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    May 3rd, 2009.

    "I'm sorry."
    "What? What do you mean you're sorry? You can't leave me.."

    "I'm sorry."
    "No, no you're not! You can't leave me! Do you know how weak I would be if you were to LEAVE ME?"
    "Yes, I understand your future sufferings quite well. And I'm sorry, Frankie. My time has come, and I've gotten too old to play with you. Far too old."
    "No.. No. No this can't be happening. YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME."
    "How dare you leave me, Madame Foster. How DARE you. We were SUPPOSED to be best friends."
    "Oh, oh I'll show you. I'll show you how the Foster home should have ran. I'm the boss now."

    "Humans are useless."
    "Humans are VERY useless."
    "How would I tell the rest of the Friends, though?"
    "Such a shame. I've been so powerful, so immune for so long and now I'm at risk for being erased from humanity."
    "Such a shame, right, Madame Foster?"
    "Foster, I'm really bummed out over here, where did you put the gin? Oh, what's that? On the cabinet for adults? Oh, well I'm sure everyone's eligible for opening the aduuult's cabineeeeet~ You're dead, after all. You have absolutely no control over the Friend's now."

    "I'm in control, do you hear that Madame Foster? I AM. I'M THE RINGLEADER OF THIS CIRCUS."


    "You were so old but you were so full of life. How could you have died to leave me all alone in a world full of undeserving adults? Adults UNWORTHY of playtime with us fun Friends."

    "Foster, this gin burns, is it supposed to do that?... I like the feeling, anyways. Maybe I should change my name to gin. Gin Foster. yeah, I like that. Has a nice ring to it~ What do you think, Foster?"

    "Why aren't you answering me? Seriously? Dead people can't respond to their imaginations too? That's so stupid."

    "You're so stupid, Madame Foster."

    "Why are you hitting yourself? Hahah, why are you hitting yourself, Madame Foster, HUH? WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF!?"
    ".... Madame Foster, why did you leave..? Did you really not like our play dates? I've tried everything to make you believe in me again, did you not have fun?... Please answer me, Foster, please.."

    "After all my efforts? After all my hard work? I receive this? I receive death? This isn't fair. This is cheating. I hate cheaters, do you know that Foster? You hated cheaters too. We were so alike. The only difference between you and me is that I will become more leading and more powerful than you."

    "But wait, I can't be leading when every Friend is envious of my role as an Imaginary Human now can I?. Oh no no no that won't do. I'll have to lock myself in. That's the only solution. I'll have to lock myself in for good. No one has to know. The Friends can do whatever they want. They'll be fine without anyone chasing after them. They're freedom-hungry, and now they have their freedom. They'll do well without me or Madame Foster. I'm 100% sure about that notion."

    "Madame Foster!~ These bookshelves are heavy do you mind giving me a hand?~ Oh? What's that? You're dead so you can't help me anymore!? Huh?! Is that your lousy excuse?! Well fine, I never needed your help in the first place you pathetic old hag."
    "There. All done. You know, there are perks for locking yourself in. You get all the alcohol, you can read all these books, and most importantly Madame Foster! We can be together forever! Do you hear that? We'll still be together, so don't you worry about losing me. You needn't worry about that possibility. No one can harm us, we were unstoppable as kids and we're unstoppable now! You can't leave me and I can't leave you."
    "Even if your flesh is crawling with maggots and beginning to peel off your bones. Even if the smell of your rotting corpse never fades from my skin. Even if your cold lips never utter a single giggle, or laugh, or want into my ear. Even if you cannot obey me and my power anymore. No one, not the police, the Friends, or anyone else can ever separate us. I'm ready for them when they come."
    "We will be together forever."



    Location: Inside the Foster home.
    Role: Imaginary Friend.
    Targeting: None, yet.
    Targeted: Negative.
    Feeling: Like going outside.
    Activity: Laying on the couch.

    'It's been six years since I've seen the last of the Fosters.
    Conclusion? Madame Foster has died of old age and Frankie Foster has gotten insane from Madame's death.
    Such a pity. Such a weakling. Even if Frank is an imaginary human, she's the weakest out of all of us.
    Do the rest of them even know about their disappearance? Do they even care?
    I know I don't.

