EXERCISE Image Setting Challenge #1

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    Welcome to the Weekly Image Setting Challenge, where your mission is to build a setting based around an inspiring image. You can go into as much or as little detail about your setting as you like, but the goal is to translate those character-making skills into world-building ones. What you're going to be doing is filling out a character sheet for your setting!

    This Week's Image (open)
    Source: Green Castle by Roger Dean

    (Make sure to click for the full size image! If the thumbnail doesn't expand for you, try this link.)

    Copy and paste the sheet below:

    Location/World Name: What is your setting called?

    Genre: E.g., fantasy, sci-fi, or etc.

    Scale: How big is your setting? Is this a planet, continent, city, someone's backyard?

    Geography/Appearance: What does your setting look like? What landmarks does it have?

    Technology/Magic: Does your setting have magic? If so, how does it work? How advanced is the technology?

    Inhabitants/Culture: Who lives in this setting? What is society like? Religion and customs?

    Flora/Fauna: What sort of animals, plants, and other non-human life are found in your setting?

    General History: Sum up important events in your setting's past.

    Current Events: What is currently happening in your setting that we should know about?

    Extras: Anything else you can think of to add!
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  2. Location/World Name: Emerald marshes

    Genre: Fantasy

    Scale: village/city

    Geography/Appearance: Wet and soggy. Toxic Green hues and layers of heavy algae everywhere.

    Technology/Magic: Magical healing sludge. The emerald marshes are known for the detoxifying properties found in the algaeic and shallow waters of the enchanted marshes.

    Inhabitants/Culture: Humans and mostly insects, Most humans have large bugs as pets to help them with daily chores or companionship. once a day all inhabitant in the Emerald Marshes will consume algae from the Marsh, believing it a gift from the young goddess from eons before their time.

    Flora/Fauna: Humans in the village, Dragonflies, Snakes, toads, frogs, water bugs. Algae, moss, a few trees with full leaves here and there across the landscape. Dragons, and large millipedes that battle with the Dragons often.

    General History: Once a dessert, a young goddess cried for 365 days across the desert, creating The Emerald Marshes. This is why most believe the water has strong healing advantages.

    Current Events: Dragon riders are gathering in hopes to stop the drought that has begun to plague the Marshes.
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  3. Location/World Name: Estria Town

    Genre: Fantasy

    Scale: Town/Village

    Geography/Appearance: Teeming with lush, green plants, it is a small town located just near the outer woodlands. Comprising it are a variety of small shops, somewhat weathered homes, and other ruined, abandoned buildings.

    Technology/Magic: Surrounding the town is a barrier set by the council that prevents fire from making it's way inside. There is also a lake in the far edge of town that contains the freshest water of the land.

    Inhabitants/Culture: Most of the general inhabitants are Grass Mages who don't necessarily shun religion, but do not believe in it. The Few humans that exist are mainly Christians, though a few are other assorted religions. The town is run by a small council and a vassal, who calls on the more powerful mages and skilled humans for its defensive force. Townspeople (including their battle force) are nonviolent, unless otherwise provoked.

    Flora/Fauna: Generally, it is a lush green-land with several species of flowers, insects, and a very low assortment of livestock.

    General History: Estria had once been a very technology based city, however, became waged in a war against the fire village of Solare, causing both towns to be utterly destroyed. One hundred years after the devastating conclusion to the war, the very first members of the town council used their magic to bring life back into the soil, eventually creating Estria. The lake, having been there since the war, is forbidden from any outsiders as well as many of the inhabitants, as it is said to bring eternal life to those who bathe in it.

    Current Events: Rival fire mages have been suspected of sneaking through the barrier and kidnapping local residents.

    Extras: None that come to mind! ;)
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  4. Location/World Name: Blackhawk

    Genre: Fantasy

    Scale: City

    Geography/Appearance: Full of buildings and highly prestigious schools, Blackhawk only has the best. Its street are polished to the point of almost shining, there's no graffiti whatsoever, and even the sky is blue most of the time, almost like the city is too good for a cloudy day. The shops only sell the most expensive and exclusive items, and the front of the shops are so beautifully decorated that you want to buy the shop itself instead of the products they sell. The public places like the Magic Hall or the City Hall have an architecture that would make even the Roman's jealous, and its parks only can be compared to Japanese gardens.

    Technology/Magic: Blackhawk has the most advanced technology there is, and magic can only be used within people's residences or in the Magic Hall. Any use of magic put of the specified places will result in severe punishment. Magix is not to be taken lightly, and the Blackhawk authorities know that.

    Inhabitants/Culture: Blackhawk's inhabitants are mostly royals, CEO's and/or celebrities. A city as expensive and exclusiv as this one can't let just anyone enter, which specially attracts famous people for the privacy it provides. Religion is allowed but not obligatory, of course, and the culture of the city revolves around what's the 'latest trend', so there's no regional traditions whatsoever.

    Flora/Fauna: Again, this city is mostly based on whatever looks good and classy at the moment, so people have the most wanted pets, the most looked for plants, and buy the most demanded magic powers.

    General History: When the first scientific discovered magic, it begun to be sold for crazy prices only the most wealthy could pay. So to put them all together in a safe environment in which they could use magic almost freely, they built Blackhawk, acity for only the wealthiest and classiest.

    Current Events: Right now there's a magic competition in the Magic Hall between two women with water and electric powers, and there's a fashion show a few blocks away where a famous designer is showing his latest outfits.

    Extras: Nope.
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  5. Location/World Name: Felspark

    Genre: Fantasy
    Scale: Continent

    Geography/Appearance: Felspark is primarily comprised of coniferous forest, plains, foothills, and dotted mountain ranges. Spring is it's longest season.

    Technology/Magic: each being has an inner chi that can be trained. Chi grand masters can do things like teleport, fly, shapeshift, and conjur illusions.

    Inhabitants/Culture: Humans and Ancients live on this continent. Ancients are the beings of the forests like living trees and Fey that had been around long before
    humans set foot on Felspark.

    Flora/Fauna: Most animals that can be found in a North American forest inhabit the continent. There are also smaller humanoid fairies and sprites and well as talking animals
    that reside there.

    General History: Felspark is generally peaceful, but it hasn't always been so. The very first humans that colonized sparked a bloody war when they cut down the forests to make shelter.
    a four year bloodbath ensued, until a young Fey Elf pleaded that the Ancients and the ignorant humans have a council and resolve their misunderstandings. Bad blood still runs through both
    sides and rumor has it that different families from both sides are planning to rekindle the flames of war.

    Current Events: As of now the elder council of Ancients and the human oligarchy are having meetings on the troubling sites of Ja'kin (Think middle eastern pirates) that have been appearing in increasing numbers around the continents ports and bodies of water.

    Extras: Thanks for reading :).
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