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  1. [​IMG]

    Inspired by Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends this RP adds a twist that will change your perception of what
    I M a g I N a r y F r i e N d s



    Have you ever wondered what happens to them when they're no longer needed?
    Abandoned by their creator yet still continue to exist when their purpose is ultimately lost.

    They seek Best Friends of course!

    A human who will love and play with them
    F o R e V E r



    The very, very luck few that found their special friend!
    They are no longer just figments of imagination but have been brought to life by their companion.

    They just have to make sure that no harm comes to their human or
    p l A y t I M e

    may have to be cut short.



    What ever type of Imaginary you are, a human is what provides you your strength, your power, and your purpose.
    After all, one was the reason for your very
    E xi s T E N c e


    For more in-depth information please check out the OOC thread here:
    OPEN SIGNUPS - Imaginary Friends (OOC/Sign-Ups.)
    Made by yours truly, @Commander Cheesecake

    ~Co-GM Mischief
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  2. Oooo, looks scary.
  3. I tried :p that and we need more spoopy characters.
  4. You know, I agree. :D
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