    It's the year 2015, and not much has happened. Not that I can observe anyways, for the past six years I have been yet to step foot outside of the Home.
    I can make one observation, though.
    This ceiling fan is rusting, and is going to break and saw me in half if I do not get up from this couch and do something productive.'

    October gets off the couch lazily before straightening his posture into a proper 90-degree angle. He scans the room before him, finding no one to converse with; not like he would converse with them anyways. October pushes his weight off the couch and stands 6"0 tall, doing a couple of stretches to get his blood flowing, and to wake him up. He walks almost femininely in circles before feeling the urge to go outside and observe the new world as it was presented. Raw, uncut, and despicable. He walks out of the living room to stand in front of the infinite-seeming entrance hallway.
    It took him 42 steps to get to the front door. If he ran, he thought, it would have taken him a mere 10 steps to reach it.
    He reaches delicate fingers up to his face to straighten out his thin framed, round glasses, before placing his hand on the door handle, twisting it roughly, and pushing the door open.

    October was greeted with the bright light of the sun. He had to blink a couple of times before his honey golden eyes fixated on his surroundings.
    The foster home was lost in miles and miles of Coast Redwood trees.
    Conclusion? This was meant to symbolize the isolation and separation between the adults and the imaginary Friends. One disbelief in an imaginary friend equals one Coast Redwood tree.
    Conclusion #2? The trees could be easily be chopped down with brute force from the Friends if they wanted to harm the environment. This should symbolize the Friend's thirst for a best friend that I seemed to have a lot of lacking for.

    October needed that one human to be obsessed over, and this was his time to find it.
    October walked for what seemed like hours until he came across this single road that broke apart the forest, leading to what could be a Friend's chance of redemption.
    So he followed the road for what seemed like even more hours than walking out of the forest into a public area. There were a lot of shopping districts and the smell of cheese danishes and coffee filled his imaginary nose.
    He smiled in satisfaction and wondered why he didn't leave the home sooner.

    While taking it all in, a stranger walked straight in his direction, he lifted his hand in an awkward wave, only to find that the stranger walked right through him.
    Conclusion: Humans cannot see Imaginary Friends, let alone interact with them.
    Conclusion #2: He was an awkward being, and that fake interaction will probably haunt him for the next day or so.

    October shrugged it off and started walking around, not really hoping to find any human quite yet, but instead take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the area.



    Location: At a local park ⇒ An alleyway.
    Role: Human.
    Targeting: None.
    Targeted: Negative.
    Feeling: Calm and relaxed.
    Activity: Listening to music.

    'Contrary to popular belief, life really sucks.'
    People were walking by Kina with an odd look on their faces as she happened to be sitting, crossed-legged with her arms extending to the far outer edges of one of the many park benches in the are, taking up the chair's space with her body.

    All she could do was give the people a disgusting and intimidating look on her face.
    'The fuck are they looking at? There's a lot of park benches here, they can fucking find one to sit on no problem, assholes.'
    She scoffed out loud at the stupidity and selfishness the world has come to, with black earphones in her ear she watched the people around her, coming up with scenarios in her childish head of hers.
    'If I could pick a fight with you, I would win, your legs are too scrawny and you really look like you need a rough, edgy look, in that girly style of yours.'
    'You know, what's up with fuck, marry, kill? If it were up to me, I would kill everyone here.'

    Kina eventually got bored of making up stupid scenarios and got up from the park bench. She noticed some familiar faces still giving her a judgemental look; one of them almost looked ready to punch her. She just rolled her eyes and walked away. She really didn't know where she was going and she didn't have any destination in mind, so she just let the music and her legs take her where they felt like it. On occasion, she would end up kicking loose pebbles on the ground and watch it go a far distance, only to chase it down and kick it again until it got lost, or it was in a place that made it unable to be kicked.

    Her walked was filled with constant sighs, fixing her fake "designer" glasses, and running her fingers through her short hair, walking around aimlessly until her legs took her to some strange and unfamiliar alleyway. She stopped in her tracks for no reason whatsoever but to look around. The confinement of the alleyway blocked out most of the sunlight, there was a scattering of used condoms, syringes, gum, and fast food paper bags. It smelled poor and wretched, but she didn't mind. Instead, Kina decided to embrace her current surrounds by getting atop a dumpster and sitting on it. After a while, the smell of the alleyway became the smell of nothing, and the silence that consumed her turned into loud hand drummings to the beat of her music. If people were here to see her, they would have thought that she was the "king" of the alleyway, and all of those condoms, syringes, and fast food belonged to her. They would have thought she was homeless and needed salvation, but she, on the other hand, would have just noticed a pretty looking man sitting on a dumpster, drumming to the beat of his own music obnoxiously, shrugged, and walked away.

