little, I had an imaginary boyfriend.

    ...but then my aunt sat on him and he died.

    Her butt smothered him to death. ;___; I never recovered or had another imaginary friend since.

    Did you have an imaginary friend? What were they like? Do you have one NOW?
  2. It's name was Bells.


    You dunt wanna hear about him...
  3. I never had one... So sad.
  4. Me either... there was only the voice in my head.. but thats not imaginary.
  5. O__e The voice...I has one.

    I didn't have a imaginary friend really...but I did imagine that my dog was white fang as a kid. O_o
  6. Nope, I never did have an imaginary friend as a child, though I believe I've seen my muse in dreams before... Is that strange?
  7. Not strange at all, Miru.

    Bells was.... Odd.... twisted, really.... I think that figment was part of the broken part of my childhood. Where I was timid and afraid, he was fearless, and unabashed... Where I was sweet, he was mean. I think it was my own way of TRYING to get me to grow a spine when I was little.

    Never worked.... but it WAS fun...
  8. I had of Michael.

    Not very imagninative, but he was cool. I did everything with him...we went playing in the woods together, went to school together, and he always came with me on trips with my family.

    I've never told anyone about him before. If I'd told my parents, they would have made me get rid of him.

    He was funny, reckless, and unpredictable...the complete opposite of me.

    He disappeared when I was around nine...oh, Michael, how I miss you, sometimes.
  9. I feel odd for not ever having an actual imaginary friend...Huh.
  10. don't feel odd about it...most of my friends never had imaginary friends, either
  11. I didn't really have an imaginary friend more than imaginary expendable NPC's. Yeah my whole thing was building something outta legos, make pretend guys, and blow them all to hell.
  12. Once again reinforcing the term "Piro'ed". XD
  13. *laughs and paws at Mahou-Shoujo playfully*
  14. I had imaginary adversaries? My mom and dad called it "exploding".

    I would tear around the backyard, smiting and slaying in the name of the righteous. Before my villany fascination, and playthrough of Starcraft. From knights to Zerg.
  15. No, can't say that I had an imaginary friend, though I guess my dad thought I had one. Mom had to explain that was just me singing in the bathtub!
  16. I had so many imaginary friends as a child. Infact I based them all on real people, actors and whatnot. I think Will Smith was my first Imaginary husband... I was so weird.

    Then I used to pretend I was Sailor Venus and I had all the Sailor Scouts as my imaginary friends. My best friend used to imagine with me.

    I miss my childhood so much!
  17. Most awesome.