EXERCISE Image Setting Challenge #2

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    Welcome to the Weekly Image Setting Challenge, where your mission is to build a setting based around an inspiring image. You can go into as much or as little detail about your setting as you like, but the goal is to translate those character-making skills into world-building ones. What you're going to be doing is filling out a character sheet for your setting!

    This Week's Image (open)
    Source: Winter Park 2 by Leonid Afremov
    (Make sure to click for the full size image! If the thumbnail doesn't expand for you, try this link.)

    Copy and paste the sheet below:

    Location/World Name: What is your setting called?

    Genre: E.g., fantasy, sci-fi, or etc.

    Scale: How big is your setting? Is this a planet, continent, city, someone's backyard?

    Geography/Appearance: What does your setting look like? What landmarks does it have?

    Technology/Magic: Does your setting have magic? If so, how does it work? How advanced is the technology?

    Inhabitants/Culture: Who lives in this setting? What is society like? Religion and customs?

    Flora/Fauna: What sort of animals, plants, and other non-human life are found in your setting?

    General History: Sum up important events in your setting's past.

    Current Events: What is currently happening in your setting that we should know about?

    Extras: Anything else you can think of to add!
  2. Name: Forest of color and glass

    Genre: Fantasy - Fey realm

    Scale: It is unknown just how large or how small the realm of the Fey is, for it is a magical place that seems to have a life of its own. One day it could take your mere hours to walk the entirety of the land. While another day there could be no end in sight; no matter how far or how long you walk for. But this portion is not very big at all, though it is never in the same place when you return from leaving it before.

    Appearance: Considering this place is located within the realm of the Fey, what is considered normal to mortals is not so here. Within this part of Fey, which is what they refer the realm they live within too, are great trees that seem to stretch upward for miles. Each one grows strong with a thick trunk to help keep them in place. The leaves are always a brilliant multitude of colors; burnt sienna, turqoise, gold, violet, various shades of blues and greens, oranges and reds, and so much more. And when a calming wind makes its way through this forest of color, the leaves seem to shimmer and change as they move against one another. Each of them taking the color of the one next to them and then transferring it on to another. Such a brilliant dance of color that one would be foolish to not stop and watch for a few moments. But what of the ground? It is covered in the most pleasant and vibrant green of grass that no other being had ever laid eyes upon. If one were in a hurry, it is suggested that they do not stop and rest for a moment upon the lush ground. But one should not worry about having to walk upon this pillow of ground that beckons any passerby to lounge and rest away the hours, for cutting through this colorful forest is a path made of mirror and glass. A pathway large enough for two semi-trucks to drive down side-by-side and leave room on either side so as not to crush the lush grass. Why is the path made of glass and mirror? To capture the brilliance of the trees above and paint the ground in the same brilliance. In a place filled with such beauty, it would be a sin to place a plain path within it. Doing such a thing would possible anger the trees and cause them to leave the place for all time.

    Magic: All of Fey is believed to be made entirely of magic. But there is a feeling of magic when one enters this place. Is it because of the colors that move and shine brightly? Is it because of the lush grass and its pull on you? Perhaps it is because of the pathway of glass and mirror that never breaks no matter how heavy or hard you drop something upon it? These are all possible reasons as to why this place feels magical, but in truth, it is merely because this place is never where you left it and always seems to pop up when you need it; even if you never realized you needed it.

    Inhabitants: No creatures or beings seem to originate from this place, but you can always find something lurking about. Perhaps a few Pixies playing among the trees, an Orc unsure of why he is laying on the grass and yet he is unable to get up and stomp away. And if one is lucky, they may encounter one of the Sidhe strolling along the path and enjoying some peace from the mayhem that seems to surround the courts. Just be wary of such beings; for though they are beautiful and known too bespell others, they can be quite ruthless and steal away all that makes you who you are.

    Flora/Fauna: There are no animals or flowers among this place, only the trees and grass that had been described above. But with how magnificent they are, why else would you need to stare at anything else?

    General History: No one remembers when this forest of color appeared. None can even give you a general idea of the time period that it made itself known. To them it has always been there and they could very well be right. All that is know about this place is the beauty that is held within it.

    Current Events: What is currently happening in this place seems to be the same thing that is always happening within in; a calming breeze blows through the trees, sending the leaves into a delightful dance of color, the vibrant green grass calls out to any passing by to rest upon its soft surface for a time, and a sense of peace that seemed to radiant from every surface that one looked upon. Drawing them in and making them not want to leave.

    Extras: Though this place is peaceful and beautiful, warnings are still given to any that wish to walk down that reflective path. What are these warnings? If one must walk upon a path of glass in a place of lively color, then make sure that one does not dawdle for too long. The forest of color calls any and all to it. Begging the travelers to stay with them until their bodies grow weak and the life fades away from them. Leaving nothing but a hollowed out body for the forest to consume and keep forever.
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  3. Location/World Name: The Lucid Forest

    Genre: Fantasy

    Scale: The scale of the place depends on who witnesses it. For one person, it may be the size of your average park. For another, only a few trees. Finally, it could stretch to infinite for someone else. It is all in their perspective.

    Geography/Appearance: A flow of ever changing colour. The ground area has the overall look of a forest, but as soon as you look to about branch level, it becomes a canvas of movement and imagination. It has no set location. In fact, it moves, and is impossible to accurately locate.

    Technology/Magic: The presence of "magic" is determined by the personality of the one who witnesses it. This is not a civilization, but a place of wonder. For those who witness it, it becomes a spiritual journey. For those who have only heard of it, it is a land of fantastical possibility. The contents, the size, the shape, the reality of The Lucid Forest is determined entirely by the one who witnesses it, or becomes a part of it. Everyone experiences it differently.

    Inhabitants/Culture: The inhabitants are those who have become so infatuated with its ethereal beauty that they cannot escape. They exist solely on the reshaping of their environment. None may encounter the other. However, the environment itself is sentient and living, and its society would be one of plesing the darkest desires of those who encounter it. It exists for the sole purpose of pleasing any who come upon it. That is how it gains new life and keeps itself alive. Without outside adoration, the Forest would cease to exist.

    Flora/Fauna: The flora would be the ever changing trees and shrubs. The sparkle with an iridescent light that cannot be accurately described, and nothing appears the same to any two witnessers. The fauna is derived from the innermost desires of those who see it. For a sexually starved man, a beautiful and mysterious woman may appear. For an animal lover, a creature resembling their favourite animal may come into being. The Forest wishes to captivate new arrivals, and uses their mentality in order to do that. This means that all inhabitants are produced from the wishes of those who see it.

    General History: The place was created from desire. Brought into being by belief. It is the root of all dreams and creativity. Yet it is dangerous. Too deep a look could leave you trapped forever. It survives only through consumption of living energy, for it has only attained a proximal state of existence. A lucid state, if you will.

    Current Events: Look a little closer, and you may find out.

    Extras: I know that this may not have been exactly what you wanted, but it was the setting that grew in my head. Hope it's not too out there.
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