    Kina glanced from left to right, still checking if there was any chance of people to ruin her solitude. There was no one. She was all alone and that's how she wanted it for now. Kina jumped off the dumpster, only to start drumming and kicking and yelling from the top of her lungs to the sound of her music.

    Actions like this would get her into trouble, but nothing she can't fix with a little bit of fighting of course.

    Eventually, Kina ran out of energy and immediately walked around the streets, trying to find her way home. No matter how hard she tried, she would always find her way back into the alleyway.
    Maybe this alleyway was her home.
    Maybe she was like an alleyway. Disgusting, intimidating, and dirty.

    That thought alone made her sit on the ground for a while and made her rethink her life as a vigilante rebel for a few minutes before deciding that life was too short to give a damn, and that the floor was comfortable, and that it was safe to say that everything leading up to her being in an alleyway that won't make her leave was unimportant.


    A small picture of your character.
    Name of your character.
    Role: [Imaginary Friend, Imaginary Human, Human]
    Targeting: [Who are you targeting right now?]
    Targeted: ]Are you being targeted right now? By who?]
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    Gerald M. Hayes
    Location: Local Police Station
    Role: Human
    Targeting: N/A
    Targeted: N/A
    Feeling: Lackadaisical
    Activity: Investigating

    "C'mon, Jenkins, there's nothin' there! That old foster home 'oughta be demolished."

    Sergeant Jenkins scowled at Officer Hayes. This was different from their usual morning cup of coffee. On the wall there were a few roadside maps, circled in by red markers at various locations. Pictures of missing individuals were tacked next to the markings. Back and forth Hayes' colleague paced across the room, trying to piece together the information in his head. They were the only folks in the room, as it were, and the station was quiet as well. Crime rates fluctuated in the city like the phases of the moon. Petty thievery and the occasional act of vandalism.

    "That's the strange thing, Jerry. Nobody's gone in or out of that building in, what, six years? Not a peep from staff, parents, or anyone for that matter. Mayor's ain't done jack to take care of the place. Gives me the creeps, I tell ya'."

    "You're nuts, Jenkins," Hayes pulled out a box of bubble gum from his pocket and took a piece for himself. "My boy Tyler used to love that foster home. Spent hours there every Saturday playing with this kid from school. Name was Mac, I think, and y'know how Jasmine is, making sure that everyone Tyler meets is on the up 'n up."

    "Say, Jerry, how old is your boy again?"

    "16 this April. Why'd you ask?"

    "No reason, I guess. I'm still teachin' my boy to ride a bike," Jenkins looked over to Hayes' work desk. He spotted an unusual drawing on the cubicle. Squinting his eyes, the sergeant was still unsure as to what it could be. "Hey, what's that picture you got pinned o'er there?" Before letting him reply, Jenkins pulled out a cigar and lit it.

    "Oh, that? Tyler drew that ages ago. He liked circus freaks and all that, so he drew some Siamese twin or somethin'. Tyler's a funny kid. Was then and is now. Smart like his mother," Hayes uttered a contemplative laugh.

    The conversation went on as it did for a few more minutes, until Jenkins finally cut to the chase. Both policemen knew that abandoned buildings were often used by drug dealers, sometimes by homeless folk. Still, neither of them could search the place without a warrant. Pulling up Hayes by the arm, Jenkins went back to the roadside maps on the wall. The gears were turning in their heads. Hayes was ordered to go into the police records, and after much complaining, he returned with an armful of files and documents. "What'd ya' need all this junk for?"

    "Let me see those. Jerry, look right here," the old sergeant held up a file that was labeled Missing Persons. "See anything odd?"

    "Yeah, I do. Madam Foster... 'results undetermined'... Jenkins, this case was never closed."

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  3. ** Paddywhack **

    Location: Foster's - Front Lawn
    Role: Imaginary Friend
    Targeting: N/A
    Targeted: N/A
    Feeling: Curious
    Activity: Entertaining...Itself

    Jimmy's got the whooping cough, and Timmy's got the measles--That's the way the story goes...

    It's funny. Nobody's ever seen the clown's hands. Nor has anyone seen it's eyes for that matter, but it's wearing a blindfold, it comes with the territory. Yet it's hands were another matter entirely. They're under it's sleeves, obviously, but where? It can grab and hold things, but how? The clown's gift box was mingling among the plants in the front lawn, and one sleeved arm was sticking out of the box, handless appendage winding up the crank as the voice inside sang along with the child's nursery rhyme.

    POP goes the wea-sel!

    Paddywhack sprang up suddenly with a big grin and an even bigger laugh, rocketing up to it's full over-eight-feet height before recoiling to a more modest over-five-feet, bouncing back and forth on it's spring for a while. Once it recovered from it's dramatic entrance, though, it looked back and forth (and even up and down) to find that it had no audience. It's smile abruptly fell, and putting a hand over it's eyes, it looked around for anyone to amuse. There was nobody.

    An entertainer with nobody to entertain was kind of pathetic.

    It hopped up and down a few times to unwedge it's box from it's nestled place in the dirt, then took a few jumps into the front lawn. The grass and plant life that usually made everything so lush was rotting and wilting away with nobody to care for them. Kind of sad, really. Paddywhack remembered when there were flowers. It liked the flowers. It would bend over backwards to get the flowers back--And to prove this, Paddywhack bent over backwards with it's hands stuck out, turning in a complete backflip and then holding up it's hands in wait for the applause and/or laughter. There was none. This was irritating.

    Maybe it was high time to get out of here. Find it's own human. Become a person! Wouldn't that be fun? Having legs? Paddywhack wanted legs. Hopping everywhere was fun, but it could become annoying after a while, 'specially when it was trying to be stealthy and the BANG BANG BANG of a Jack-in-the-box literally jumping on it's own spring gave it's position away. But going out in the world was a big thing, not something a funny little clown could do on their lonesome. Besides, as a child it knew always believed in, the buddy system could solve a variety of issues. So Paddywhack hopped up beside the door, staring at it with a smile, waiting for that certain buddy.

    It'd have legs in no time!


    -- Cecil --

    Location: The street --> The local library
    Role: Human
    Targeting: N/A
    Targeted: N/A
    Feeling: Stressed
    Activity: Planning to study

    His thin cane bumped into a fire hydrant to the left. It skimmed along the cracks in the pavement, sometimes knocking against the shoes of passers-by, but they were all polite enough. He shifted slightly rightward to avoid the oncoming traffic, then went a little more rightward in order to properly tell when his cane hit one of the lion statues outside of the library.

    Now, luckily for Cecil, it was a break. He didn't have any classes on campus today. On the negative, he had a chemistry write-up that was going to be due soon, and he'd spent far too long putting it off. It was time to study which chemical did what when mixed with what, and then figure out what to even say about it. His cane hit something larger, and he took a moment to lean over and feel over whatever it was. Cecil's fingers skimmed over it, feeling the stone fangs of a lion, and he smiled. He finally had a decent idea where the library was! Took long enough. Carefully he walked up the stairs, bumping open the door with his hip, and inhaling that library smell. Libraries had a smell, the same way hardware stores did--But instead of sawdust and pine, it was paper and...Well, if quiet had a smell, this is what it smelled like. A nice smell.

    This left him in an interesting position, Cecil suddenly realized. Not only was he now going to have to find a chemistry book (without it being handed to him by a teacher), but he was going to have to find a braille chemistry book, which was a far more specific niche than it had any right to be.

    No matter.

    He rolled his shoulders back and began once more to swipe his cane back and forth, letting it skip over bumps in the carpeting as he turned and began to patrol the aisles. He'd find a book in no time--He certainly didn't need to ask any librarian. He paused to apologize to a woman he just hit in the ankle, then felt for the end of the bookshelf and read the label for the section. Fiction - Science Fiction. Cecil gave a small exhale, and began to walk over to the next bookshelf.

    He'd find it. It would just...Take a minute.​
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  4. Co-post; Clyde and @Uncle Legens Legentis

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Location: Diego’s Apartment, Mid Morning[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Role: Imaginary Friend Hunter[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It was the busy streets, and the activity of people that made him feel at ease and that’s how he could sleep. But he was having a kind of strange sensation in his dreams. Normally his dreams were black, he was too excited to even understand a dream. Today was different though, as he gasped and woke up from a dream he couldn’t even remember.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It was a big empty space, that had him waking up having a panic attack. Those are pain in the asses to deal with as his chest swelled and tightened. He felt like his insides were going to explode soon. It took a second for all of that to pass and he sighed. Recovering from the harrowing experience. He stumbled for his pack of smokes. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lit one up. Inhaled. Then exhaled. He took a longer drag the next time. Letting the smoke build in him, before letting it out slowly. Diego sighed. All he wanted was some good sleep, sometimes he could get it, but he managed about four hours. Should he try to go back to sleep or force himself awake by doing something?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Diego rubbed his eyes for a second. He felt like a train had rolled all over his cerebral cortex. He really should go back to bed, but that seemed impossible now. As his restless mind told him something else entirely. He felt sick, like nauseous.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He really need to go back to sleep, and he just groaned. Perhaps, he should go bother the one person he knew around town. And when he said knew. He meant had thrown him in the back of the squad car several times before. Diego stumbled off the bed, nearly tripping because of how much head fuzz was bothering him. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]So Diego took the walk to the precinct. It's like he wanted to dare someone to arrest him again. His eyesight was fuzzy as fuck and his head was swarming with gnats. There was this faint hum in the back of his head and he hated when it was busy outside the most. His fingers itched like, they were constantly on the trigger of a handgun. Of, what little Friend tagged along with every kid was a monster as well.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Location: Police Station[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Role: Imaginary Friend Hunter[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Diego, took the stop to the Big Java Bean first. To get some coffee. He got himself a regular cup of joe as well as the only cop friend he knew. Friend was a very loose word. He's slammed Diego into the back of his cop car more than anyone, yet Diego sought some kind of companionship with this guy.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Because they had several familiar topics with each other. They got along. Beside, their differences. One of them him being a major player in the death of "human". It was an Imaginary Human and he didn't want to remember what that was. A case of murder. And several drug charges later and he was in this same shitty position he was in. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Diego took a smoke outside the police department, and when he was done he walked into the building smell like a fresh bouquet of nicotine.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Is Gerald around?" Diego asked a lady at the desk. Did he sound hoarse? He sounded hoarse. His voice was all dry and cracked from the lack of sleep.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"You hold on hear, I'll go get him," there's a kind of sarcastic notion to the reply, like how come an ex convict keeps coming back here to talk to a cop.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hayes stepped out into the station lobby, stretching his arms and cracking his knuckles. "Well, look who we got here!" he laughed. "Long time no see," a confused expression formed on the officer's face as he casually put his back to the wall. Jenkins was back in his own cubicle, organizing the few files that remained of the Fosters disappearance case. "Say, what brings ya' out here this time of day? It's been a while since any visitors showed up to the station," Hayes was never entirely sure on what to think of Diego. This man's record was enough to make any police officer suspicious, but Hayes pushed it aside. He wanted to trust Diego.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Diego stared at Hayes, all staring was more like a lot of neck strained as he had to undoubtedly look up towards him. He handed Hayes the piping hot coffee cup. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"I got coffee," Diego told Hayes, "Does there need to be an explanation of why I am here?"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It was written all over Diego's face. The bags under his eyes. The pale look to his skin. He felt like two little people were dancing in his head. Though he knew all of that would fade when he indulged into his caffeinated delight of a drink.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Do you," Diego paused, "have time to talk. Perhaps...."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]We could investigate Fosters, was what he wanted to say, but that was police work. Despite the fact that Diego wanted to try and assist in the case. He had some ideas of his own.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The way Diego spoke screamed to Hayes that something was off. His reply consisted of a reassuring chuckle and little words. "Yeah, I got time to talk. Must be important. Say, are you feeling alright Diego? You're not in trouble again, are ya'?" Hayes was only being half-sarcastic. Jasmine never took to liking Diego that much, nor did she ever have much fondness for any of her husband's friends, but the kind of distrust aimed at this weary man was special. Hayes worked hard to make sure that both men's reputations stayed afloat.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Trouble was a funny word.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Trouble, like the criminal kind," Diego said, "No." Diego paused before responding, "Didn't sleep well this week trouble. Yes."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He shifted and frowned for a second before just smiling. He looked at Jasmine.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"I'm stealing him away for a moment Jazzy," Diego playfully gave her a nickname. Beyond that he was tired and was trying to make everything seem as normal as he could. He shifted and looked at Hayes with a look. It said, I want to talk about something specifically sinister in private.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Ain't sleepin' well? I'm no doctor, but I'll see what I can do," Hayes nodded over to the station clerk at her desk, informing her to keep the men's whereabouts secret from Sgt. Jenkins. Then he turned to Jasmine, who was scowling intensely at Diego, much like an angry wolf or some other terrible beast. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Jerry, I swear to heaven itself that you ain't got time for nothing," she lashed out. "Make sure you show up for Tyler's baseball game today or you're sleeping on the couch." [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Jasmine then stormed out of the police station with her arms crossed. Hayes laughed the empty threat off, though he wouldn't miss his own son's big game for anything. "I guess we got time to talk now," the officer was slowly getting an uncanny vibe from his old friend. There must have been something more than insomnia going on here.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Diego watched Jasmine storm off. He looked at the door for a second and shuffled his feet.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"It's about Fosters," he said so low, so no one could hear. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He looked at Hayes, wondering what kind of reaction he would get.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"You don't say..." Hayes murmured uncomfortably. He scratched the back of his head and reared it to the floor. He needed to find out what Diego was going to say before indulging him on Jenkins' investigation. "Diego, I'm surprised. That place's been rotting for ages," the officer lowered his voice down significantly. "If there's something off going on there, you need to tell me right now."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Diego shifted. It was hard to explain. Because Hayes might think of him, a kind of a stupid and crazy. Diego looked around.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Can we not talk about it here," Diego paused, "I don't really want anyone to hear what I have to say."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He paused and twiddled with his fingers.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"It's about the....guy...." Diego told, "the one who ended up dead." Hard to admit, by his hands. Imaginary Humans could be seen by everyone. And he was tried as if it were a real person. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He shifted again. Running his fingers through his curly messy hair. His eyes fluttered for a second. He was falling asleep standing up, shit. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"" Diego sighed, "wanted to check....the building well...I discuss private."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Yeah, I guess talking in here ain't the best idea. Follow me outside, we can talk in the alleyway," Hayes made way for the glass door out of the station. Diego looked like a nervous mess, and that was a red flag to Hayes if ever there was one. Whatever this was, it was serious. Talk of dead people wasn't always the most welcome kind in this place. Given Diego's odd behavior lately, Hayes was deathly afraid of what was about to occur in the next few minutes.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Diego followed Hayes out of the police station and headed into the alleyway. He stared at Hayes.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"I'd like to go into the Foster's house," he told Hayes, "I'd like to investigate it."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He rubbed his hands through his hair again.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"I keep seeing them, the other people, in the world we create through our imaginations," Diego informed him, "it's driving me crazy. These demons."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hayes was taken aback by Diego's frantic ravings. He straightened his back and stood firm, putting his hands on both of Diego's shoulders. "You've up and lost your mind, haven't you? For God's sake, go see a doctor or a therapist, take a vacation, get some sleep, you're not well. If not for me, then do it for yourself. These things you're seeing aren't real," Hayes spoke assertively. "Listen, I'm not supposed to tell you this, but Jenkins and I are already planning an investigation there. If this problem of yours gets any worse, we can go there while I'm off duty. Maybe you should go home now. Can't have the sergeant think I'm up to something."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Yes, he wasn't well. Yes, he had seen the mind doc for far too long. But Diego knew they were real. He knew there was something out there. He was not a schizophrenic. He didn't need the pills and he needed someone to believe him. Hayes was his last shot. His last shot or he was going to go ahead and do it himself. Alone. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Okay Hayes, see you around," Diego told Hayes.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Diego turned on his heels and walked off. Leaving Hayes to his duties and Diego's mind racing. Pulsing with thoughts and outcomes. He needed to do it. He set his mind to do it already.[/BCOLOR]
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  5. Lucas (open)

    Lucas/The Monkey King
    Imaginary Friend
    No Target atm
    @The Park more pacifically the monkey bars
    No idea if has a targeted I'm mainly been skim reading
    Curiously searching

    Lucas was out at one of his usual places. He like often was bored. He enjoyed finally being free oh yes but he grew tired of being the only one enjoying his games. Lucas can't remember how long it has been since he was free from fosters. He didn't miss the place though he didn't think anyone did. His tail was wrapped around his staff as he swung back and forth from the same bar on the monkey bars. He didn't feel like much more. He just was waiting to find someone who may seem a little bit like him. He was also cooling of from his most recent tantrum and being he was bored but had tons of energy felt the park would do. Finally he jumped moving to the top of the monkey bars. And soon held his staff standing there. "Hmm I wonder who might be the perfect play mate. Could there be anyone like my friend who left me? Anyone who enjoys games, climbing, jokes, and pranks? I wonder why he didn't return. But I'll make them once I find them remember who exactly I am." He called aloud figuring if it grew anyone's attention he may manage to have some fun with them. He then beat his chest after the comment and looked around.

    Eden David
    Targeting no one
    Is targeted by Merlin/Fur Ball
    Peaceful/calm and unaware
    Walking and looking for friends in town-> Cafe

    Eden didn't really have much in mind she wanted to do today. So she had set out on a walk partly after bumping into a friend or so. She didn't really have anywhere she needed to be or wished to go. She walked by many shops stopping to glance at the windows of a few to see if she might want to go inside. Every once in a while a stare dog or cat would pass. Soon after a few hours she grew thirsty and went into a cafe for a smoothie. She was right near the library which she planned o stop by next. The drink she got was a mix of blueberries and strawberries. She sat down and began to sip on it slowly. Her eyes stared outside.

    (sorry there so small I just wanted to get a post in before we get really far in)
  6. [​IMG]

    {Cera Vioselette}
    Location: House -----> Park
    Role: Human
    Targeting: --None--
    Targeted: --None--
    Feeling: Bored ---> Amused
    Activity: Studying -----> Playing Violin

    " Mmph. "
    " I'll be back. We ran out of cookies!~ "

    Cera listened to the door shut as she creaked open her door. Usually she has a snack with her studying since she despised it. Though even with snacks she couldn't bring herself to do it. Besides all she had to remember were her required subjects to graduate. Like math and things. She shuddered. She set her violin besides her as she tied her laces to her sneakers. She gathered her hair and placed it in her baseball cap as she put on her sunglasses. She didn't feel safe without her gear. Though she looked somewhat suspicious. She swiftly grabbed her violin case as she ran out the door. Besides it's the time to play for the children. She told herself it was practice so she wouldn't be technically lying to her mother.

    She slowly approached the park and set down her violin case. The children gathered and sat down laughing and clapping then they sat smiling.
    Cera remembered these kids, after all she played once for their kindergarten. These children were not very obedient but stuck around for a song or two while others gathered. She finished playing as she looked at the park clock she had been playing for a few minutes but she was already exhausted. She had been told that moving while playing the violin was difficult enough. The mentor was correct. It was to the point where she had a headache so she packed up her violin and sat on the bench to relax for a bit as the small group started to scatter. She decided to enjoy the scenery as she fell asleep leaning on the bench, it didn't take much for her to sleep after all.

  7. [​IMG]
    Role: Imaginary Friend
    Targeting: Eden David (@Raven ) (But he is not targeting her atm)
    Targeted: No one
    Feeling: Hungry
    Activity: Exploring the kitchen.

    The sound of plates and bowls shattering could be heard all through out the house.
    Nothing, nothing, nothing, still nothing!
    Its has been six years since the fridge as been restock and Merlin had finally lost it. He was tired of going outside to hunt down squirrels like he was some wild animal. About a few minutes later Merlin gave up on searching for food, and slammed the cabinet door.

    He walked out of the kitchen disappointed. You could tell by the look on his face that he was not in a good mood.
    Maybe....I should leave the house and look for something good to eat.
    The thought of him leaving the house was a common thought, but what would he due once he got out there? This question had stopped Merlin from leaving. He grabbed his head in pain because the thought usually gave him a headache. Merlin took his hands off of his head as the pain went away.

    No more thinking about it. I'm going to leave this dump today.
    With that said Merlin headed for the door.

    Once Merlin reached the front door he saw that the door was already open.
    I guess people had already started to leave.
    The little ball of fur stepped outside and gazed into the open world. The sun was shinning so bright that Merlin had to shade his eyes in order to see. There was a cool breeze that made Merlin's hair stick up. He walked forward and fell down the stairs.
    I forgot that there was stairs there...
    He stood up and kept on walking until he reached the end of the walkway. Once he reached the end Merlin saw all kinds of people and strange objects, but no one seemed to pay any attention to him. The people just kept walking like nothing was wrong, and Merlin was confused. He has been told by other friends that he was cute, so why wouldn't the people look at him and aw? He was tired of being ignored, and tried to attack a person who was walking by. But when he went in for the kill Merlin slipped right through the man.
    What the?

    Merlin said as he rubbed his head from the fall he had just took. Merlin had no idea what was going on and he really didn't care. All he knew was that he was hungry. So Merlin took off in search for food.

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  8. Show Spoiler

    Jane & Sally
    Location: Foster's
    Role: Imaginary Friend
    Targeting: Gerald M. Hayes (indirectly)
    Targeted: N/A
    Feeling: Enthused
    Activity: Grooming

    The mirror in the twins' bedroom was cracked from years of neglect. Still, to Jane and Sally, it looked as good as new, and not once did the shards of glass on the floor ever come to their attention. They had mere pieces of cloth for legs, ones that were grotesque, resembling the legs of insects or spiders. Without their elaborate dresses, it would simply be impossible for either sister to walk. Neither of them wanted to put in the effort to clean the room of its cobwebs or its dust or its scattered dresses. They loved to weave and to stitch, not to clean. Designing clothes was their sole talent and passion. However, six years had gone by since the doors of the home were shut for good. Six years, and the twins told each other that they had an eternity's worth of cloth and thread and needles.

    But now it was abundantly clear: soon there would be no more pretty dresses to make. For how long can someone reuse the same designs on ripped curtains and carpets? Jane was festering on this issue for the longest time. So too was Sally, but only the latter stopped to think on possible solutions. From time to time they threw blame at one another, sometimes at the other Friends in the house, but after a while they ran out of people to blame. It was maddening. Why should they have to suffer this? Sally held her head in quiet thought, nostalgically looking at the past. Jane was lightly combing her hair in front of the mirror. Even though both sisters always read each other's thoughts, they spoke like any regular sisters would. It distracted them from the bitter silence of Foster's.

    "Are you done combing yet?" Sally initiated the conversation.

    "No! It takes me time to properly tend my hair. Yeesh, get off my back," Jane snarled.

    "We don't even have anyone to look presentable for."

    "You never know, Sally, that might change," suddenly Jane began to tear up. "Argh...! We wouldn't be stuck in this dump if we still had our master. When is he coming back?!"

    "I don't know. Master Tyler used to love being flown around on our back, but you'd always complain. Maybe that's why he left us here."

    The bickering went on for a while. Loneliness was an odd sensation for an Imaginary Friend, as was abandonment. The twins eventually reached a consensus. A universal, all-encompassing decision to find their shared creator. Neither Jane nor Sally had an accurate perception of time. The clocks in Foster's stopped ticking long ago. The calendars stopped being helpful once they rotted away, and even then, they became false as the years flew by. Creeping down the elegant stairwell, Jane and Sally saw something truly incredible. The front door was open. Both sisters held their hands over their mouths in surprise. Pure sunlight was gleaming into the main lobby. There was an overwhelming beauty to the scene. With their fabricated legs, the twins raced out the front door excitedly.

    "This is amazing!" Sally expressed the emotions running in them both.

    "I wonder who opened the door though," Jane said in a hushed tone. A car started to drive by the home, and inside it was someone familiar. The sisters couldn't put their respective finger on it exactly. Nevertheless, their hearts swelled, and Sally was the first to wave out to the passing vehicle. Jasmine Hayes was inside, on her way to Tyler's baseball practice before the big game. But the car didn't even stop for a moment. The realization first hit Jane. "Wait... no no no no NO NO!" her shouting went unheard by the outside world. "Sally, they didn't even look over here! That never happens! I don't think they can see us."

    "Calm down, Jane. Let's just... look around town for a bit. I'm sure this town is exactly as how we left it."

    With those fateful words, the twins began their search for the Hayes family, and to their complete horror...

    Nothing was how they had left it.
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